11. Foreign food

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11. Foreign food

11.1. Have you ever tried foreign food?

Of course! Because in our country there are many branches of famous foreign brand restaurants. For example, American Burger cuisine is the cuisine of East Asian countries and, of course, Turkish cuisine, I enjoy almost all of their dishes.

11.2. Do you like to try new food?

Absolutely! I’m always open to trying new cuisines. I’ve never been very fearful nor picky when it comes to trying new foods. Even sometimes the scariest looking dishes I’ve tried have ended up being delicious,
11.3. How often did you eat foreign food when you were young?

I ate very little when I was younger. I can say no, because at that time we had delicious food, hmm, any food cooked in the oven would be very tasty, especially not to mention the tea boiling in the samovar

11.4. Do you like any food from countries near yours?

Certainly! One of the things I like most about living in Europe is that each country has it’s own unique cuisine. I really like the Caucasian shashlik, which is made of the meat of the rabbit, which is grazing on the slopes of the alpine mountains. It is so big that it can easily feed even a hungry person

11.5. Do people in your country like foreign food?

Yes, of course. There is a great need for foreign food in our country. Speaking of my family, we go to a family meal once a month to eat foreign food.

11.6. Will people eat more or less foreign food?

More! Our country loves foreign cuisine. For example, consider why so many people visit burger cafes.It is prepared very quickly and is very tasty and most importantly the attention to its appearance is very large especially the paper wraps. I'm sorry. I went to advertising

12. Boredom

12.1. Do you ever get bored?

Of course! But sometimes I get bored when I come home from university or work and I don't like to do anything and the day goes by. Or when I have family problems.

12.2. What kinds of things are boring to you?

Markets, museums and opera houses because there are so many people here. It's bad enough that they steal a lot. Cartoon thieves are now more professional.

12.3. What will do when you feel bored?

I like to listen to my favorite music. I wear headphones and start thinking out loud how it happened. I fall asleep for a long time. When I wake up, I forget a lot of things and a new day begins for me.

12.4. When you were young, what would you do if you felt bored?

Bored! Can you get bored in your youth? There will be no boredom at all in your youth. The day will be full of interesting things. As you get older, the problems increase and the boredom also increases
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