1. three languages: French, Spanish, and English. A I speak b i'm speaking

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Final test

TEST - 1

1. _____three languages: French, Spanish, and English.

A) I speak B) I'm speaking

C) I speaking D) I'm speak

2. Where_____from?

A) does Hans come B) does Hans go

C) does Hans coming D) Hans came

3. What_____tonight?

A) are you doing B) you do

C) were you doing D) did you do

4. "Where is George" "He_____a shower."

A) is having B) will have C) was having D) have

5. "What_____?"

"I don't know. Look it up."

A) does this word mean B) means this word

C) does mean this word D) is meaning this word

6. "Do you want a cigarette?" "No, thanks. I_____."

A) don't smoke B) smoke not

C) am not smoking D) no smoke

7. Last year I_____to America.

A)went B) go C) was going D) will go

8. How long_____in America?

A) did you stay B) you stay

C) stayed you D) you staying

9. The weekend was boring. I_____anything.

A) didn’t do B) no do

C) would do D) wasn't doing

10. "I'm going to university next year" "What_____study?"

A) are you going to B) do you

C) did you D) going to
11. At the weekend, I usually_____go swimming.

A) - B) would

C) was D) want

12. Are you_____the party?

A) enjoying B) enjoyed C) will enjoy

D) enjoys

13. How many sisters_____?

A) do you have B) you have

C) are you have D) do you has

14. I_____understand what you are saying.

A) don’t B) no C) am not D) didn't

15. What time_____home last night?

A) did you get B) you get

C) do you get D) did you got

16. Last weekend I_____some friends and we_____a meal.

A) saw / had B) saw / have

C) seeing / had D) see/ have

17. I_____English food. It's wonderful!

A) love B) loved C) loving D) loves
18. Pierre is French. He_____from Toulouse.

A)comes B) came C) come D) is comes

19. _____the computer at the moment?

A) Does Mr. Taylor use B) Is Mr. Taylor using

C) Did Mr. Taylor use D) Will Mr. Taylor use

20. Dave_____a student with her work now.

A) is helping D) help C) is helping D) helped

21. " It's very noisy"

"Suzy_____to rock music."

A)is listening B) listens C) listened D) was listening

22. Carol_____hard for her exam last week.

A) didn't study B) isn't studying

C) don't study D) aren't study

23. Many birds_____south every winter.

A) fly B) flew C) are flying D) will fly

24. Usually Jim_____to work on Saturdays.

A) goes B) went C) go D) is going

25 Japan_____many high mountains.

A) has B) is having C) have D) are having

26. Cats_____very well in darkness.

A) see B) saw C) will D) sees. 27"What_____?"

"I'm studying computer science."

A) are you studying B) were you studying

C) was you studying D) is she studying

28. "_____born?"

"I was born in London."

A) Where were you B) Where was you

C) Where are you D) Where do you

29. "Are_____?"

"No, I'm single."

A) you married B) you marries

C) you marry D) she married

30. "_____a job ?"

"No, I don't. I'm a student."

A) Do you have B) Did you have

C) Have you had D) Are you having

31. "____Liverpool?"

"It's in the north west of England."

A) Where is B) Where are

C) Where were D) When was

32. "What____?"

"My name's Ben."

A) is your name B) were your name

C) was your name D) is his name

33. "Are____your course?"

"Yes, I'm enjoying it very much."

A) you enjoying B) they enjoying

C) they enjoyed D) enjoying

34. "Do____clubs?"

"I go sometimes."

A) you usually go B) you go to

C) you usually go D) you do go to

35. "What____doing in you free time?"

"I like watching sport on TV."

A) do you like B) sport are you

C) you like D) would you like to

36. "____"

"Yes, can I help you?"

A) Excuse me! B) Cheers!

C) Thank you! D) Nothing much.

37. "What are you doing this weekend?"

A) Nothing much B) Not at all. Don't mention it

C) Cheers D) Bye for now

38. "Make your self at home."

A) Thanks. Same to you B) Thank you Sleep well

C) Thanks. Same to you D) Excuse me

39. "Thank you so much for helping."

A) Not at all. Don't mention it B) Cheers

C) Nothing much D) Sleep well

40. "Good morning!"

A) Good morning! B) Thank you!

C) Cheers! D) Sleep well!

41. "See you next week."

A) Bye for now B) Thank you

C) Good morning D) congratulation!
42. "Have a nice day!"

A) Thanks. Same to you B) Not at all. Don't mention it.

C) Nothing much D) Sleep well

43. A-Where____from?

B-____am from Milano.

A) are you / I B) are / you

C) are they / they D) you / I

44. What____they going_____do?

A) are / to B) are / too C) is / to D) is / too

45. A- How____languages can your son speak?

B- Three____.

A) many / languages B) a lot of / language

C) many more / language D) much / language

46. A- When_____it_____raining?

B- Yesterday.

A) Did / started B) Does / start

C) Does / starts D) Did / start

47. _____kind_____music do you like?

A) What / of B) How / of C) What / D) What / *

48. A- Good night! B-_____!

A) Sleep well B) Cheers C) Fine, thanks D) Bye

49. Customer:______________!

Shop assistant:______________?

A) Good morning / Good morning

B) Excuse me / Yes, can I help you

C) Bless you / Thank you

D) How do you do / How do you do

50. A- Thank you very much! B-___________.

A) Same to you B) Thanks

C) Bye D) Not at all

51. Mobile phones, televisions, and radios are a means of_____.

A) communication B) transport

C) media D) civilization

52. Nowadays media has a huge influence on the_____.

A) neighbors B) society

C) printing pressing D) Greeks

53. We send_____through the internet.

A) an e-mail B) a fax C) mail D) letter

54. Romans, Greek and Egyptians are all_____nations.

A) ancient B) old C) dated D) modern

55. Where____on holidays?

A) do you usually go B) is you go

C) do you going D) are you go

56 I____to work now. Good-bye!

A) am going B) went C) is going D) goes

57 I____a book about astrology these days.

A) am reading B) read C) am reads D) reading

58 I____lots of books every year.

A) read B) am reading

C) will read D) am going to read

59. Nurses_____after people in hospital.

A) look B) is looking C) will look D) looks

60. Annie____from Ireland.

A) comes B) is coming C) come D) coming

61 We____to a party next Saturday.

A) are going B) go C) is going D) went

62 She_____for dinner this evening.

A) is coming B) came C) comes D) is come

63. ____to go out tonight?

A) Do you want B) were you wanting

C) Is you want D) Would you want

64. I____four languages.

A) speak B)am speaking

C) speaks D) am speak

65 . Every morning Tessa_____at 7.30.

A) gets B) got up

C) get up D) is gets up

66. Oh, someone_____in my seat!

A) is sitting B) sits C) will sit D) sit

64. I'm sorry. I can't help you at the moment. I_____dinner.

A) am cooking B) am cooks C) cook D) cooked

65. I_____a pain in my leg.

A) have B) having C) has D) am having

66. Mrs. Steele_____to her boss now. I'll tell her you phoned.

A) is talking B) talks C) talk D) talks

67. Turn the T.V off. No one_____it!

A) is watching B) watch C) is watches D) watched

68. She is not ready. She_____her hair.

A) is washing B) washes C) washed D) wash

69. Derek's good at golf but he_____very often.

A) doesn't play B) isn't playing

C) aren’t play D) didn't play

70. The sun_____in the day time.

A) shines B) shone C) is shining D) shined

71 In Britain people_____on the right.

  1. drive B) drives C) drived D)drove

72 This is a great party! Everyone_____.

A) is dancing B) dancing C) dances D) are dancing

73. lack's a policeman but he_____a uniform.

A) doesn't wear B) isn't wearing

C) no wear D) wears

74. What_____in your free time?

A) do you do B) do you doing

C) you do D) are you do

75. How many children_____?

A) do you have B) are you having

C) do you have got D) are you have

76. I_____a shower every morning.

A) have B) am having C) had D) has

78 My teacher says I must work harder, but I can't work any harder. I'm _____my best.

A) doing B) trying C) making D) showing

79 . There_____ a post box in front of the chemist's.

.A) is B) are C) some D) any

80. How much are_____glasses?

A) these B) they C) this D) that

81 . "Is_____book John's?"

" Yes,_____is."

A) this / it B) those / it C) it / it's D) that / its

82 Take_____ bags into the kitchen.

A) these B) this C) that D) it

83. I don't like_____music.

A) this B) these C) them D) it

84 Bob,_____is my mother.

A) this B) he C) them D) that

they C) he / them D) him / them

85. "What time is it?" "3:45"

A) It is quarter to four.

B) It is fifteen past four.

C) It is quarter past four.

D) It is fifteen to four.

86. It is half past eight.

A) 8:30 B) 7:30 C) 18:30 D) 17:30

87. It is quarter past eight.

A) 8:15 B) 7:30 C)8:30 D) 17:15

88. It is five to nine.

A) 8:55 B) 9:35 C) 9:55 D) 9:05

89. It is five past nine

A) 9:05 B) 9:35 C) 8:55 D) 9:15

90 A friend of mine likes_____on picnic at weekends.

A) going B) went C) goes D) go

91. I_____my teeth every morning.

A) brush B) brushing C) brushes D) to brush

92. _____Kate live near |ane?

A) does B) Are C) Do D)is

93. We____watching a good documentary____BBC World now.

A) are / on B) am / on C) are / in D) is / in

94. I always _____ _____ credit card.

A) pay / by B) am paying / with

C) 'm paying / by D) pay / with

95. _____is reading a letter_____bed now.

A) She /in B) I / in C) You / on D) He / at

96. A: What_____you_____?

B: I'm a lecturer.

A) do / do B) are / do C) is / do D) do / doing

97. A: What_____she____now?

B: I don't know.

A) is / doing B) do / do C) was / doing D) is / do

98. A:_____are we_____?

B: To the class.

A) Where / going B) Where / go

C) When / go D) Where / went
99.This book isn't_____. Is it_____?

A) my / yours B) mine / your

C) my / your D) mine / yours

100. "____dictionary is this?" "It's_____."

A) Whose / his B) Who is / his

C) Who / his D) Who is / him
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