1. She fell off her bike. She like that before a have never fallen b have never fell

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1-sentyabr ssenariy, 4960739, 1666077157, BTM 2217, Ijara shartnoma 1676633593557, Ijara shartnoma 1676867583415, AJRBF MAY 2022 FULL JOURNAL-38, AJRBF MAY 2022 FULL JOURNAL-2, классификация отклонений и расположения поверхности механизма нико, Статья Равшан ПОВЫШЕНИЕ УСТОЙЧИВОСТИ К АГРЕССИВНЫМ СРЕДАМ КОМПОЗИЦИОННЫХ МАТЕРИАЛОВ ПУТЕМ ПОКРЫТИЯ ПОЛИМЕРАМИ, ПУТЁМ ПОНИЖЕНИЯ ВНУТРЕННИХ НАПРЯЖЕНИЙ И РАЗРАБОТКА ТЕХНОЛОГИИ ИХ ПОЛУЧЕНИЯ, статья никита, 3

1. She fell off her bike. She ... like that before.
a) have never fallen b) have never fell
c) had never fallen d) had never fell
2. She hasn't bought ... yet.
a) any books b) any book
c) some books d) some book
3. Mary's got a cat! Yes, ...
a) Mary's the cat is here b) The Mary's cat is here
c) Mary's cat is here d) The Mary's the cat is here
4. … far this place is!
a) What a b) What c) How d) So
5. Somebody threw an egg … the politician.
a) at b) to c) in d)out
6. He really needs a good sleep." "..."
a) So do I b) So did I c) Neither did I d) Nor do I
7. The head master? Yes, ... telling us the same old story.
a) he is always b) he always is
c) always he is d) always is he
8. For many people it's very difficult to get ... like this.
a) used to live b) use to live
c) used to living d) use to living
9. Parents usually give their children ...
a) well advices b) good advices
c) good advice d) advices
10. I saw her ... the windows and leave the place.
a) to closing b) closing c) to close d) close
11. We don't know yet, but we ... go to Spain next summer.
a) can b) may c) should d) ought
12. Your French is getting ...
a) more better b) better and better
c) more good d) much best
13. I wish I ... as tall as a tower.
a) would be b) will be c) can be d) were
14. We had two keys but ... would open the
a) either b) neither c) none d) both
15. Thank you for such … precious advice.
a) a b) an c) the d) -
16. She was a small ... woman.
a) five-foot-tall b) five-foots-tall
c) five foot tall d) five feet tall
17. Who ... you all that?
a) said b) told c) did tell d) did say
18. Mr. Punk, ... you met at the party, is coming to see you.
a) whom b) to whom c) who d) which
19. It was___early morning.
A) - B) a C) an D) the
20. The ideas in that book … interesting.
A) am B) are C) is D) was
21. A: May I help you?
B: Yes, I want three ______ .
A) cans beans B) cans of beans
C) can of beans D) can beans
22. ______ that I want is a cup of tea.
A) All B) What C) Whole D) Everything
5. She is a ______ driver. She drives her car ______ .
A) carelessly / careless B) careful / careless
C) careless / carefully D) careful / carefully
23. They walked ____ the hospital.
A) as long as B) as far as C) until D) as much as
24. ________ Helen reads in bed.
A) Never B) Seldom C) Sometimes D) Almost
25. ________ don’t like red wine.
A) Some people B) Any people
C) Somebody D) Anybody
26. The freshly _____ store is clean.
A) has been painted B) painted
C) painting D) to paint
27. May I ask a favor ________ you?
A) of B) from C) for D) to
28. The sheep _____to be brought down from the hills in bad weather, or some might die.
A) has B) would C) must D) have
29. This is ________ that.
A) the same as B) the same that
C) different that D) the different from
30. ________ lovely food!
A) How a B) Which C) What D) What a
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