1. Match the photos 1-3 and the pictures a-c

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1.Match the photos 1-3 and the pictures a-c. 





2.   (T15) Read the sentences below. Listen and put the sentences in the correct order. 


First computers were huge in size. 


Several decades ago, calculation was accomplished without calculators. 


There would be less female employees. 


Typewriters were prototypes of modern PC. 


Nowadays people do not appreciate the capabilities of recent inventions. 


The thing we would like to do is speculation but not philosophical issue of the topic. 













3.Answer the following questions 


What are the consequences of life without computers in your opinion? 


What do you think could have happened if the light bulb hadn’t been invented? 


To what extent computer development has I would have   influenced recent achievements? 








4.Change the sentences into conditionals as in an example

E.g.: I didn’t buy this bicycle because it wasn’t 

of the latest model.  

If that bicycle had been of the latest model, I 

would have bought it. 


The woman died because she didn’t receive newly invented type of medical injection. 



We bought this mobile phone because it had all modern functions. 



We had our car serviced because there was a problem with the engine. 



Karim’s electricity was cut off because he forgot to pay the bill. 



We wore masks during the experiment because these chemicals gave off fumes that could be 



Computer  olways  dependent  on  life.

It  he  had  been  be  had  not been  electri-city. I  would  have  forgotto  pay  the  bill.

If i had been receive newly invided type of medical injection because.She would have bought

If that all modern functions, we would have bought that mobile phom.

It there problem had been wish the engine, we had been ourserve set.

If that chemicals had been of fumes that could be harmful, we would have maskes 

during the exprement.


Alchemists spent many years trying to turn metals into gold. 



7.The gas escaped through the tube during the experiment because scientists weren’t so attentive. 


Alchemicts spent many years trying to turn matals into gold.

If the scientist had been so atentive, it would have escaped through the tobe during

the experiment.

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