1. I’m sociable person. So, I like meeting with new people and making a lot of friends

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Social interaction

Ex: 1

1. I’m sociable person. So, I like meeting with new people and making a lot of friends.

2. If I know their language, I like meeting people from other countries. Because, I am interested in foreign traditional

4. People in my country are very hospitable. They make delicious foods, cakes and such kind of things for share good mood to guests

Ex: 3

1. customs

2. guest

3. duties

4. wine

5. meals

6. groceries

7. markets

8. bus

9. D

10. C F B E

Ex: 7

A: large

B: Great

C: Big


1. advantage

2. extent

3. number

4. amount

5. sum

6. impact

7. distance

8. success


Australia’s traditions are adopted from far and wide. They have a lot of customs, ceremonies. I try to give some informations about them.

Boxing day test cricket many Australians choose to skip the sales altogether and instead spend the day after Christmas on the couch, stubby in hand, air-con turned up high, watching and soon after falling asleep in front of the boxing day test.

Meat Pies at the footy - Just like baseball games and hot dogs, meat pies go hand in tomato-sauce-smeared hand with a game of footy.

Costumes for crowds at sports events - When it comes to cricket, ‘The Richies’ dress in a grey suit, including tie, and wear a grey wig. They also carry a fake microphone. This is all in honour of the late Richie Benaud, a former cricketer who played for Australia in the 1950s and 1960s.

Eating sausages outdoors at hardware stores - Customers pay for a single sausage on a single slice of white bread and can add ketchup, barbecue sauce and mustard as they like. Sausage sizzles are also popular on election days. They are set up at polling booths so that voters can enjoy the popular snack before or after placing their vote.

Cockroach races - At the beginning of the race, the cockroaches, which had been kept in glass bottles, are released onto the 6-metre ring and the winner is the first to reach the finish line. At most events, the proceeds are donated to charity. To add to the humour, the races are touted as “the greatest gathering of thoroughbred cockroaches in the world”, though of course, no such breeding has taken place!

Creating nickname for virtual strangers - When an Australian befriends someone new, they will often create an instant nickname for them. David becomes “Davo”, Michael becomes “Mick” and Sharon becomes “Shazza”. It’s a way of showing acceptance; to be given a nickname so soon is quite an honour and should make you feel part of the group.
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