#1 Circle the letter a-d with the closest meaning to the key word in the question

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-a. a special law

-b. an armed ship

+c. a line of mountains

-d. the eldest son of the king

#140. LIMPID: He looked into her limpid eyes.

+a. clear

-b. tearful

-c. deep brown

-d. beautiful

#141 If I were you, I … study medicine and become a doctor.

+a would

-b will

-c might

#142 What time … you … the party last Saturday?

-a have … left

+b did … leave

-c were … left

#143 Paul … in Rome for twelve years now.

-a lives

+b has lived

-c is living

#144 ‘How long … they … each other?’ ‘Since secondary school.’

-a did … know

+b have … known

-c do … knew

#145 … she … to go to work on Sundays?

+a Does … have

-b Is … have

-c Does … has

#146 Has he been doing his homework all afternoon?

-a Yes, he does.

-b Yes, he’s been.

+c Yes, he has.

#147 Do you think it … rain tomorrow?

-a must

+b will

-c does

#148 I … buy a new jacket – I don’t know yet.

-a won’t

+b might

-c must

#149 … Dacia cars … in Romania?

-a Are … making

-b Do they … make

+c Are … made

#150 Can I have … apple juice?

-a a few

+b some

-c little

#151 I’m not enjoying the party. I don’t know … here.

+a anyone

-b someone

-c no one

#152 … to the United States?

-a Were you ever

-b Did you ever be

+c Have you ever been

#153 If we moved to Paris, we … learn to speak French.

-a will have to

-b have to

+c would have to

#154 Last year I decided … back to my home town.

-a moving

-b that I moved

+c to move

#155 What’s your brother like?

-a Playing computer games.

-b A cup of coffee and some mineral water.

+c Friendly but a bit shy.

#156 Three million people … the park since it opened in 1993.

-a have been visiting

+b have visited

-c were visiting

#157 If you don’t leave now, you … the train.

+a will miss

-b miss

-c would miss

#158 James was having dinner … he was watching the news on TV.

-a as soon as

+b while

-c until

#159 Aberdeen is quite a lot colder … Bristol.

-a from

+b than

-c of

#160 I don’t think you … go out when it’s dark outside.

+a should

-b might

-c mustn’t

#161 The test wasn’t so difficult, …?

-a no

+b was it

- c true

#162 Choose the correct words to complete the sentences, a, b, or c.

Can you … me the time, please?

-a talk

-b say

+c tell

#163 Thank you. That was a really delicious … !

-a diet

+b meal

-c food

#164 What did you get … your birthday?

+a for

-b from

-c at

#165 How often do you … on Facebook?

+a go

-b send

-c chat to

#166 It’s very icy so you must drive … .

-a fast

+b carefully

-c careful

#167 She always gets up … at the weekend.

+a late

-b lately

-c loudly

#168 We rang the firefighters and they arrived … .

-a already

+b immediately

-c regularly

#169 She’s quite … but she doesn’t spend much on other people.

-a expensive

-b generous

+c wealthy

#170 You can’t say that he’s polite. In fact, he’s really very … .

+a rude

-b lazy

-c tidy

#171 Would you like a … of cake?

-a loaf

-b packet

+c piece

#172 They brought a lovely … of wine to have with dinner.

+a bottle

-b litre

-c can

#173 Did it take you long to … up Spanish?

-a look

-b take

+c pick

#174 Why did she fall … with her best friend?

+a out

-b off

-c on

#175 Choose the correct options.

If I needed some money, I … my house.

+a would sell

-b will sell

-c sold

#176 … I wouldn’t ignore those letters.

-a If you were me

-b When I am you

+c If I were you

#177 She … so unfit if she went running every day.

-a would be

-b wouldn’t be

+c won’t be

#178 I … some bread if I pass a shop that’s still open.

-a ’ll get

+b ’m get

-c would get

#179 If we … him, we’ll tell him to call you.

+a see

-b ’ll see

-c would see

#180 Would they help if we asked them to?

-a No, they didn’t.

-b No, they will.

+c No, they wouldn’t.

#181 Do you think Rudi will come if I … him an invitation?

+a send

-b sent

-c would send

#182 What … if you met a celebrity?

+a would you say

-b will you say

-c did you say

#183 If you … in Chicago, where would you live?

-a not living

+b didn’t live

-c don’t live

#184 If he stopped talking, we … the meeting on time.

-a be finished

-b will finish

+c would finish

#185 If there was an earthquake, the city … badly damaged.

-a will be

-b is being

+ c would be

#186 If I had more money, I … a new laptop.

+a would buy

-b will buy

-c bought

#187 … I’d phone the police.

-a When I am you

+b If I were you

-c If you were me

#188 They … so unhealthy if they ate less junk food.

+a wouldn’t be

-b would be

-c won’t be

#189 I’ll get some milk if I pass a shop that … still open.

+a is

-b was

-c would be

#190 If I see him, I … him to call you.

-a tell

-b would tell

+c ’ll tell

#191 Would she help if we asked her to?

-a Yes, she helps.

-b Yes, she will.

+c Yes, she would.

#192 Do you think Susanna … if I send her an invitation?

-a comes

+b will come

-c would come

#193 What … if you met a celebrity?

+a would you say

-b will you say

-c did you say

#194 If you didn’t live in Chicago, where … ?

-a live you

-b will you live

+c would you live

#195 If he stopped talking, we … the meeting on time.

+a would finish

-b be finished

-c will finish

#196 If there was an earthquake, I’m sure this building … collapse.

-a will

-b is

+c would

#197 He cried out that he ______ the monster.

-a killed

+b had killed

-c killing

#198 I’m tired because I ______ to bed last night.

-a had gone

+b didn’t go

-c went

#199 She was jealous because he ______ to another woman all evening.

+a had talked

-b hadn’t talked

-c has talked

#200 What ______ at five o’clock yesterday morning?

-a did she

-b she had done

+c was she doing

#201 ______ a nice time at the concert?

+a Did you have

-b Were you have

-c You hadn’t

#202 We got to the stadium after the football match ______ .

-a started

+b had started

-c was starting

#203 Were you ______ when the doorbell rang?

+a sleeping

-b slept

-c sleep

#204 The police searched for the villain, but he ______ .

+a had disappeared

-b disappearing

-c was disappearing

#205 I was terrified when I ______ the wolf in the moonlight.

-a was seeing

-b had seen

+c saw

#206 Which novel was he ______ when he died so suddenly?

+a writing

-b wrote

-c written

#207 We were wandering for hours in the forest before we ______ at the village.

-a arrive

-b were arriving

+c arrived

#208 She explained that she ______ from the monster.

-a escaped

+b had escaped

-c escaping

#209 I’m tired because I ______ to bed after midnight.

-a had gone

-b was going

+c went

#210 They were hungry because they ______ anything all day.

-a had eaten

+b hadn’t eaten

-c are eating

#211 What ______ at ten o’clock yesterday morning?

-a have you done

-b had you done

+c were you doing

#212 ______ a nice time at the party last night?

+a Did she have

-b She was having

-c She had had

#213 We got to the concert after the music ______ .

-a started

+b had started

-c was starting

#214 We ______ when the doorbell rang.

+a were sleeping

-b sleep

-c had slept

#215 I looked for the cat for ages, but she ______ .

-a disappearing

+b had disappeared

-c was disappearing

#216 There was a troll that ______ under the bridge.

-a has lived

+b lived

-c is living

#217 He cleaned his teeth, brushed his hair and then ______ the house.

+a left

-b was leaving

-c had left

#218 He ______ many novels during his lifetime.

-a was writing

-b had written

+c wrote

#219 … worry too much. Everything’s going to be fine.

-a You should

+b You mustn’t

-c You could't

#220 I think you … be resting – you’ve just had the flu!

-a mustn’t

+b should

-c could

#220 You … drink so much coffee. It’s bad for your health.

+a shouldn’t

-b should

-c may
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