1. Choose the correct answer. If the phone call is for me, I’m not here. I’m

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1. Choose the correct answer.

If the phone call is for me, I’m not here. I’m

talking to . . . today. I am in a bad mood.

A) nobody B) anyone

C) somewhere D) something

2. Choose the correct answer.

The letter was so badly written that I could

not make . . . what she was trying to say.

A) from B) of C) up D) out

3. Choose the correct answer.

Sorry I’m late. It took me . . . to get here than

I expected.

A) as long B) long C) longest D) longer

4. Choose the correct answer.

The boys are sure to say, "We are going by


The boys will say . . . by themselves.

A) that we were going B) if they are going

C) that they are going D) if we are going

5. Choose the correct answer.

. . . he going to be an economist?

A) Has B) Does C) Is D) Will

6. Choose the correct answer.

You . . . smoke in the hotel. It is forbidden.

A) can’t B) needn’t C) have to D) can

7. Choose the correct answer.

I don’t understand . . . . She is so stupid.

A) her B) him C) I D) you

8. Choose the correct answer.

He stood glancing . . . the picture for a long time.

A) after B) to C) at D) for

9. Choose the correct answer.

I . . . more shopping in this store if things

weren’t so expensive here.

A) did B) would do

C) will have done D) will do

10. Choose the correct answer.

If the students . . . diaries, they wouldn’t forget

their homework so often.

A) keep B) have kept C) kept D) will keep

11. Choose the correct answer.

There are many different . . ., . . . and . . . in Tashkent.





12. Choose the correct answer.

. . . is the easiest way for learning English?

A) What B) Who C) When D) Why

13. Choose the correct answer.

Our country is rich in natural . . . such as oil and gas.

A) resources B) scenes C) diseases D) wonders

14. Choose the correct answer.

Jane wanted to know if . . .

A) had I met Lucy Dowson.

B) had I met Lucy Dowson?

C) I had met Lucy Dowson?

D) I had met Lucy Dowson.

15. Choose the correct answer.

Stop . . . this terrible noise at once!

A) to make B) making C) to making D) make

16. Choose the correct answer.

Your brother is very . . . . He can lend you money.

A) richest B) richly C) richer D) rich

17. Choose the correct answer.

. . . Mary last month?

A) Did you see B) Were you seeing

C) How many times have you seen

D) Have you seen

18. Choose the correct answer.

It is . . . hit. I like such songs.

A) the third his B) his third

C) his thirds D) his the third

Read the text and answer the questions according to it.

Thunderstorms are very common. Thunder and lightning happen at the same, but you see the lightning first because light travels faster than sound. Many people who live by oceans have seen hurricanes. Very strong winds, heavy rain and waves cause hurricanes. Hurricanes are given names like Andrew or Hugo.

They can cause floods and a lot of damage. The most violent storms are tornadoes. They can carry things such as dirt, leaves and other objects up to the sky. The wind in a tornado spins at a speed of 640 kilometres per hour or more. Tornadoes cause a lot of damage to things in their way. Blizzards are dangerous snowstorms. They have heavy snow and strong winds. Sometimes when there is a blizzard, schools close and power goes out.

19. According to the passage, you see lightning before

you hear thunder because . . . .

A)lightning is very common

B)thunder happens last

C)light goes faster than sound

D)lightning happens first

20. According to the passage, which of the following weather conditions can be given people’s names?

A) hurricanes B) blizzards

C) tornadoes D) thunderstorms

21. According to the passage, which of the following

weather conditions can lift objects up to the sky?

A) a blizzard B) a thunderstorm

C) lightning D) a tornado

22. According to the passage, what is severe weather with strong wind and heavy snow called?

A) a hurricane B) a tornado

C) a blizzard D) a thunderstorm

Read the text and answer the questions according to it.

Driving a taxi in town was Peter’s first job. He earned a small salary. Peter was practical about the future. "Maybe I can get a scholarship to college," he thought. "I could learn mathematical formulas and get a job in a bank." Peter stopped to pick up a passenger. "Where to?" he asked. "Go to the Fourth Street Bank. And don’t talk to me," the man said. The man was rude. When they stopped, the fare was $10.25. He put his hands in his pockets. "I can’t find my wallet." he said. Peter said, "You may borrow ten dollars and a quarter from me." The man was ashamed and said, "I was mean to you but now I want to help you. I founded a bank. I want to give you one thousand dollars." The man urged him to take the money but he didn’t. "You’re an honest person," the man said. "I thought you would take it. I want you to work for me." The next day Peter started his job in the bank. He was happy that he finished his former job.

23. According to the passage, what is this story mainly about?

A)How a driver got a scholarship to go to college.

B)Why it is important to borrow money.

C)How a passenger got a new job with a low salary.

D)How a driver got a new job by being kind.

24. According to the passage, what job had Peter had before he started working in the bank?

A)He had never had any job before.

B)He had worked as a taxi driver.

C)He had got a scholarship at college.

D)He had studied math formulas.

25. According to the passage, why did the man give Peter a job?

A)Peter showed that he was honest.

B)He assumed that Peter wasn’t practical.

C)He borrowed from Peter a lot of money.

D)He wanted Peter to be his driver.

26. All of the following statements are TRUE about the man, EXCEPT . . . .

A)The man was rude when he got into the taxi.

B)The man wanted Peter to take a lot of money.

C)The man offered Peter a job in his bank.

D)The man gave Peter all his money as a gift.

Read the text and answer the questions according to it.

Scientists tell us that some birds are clever. The birds use tools to get food. In one study, scientists observed crows. The scientists wanted to see if the crows could solve a simple problem. The problem was how to get some food out of a container. Inside the container, the food floated on the surface of some water. But the birds couldn’t put their heads inside the container to get the food. The container was too narrow. The scientists put some different heavy objects near the container. The birds took the objects and put them into the water. As a result, the level of the water rose inside the container and the birds took the food. In Japan, crows have found a clever way to open nuts. The birds take the nuts from a tree. Then they put the nuts on the road, near traffic lights. When the lights turn green, the cars go over the nuts, breaking them. When the lights turn red, the traffic stops. The crows can go down and pick up the broken nuts.

27. What is the passage mainly about?

A) about food containers B) about heavy objects

C) about clever birds D) about traffic accidents

28. According to the passage, why did the crows put heavy objects into the water?

A)so as to take food from the container

B)in order to put the nuts on the road

C)so as to raise water level in the river

D)in order to take nuts from trees

29. According to the passage, what way do the crows

use to open nuts in Japan?

A)They pick up nuts out of cars.

B)They break nuts with their beaks.

C)They put the nuts on the road.

D)They take food from containers.

30. All of the following statements are TRUE, EXCEPT . . .

A)The crows understood how to make the water in the container rise.

B)When the lights turn red the crows can go and pick up the broken nuts.

C)The scientists put objects near the container to see if the crows use them.

D)People don’t understand why crows put the nuts on the road.

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