Who kidnapped my English teacher?

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Who kidnapped my English teacher?

One of winter days,as usual I went to university and following the timetable entered to English class and that day our teacher did not come to university and we were surprised.Then , week after we met her and she told us temble story, bad experience about how she was kidnapped. Kidnapper broke into her house when she just opened her door to enter the house. He was man with ugly face and she was gagged with his handkerchief. She said that at home there was nobody to rescue her. This happened in the afternoon while her husband was at work and children were at school.He tied her with rope and she could not escape. Only thing she did was crying. As she was gagged, she could not even beg for help. Kidbapper took her to one awful, small room and locked up. He wanted to hold her hostage. She was isolated and scared to death. Kidnapper called to her husband from her mobile phone and asked ransom money. Before my teacher's husband email one man was able to release my teacher because he was observing the kidnapper and knew where he hid my teacher. At that time teacher's husband cause in to the room with bag of money and calmed down sceing my teacher released. Altogether, they took kidnapper to the police office. The man who rescued my teacher was rewarded for his bravery by the police officers. All the story she told was similar to the scene from movies but it happened in the real life and we were happy that she was safe, all in all.
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