What: 5hrs of pick up play 15 min of warm up time allotted

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Smithsburg’s Second Annual

Come ReLAX this Summer!!

Who: future 9th – college players and alumni

What: 1.5hrs of pick up play – 15 min of warm up time allotted

When: June 11- July 16 Tuesdays 6:30-8pm

Where: Smithsburg High School girls lacrosse practice (field behind school near stadium)

Bring: stick, mouth guard, goggles, cleats, water

Provided: pinnie, medical supplies, refs, good times

Cost: $25 for 6 game package or $5 per game – pay and play

Pay by check made out to Smithsburg High School – girls’ lacrosse in the note or cash

Game Day Cancellations? Find us on Facebook: Smithsburg High School Girls Lacrosse

Return this Participant Information Sheet and registration fee to

Smithsburg High School

Attention: Jessica Klinger

66 North Main Street
Smithsburg, MD 21783
(Checks made out to Smithsburg High School)


Questions? Contact:

Coach Jessica Klinger


Phone: 301-766-8337

    Fax: 301-824-2617
Participant Information Sheet

Participant Information:


* First Name: ________________________

* Last Name: ________________________

* Address: ________________________

* City: ________________________

* State: ________________________

* Zip: ________________________

* Phone: ________________________

* Email: ________________________

* Age: ________________________

* Current School: ________________________

* Emergency Contact Name (First & Last):


* Relationship to Participant:


* Emergency Contact Phone Number:

* Known health concerns:

Waiver of Liability:


In signing this registration form, I, ________________________, (parent/guardian) release Smithsburg High School, Washington County Public School System, and all other involved parties from any claims or responsibility for injuries suffered at the clinic. I knowingly assume all risks for the participant associated with the participation, even arising from negligence of the participants or others, and assume full responsibility for participation. I certify that the participant stated above is in good physical condition and can participate in the ReLaxing Summer League. Further, I authorize the clinic staff to act on behalf of the participant in securing medical treatment, as necessary, to insure the participant's well-being.

* Signature of Parent/Guardian: ___________________

Date: ___________________

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