West Gate Tunnel Project: Design released

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West Gate Tunnel Project: Design released

The design and builder has been chosen for Melbourne’s Second River Crossing.

The West Gate Tunnel Project will slash congestion and provide a new tunnel and vital alternative to the West Gate Bridge.

Communities will benefit from, an improved interchange from the west, more lanes, on the West Gate Freeway including express lanes to and from the city. And better noise protection along the freeway.

A re-designed longer tunnel that moves the exit further away from homes.

And new twin tunnels connecting to a second river crossing to get people to where they need to go.

Almost 9 hectares of new open space including parks and wetlands.

More than 14kms of new and upgraded walking and cycling paths including a new express veloway along Footscray Road to the CBD

And new truck bans for greater community safety cut travel times and take trucks off local streets.

Less time in traffic means more time where you want to be.

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