Vista lightbars for police and fire departments

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Blanket Contract#0000000938 Change Order#1

Effective 10/01/07 to 09/30/12
Federal Signal Corporation

2645 Federal Signal Drive

University Park IL 60466-3195

Phone #: 1-800-832-5908 or 1-800-446-6809 Ext. 4896

Fax #: 1-800-682-8022

Scope of Work:

To provide Vista Lightbars to the City of Seattle for Amber and Police Vehicle Lightbars and related accessories.

Ordering Information: Account number: 1538

Vendor contact: Jenny Gutierrez, Customer Support

Contact phone: 708-534-4883

Contact fax: 1-800-682-8022\

Contact Email:
Vendor Hours: M-F, 7:00-5:00 CST
F.O.B: Destination, Prepaid & Allowed

Warranty: Five (5) Years

Minimum Order: None

Delivery expectation: Not to exceed Forty-five (45) days.
Vendor Contract Contacts:

Primary: Kathy Moore, District Manager, Phone: 971-409-0578, Fax: 503-747-2846 or Email

Secondary: Don Cash, Regional Manager, Phone: 801-557-1940, Fax: 801-943-2778, Email
Contract Term:

This contract shall be for five (5) years, with a five (5) year extension allowed at the option of the City. Such extensions shall be automatic, and shall go into effect with or without written confirmation from the City to the Vendor, unless the City provides the Vendor advance notice of the intention to not renew. Such notice shall be given prior to the otherwise automatic renewal date.

Rates and Prices: Pricing shall be prepared with the following contract terms considered. The Buyer may exempt these requirements for extraordinary conditions that could not have been known by either party at the time of bid or for other circumstances beyond the control of both parties, as determined in the opinion of the Buyer. .

  1. Parts Discount below Manufacturer List Pricing: For all contract items that are priced as a discount below Manufacturer List prices, there shall be not changes to the discount rate throughout the life of the contract including all extensions. As manufacturer list prices change, the net cost to the City will automatically change.

  1. Fixed Offer and Hourly Rates (if any): For contracts where service is for on-going, multiple year supply, and for hourly rates. Requests for pricing or rate increases shall be considered only immediately prior to a contract anniversary period, as follows: Pricing shall be fixed and firm for the first two years of the contract. Forty-five days prior to the two-year anniversary, the Vendor may submit a written request for a price increase to the City Buyer. Thereafter, written request for price increases shall only be considered when provided at least 45-days prior to the contract anniversary date, and shall take effect on the contract anniversary date.

Such requests shall demonstrate the following:

  • Price request shall be no greater than the total of changes to the CPI Index for King County or other pricing index appropriate to the particular product herein;

  • Not produce a higher profit margin than that on the original contract;

  • Clearly identify the items impacted by the increase;

  • Be accompanied by documentation acceptable to the Buyer sufficient to warrant the increase;

  • And remain firm for a minimum of 365 days.

The request shall be considered by the Buyer and may be accepted or rejected. Failure to submit a price request at least 45-days prior to the contract anniversary date, shall result in a continuation of all existing pricing on the contract until the next contract anniversary date. The decision to accept any price increase will be at the sole discretion of the Buyer.

Cost Reductions: Any cost reductions to the Contractor, such as rebates or “specials”, shall be reflected in a reduction of the contract price effective immediately. Seattle will not be bound by prices contained in an invoice that are higher than those in the contract. Unless the higher price has been accepted by the City and the contract amended, the invoice may be rejected and returned to the Contractor for corrections.

Expansion Clause: Any resultant contract may be further expanded to include related products normally offered by the vendor, as long as the price of such additional products is based on the same cost/profit formula as the listed item.


Seattle Vista® Light Bar

VISTA® Strobe LightBar (Upper Level for all Bars listed below)

(4 ) Strobe Heads – Amber Filters

Quad Flash

72 Flash Per Minute

16-joule per Head
Vista® Dual-Traffic Control

1. Model # X212FS99-001 (New Model# 581016-00061) Contract Price: $998

53" Vista® Amber upper, Clear lower, 30’ Cable, Perm

Mount, (2) Halogen Amber Signal Masters™

(Front & Rear Facing)
Note 1 Includes (2) 330104 Controllers.

NOTE 2 Above unit comes w/ Permanent Mount Feet.

  1. Model # X112PS00-001 (New Model# 581014-00164) Contract Price: $968

44” Vista- Same as Item#1 except 44” Bar w/ 30’ Cable, and Permanent Mount Included.

Vista® Single-Traffic Control, REAR MOUNT
  1. Model # X212P799 (New Model# 581016-00056) Contract Price: $788

53" Vista® Amber upper, Clear lower, 30’ Cable, Perm

Mount, (1)Halogen Amber Signal Master™

(Rear Facing)

NOTE: 1 Includes (1) 330104 Controller

NOTE: 2 Above Unit comes w/ Permanent Mount Feet.

Vista® Single-Traffic Control, FRONT MOUNT

  1. Model # X212F700-001 (New Model# 581016-00062) Contract Price: $788

53" Vista® - Amber upper, Clear lower, 30’ Cable,

Perm Mount , w/ (1) Halogen Amber Signal Master™

(Front Facing)

NOTE 1 Includes (1) 330104 Controller

NOTE 2 Above Unit comes w/ Permanent Mount Feet.

Vista® – All Strobe ( No Signal Master )

5. Model # X212F100 (New Model# 581016-00063) Contract Price: $566

53" Vista® - Amber upper, Clear lower, 30’ Cable, Perm Mount Feet w/ Hardware.

6. Model # X112H100 (New Model # 581014-00186) Contract Price: $527

44” Vista –Same as above but, 44” Bar w/ 30’ Cable, and Hook Mount .

  1. New Strobe/LED Model # 581016-00145

53” w/ 4 Strobe Pkg. upper level, and 2-(8 pod) Gen 1 LED Signalmasters, Lower Level

NOTE 1 Includes (2) 330104 Controllers.

NOTE 2 Above unit comes with Hook Mount and 30’ Cable. Contract Price: $1,096


LED SignalMaster

LED SignalMaster

8. New All LED Vista Model # 581034-Seattle

53” Vista with 8-6pk Solaris modules Upper Level, and 2-(8 pod) Gen 3 Solaris Signalmasters

Lower Level

Contract Price: $1,794

NOTE 1 Includes (2) 330104 Controllers.

NOTE 2 Above unit comes w/ Hook Mount, and 30’ Cable.

LED SignalMaster

LED SignalMaster

Specifications – Amp Draw-Halogen 8 head SignalMasters:
Standard Arrow 17.1 amp

Low Power Arrow 5.7 amp

4 Strobe Power Supply Only: 6.6 amps

  • Amp draw measured by Bob Rottinghause, City of Seattle, on Nov. 27th, 2001

Specifications- Amp Draw-Gen 1 LED: 8 head SignalMaster:
Quad Flash/ Standard Arrow 2.4 amp (peak)

1.2 amp (avg.)

Specifications-Amp Draw-Gen 3/S2 LED: 8 head SignalMaster
Quad Flash/Standard Arrow 8.0 amp (peak)

4.0 amp (avg.)

Specifications – Dimensions:

  • 53” Vista® 53.7 in × 18.3 in × 5.8 in

  • 44” Vista® 44.9 in × 18.3 in × 5.8 in

NOTE: Two Model # 330102 included with lightbars w/ Front & Rear Signal Masters. One Model# 330102 w/ lightbars with only one Signal Master (Front or Rear)
NOTE: All Hardware & Feet are included in the Box for Permanent Mount & Hook-Mount Applications.
NOTE: For Hook Mount Applications, the Make & Model Vehicle needs to be included w/ Order, so proper Hook Mount Hardware can be included in the box.



ADD $15.00 to Kit



Included in Bar Price


Fed Signal Product #

Contract Price


Amber models (see attached for specifics)


$ 998.00


$ 968.00


$ 788.00


$ 788.00


$ 566.00


$ 527.00

New strobe/LED Models - Amber


$ 1,096.00


$ 1,794.00

Police Model


$ 609.00

New Police Model



Led Highlighter; permanent mount models:

Amber with Amber dome


$ 268.60

Blue with Blue dome


$ 268.60

Red with Red dome


$ 268.60

Amber with Clear dome


$ 268.60

Blue with Clear dome


$ 268.60

Red with Clear dome


$ 268.60

Red with Red dome, no rear facing LED's


$ 262.65

Red with Clear dome, no rear facing LED's


$ 262.65

Led Highlighter mounting accessories:

Riser Mount


$ 25.73

Flat Mount kit


$ 15.44

Self-leveling bracket


$ 27.57

Quadraflare LED lights w/built in flashers

Warning lights with color lens and built-in flasher

Amber -A Red -R Blue -B

QL64XF- (color)

$ 85.75

Warning lights with clear lens and built-in flasher

Amber -A Red -R Blue -B

QL64XFC- (color)

$ 85.75

Split LED warning lights w/color lens and built in flasher


Fed Signal Product #

Contract Price



$ 104.86



$ 104.86



$ 104.86

Split LED warning lights w/clear lens and built in flasher



$ 104.86



$ 104.86

Combinations of Amber/Blue/Red

QL64SFC- (color)

$ 104.86

Bezel Mounts for Quadraflares:

Trim bezel, chrome with gasket


$ 6.13

Trim bezel, black with gasket


$ 6.13

Headlight Mount Kit


$ 22.05

New 3600 Series LED Wide Angle lens w/built in flasher:

Amber/Amber lens


$ 66.30

Blue/Blue lens


$ 76.50

Red/Red lens


$ 66.30

Amber/Clear lens


$ 66.30

Blue/Clear lens


$ 76.50

Red/Clear lens


$ 66.30

3600 Bezel Mounts

Plastic surface mount (pair)


$ 3.70

Flush mount (pair)


$ 3.70

Side mirror mount, with rubber grommet (pair)


$ 4.08

Dash/deck mount, plastic bezel sold individually


$ 5.22

Cast surface mount, sold individually


$ 12.75




Speaker and Brackets

MS100 Speakers


$ 120.18

MS100 Speaker brackets


$ 12.50

Signalmaster Controller


$ 114.88

Maplite- FS Littlite


$ 71.05


Fed Signal Product #

Contract Price

Cuda Lights (to be discontinued by 12/31/07)

Vendor to Quote per order

Solaris technology directional bars.



All other Catalog Items including replacement parts not listed

47% off list price

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