Upcoming Events Two opportunities for parents to join their son/daughter at school are coming up! This year in May all students will have the opportunity to participate in Relay Recess. Relay Recess will take the place of our

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Tiger Tales

Upcoming Events

Two opportunities for parents to join their son/daughter at school are coming up!

This year in May all students will have the opportunity to participate in Relay Recess. Relay Recess will take the place of our Jr. Governor’s Cup.  As shown on their website (www.relayrecess.org) the Relay Recess program increases knowledge of healthy behaviors that will help students stay well and involves them in fun, physical activity.  The Relay Recess program brings our school together for a cause that touches everyone.  By participating in the program, we’ll be supporting the American Cancer Society’s lifesaving mission to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays!  If you happen by Radley on Friday, May 17th you’ll see groups of staff members and students walking the track, tallying laps in support of cancer research.  In a group effort, we will have someone walking the track from 8:15-3:15 that day!  Staff and students will have the opportunity to donate funds in support of the American Cancer as well.  Come join us, and walk along with your child’s class!

On Tuesday, May 30th Radley will host its annual Fun Day. With assistance of some of our EVMS 8th graders and our teachers, students will complete numerous stations with different activities out on our field and track. Grades two and three will participate from 9:00-11:00. Grades four and five will be outside from 1:00-3:00.

The 10th Annual

Academic Fest

Each year students who achieve their independent reading goals throughout the year are invited to a celebration acknowledging their effort and achievement.

Staff members, community volunteers, and the PTO organization make it possible by providing a variety of activities and a Bar-B-Q lunch for students. This will be held on Saturday morning, May 11th

We look forward to welcoming approximately 300 students who will be invited this year!

April 18, 2013



April 22nd Early Release 1:30

April 25th 5th/6th Track meet @ EVMS 4pm

May 2nd 5th/6th Track meet @ EVMS 4pm

May 3rd No School – Vigilante Day
May 7th PTO Meeting 6pm EVMS Library
May 10th Student of the Month Assembly 2:20pm
May 11th Academic Festival
May 13th School Board Meeting 7pm EVMS
May 17th Recess Relay for Life
May 23rd 5th grade Science Fair 1-3pm
May 27th No School – Memorial Day

Tiger Tales Radley Elementary School

She’s petite for a fifth grader but with a smile rarely seen that can light up a room when it surfaces. She carries the weight of the world with her to school every day.
To say her home is dysfunctional is an enormous understatement. Basic needs of safety, emotional support, physical care as well as nutrition are far from a given and rarely available. Her clothes are worn and she’s frequently hungry. Five hours of sleep each night is rare. She hasn’t been to a doctor since she was five, entering kindergarten. She has a consistent tooth ache. She’s endured both mental and physical abuse of the worse varieties during her first 11 years. Her two siblings are scattered to other ‘homes’. Adults walk in and out of her life on a frequent basis including her parents; both of whom struggle with addiction. It takes months of work to gain her trust. She expects trust to be broken at any moment. She’s living with a grandmother who’s not sure she can keep her much longer. She thinks about this often….where will she go? Who will want her?.
School serves as a safety net. While here she gets two free meals a day and new clothes from time to time.. She doesn’t look forward to weekends and vacations. Change means trauma. Academics are a struggle. There is no academic support from home. Grandma has her hands full. She’s on her own.
Her saving grace is that she’s here. For seven short hours a day, she’s surrounded by a staff that notices, cares and quietly responds. They give her the gift of their time and they make a difference. She wonders (along with her principal) where she would be without them. The thought of leaving here is almost too much to shoulder.

Principal’s Perspective

Principal– Mr. McMahon Administrative Assistant– Mrs. Roach

Grade Two: Mrs. Arntson Mrs. Dachs Mrs. Ford Mrs. Hauer Miss. Briggeman Mrs. Warren Mrs. Hager
Grade Three: Mrs. Dartman Mrs. Bright Mrs. Logan Mrs. Jones Mrs. Scoles Mrs. Penner
Grade Four: Mrs. Chadwick Mrs. Rogstad Mrs. Clement Mrs. Dusenberry Mrs. Bender
Grade Five: Mrs. Siroky Mrs. Solomon Mrs. Haines Miss. Townsend Mrs. Mosher
PE– Mr. Ireland/ Ms. Hopewell Music– Mr. Pipinich/ Mrs. Mazanec Library– Mrs. Dexter

Counselor - Mrs. Odermann School Nurse—Mrs. Hutchinson Special EducationMrs. Teders

and Mrs. Lunday Title I - Mrs. Metzger Mrs. Torkildson Instructional Coach– Mrs. Gustin

Instructional Tutors–Mrs. Stonehouse Ms. Scott Mrs. Peterson

Indian Impact InstructorMrs. Barb Anez

ParaprofessionalsMrs. Anderson, Mrs. Gunderson, Mrs. Pratt, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Gibson, Mrs. Dunlap,

Mrs. Perry, Mrs. Hoye, Mrs. Helfert, Mrs. Holmlund, Mrs. Goldsberry

Custodians: Mr. Hickmott Mr. Palmer

Lunch Staff: Deb Felton, Tammy Murphy, Diane Harrison, Sheila Covey, Debi Hauck, Aaron Strong

Radley Elementary Staff - 2012-13

East Helena Public Schools in partnership with the parents and community will offer a caring environment where students gain knowledge, grow in wisdom, develop confidence and value leaning for life.

Radley Mission Statement

The PTO Zone

Our fabulous PTO is in need of some additional members. PTO coordinates a variety of activities throughout the year to benefit East Helena schools and students. Each year PTO raises money to fund teacher grant for classroom materials, field trips, and other requested items. PTO also contributes to special assemblies, school events, and big ticket items that are not in the District’s budget.

Parents play an important role in East Helena’s school community. Whether you have a student at Eastgate or Radley Elementary, East Valley Middle School, or any combination of these schools; we encourage you to get involved! The next PTO meeting will be held Tuesday, May 7th at 6pm in the EVMS library or you can contact a board member through the PTO link at: http//www.ehps.k12.mt.us

Radley’s Bully Bite

Parents, here is a question to talk with your child about! What does it mean to exclude someone?

East Helena Trustee and Levy Request

East Helena Trustee and Levy Request

by Ron Whitmoyer, Superintendent

East Helena Schools will have four area people running for the school board at the May 7th school election. As has become customary in the East Helena School District due to the fast paced world we live in, the election will be held by mail ballot. Also on the ballot will be a mill levy request of $136,000 for covering the cost of the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act. (PPACA) or otherwise known as Obama Care.

The four candidates for two seats on the East Helena School Board are Marcia Ellermeyer, Jonathon Jackson, James Schell and Scott Walter. All of the candidates live in your community and have distinguished themselves in a number of ways and in different venues. A future article in the next couple of weeks in the Prickly Pear Junction will give voters an opportunity to learn about the candidates and their qualifications.

The levy election for $136,000 was decided on because the school district has to comply with the PPACA Affordable Care Act. Currently there are over 35 employees in the district that will qualify for health insurance that are not presently covered. As a result of the PPACA “Obama Care” the district must financially find funds to provide this health insurance coverage. Since the School Board has always been fiscally responsible with levies and the school operating budget, these funds are not able to be absorbed into the operations budget without making significant cuts into staffing. The board reviewed this idea in March, but in looking at the results of the student test scores over the last several years it was decided that these high levels of academic achievement need to continue and that making significant cuts in staffing, increasing class sizes and reducing instructional materials in order to meet this legislation, would be counterproductive to the education of the kids. As a result, the Board is asserting that to maintain high levels of academic achievement, they need to pursue staffing at current levels and simply ask for support of providing health coverage for staff by requesting that voters approve this levy. This levy would increase taxes on a $100,000 house by $14.73 per year or $1.23 per month or on a $200,000 by twice that figure.

The election will be by mail ballot and those ballots are scheduled to start arriving on April 19th. Please watch for this official ballot and cast your vote by returning the ballot as directed or by simply dropping the ballot off at the East Helena Schools Central Office at 226 Clinton Street in East Helena.

Tiger Tales Radley Elementary School

Download 189,46 Kb.

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