The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga

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The White Tiger

The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga

Aravind Adiga's first novel, The White Tiger, paints a vivid and disturbing picture of life in the strikingly different cultures that comprise modern India. Home to more than 15 percent of the world's population, the country has grown to become an economic power, and yet vast numbers of its inhabitants have little to show for its prosperity. The conflict created by that reality propels this riveting tale.

Son of a rickshaw puller, the neo conventional protagonist from the book, The White Tiger, Balram Halwai, narates the actual story connected with his lifestyle and his movement through darkness in order to attain light. In a tongue-in-cheek manner he unravels how the ruling capitalist ideology never ever allows the actual poverty stricken to come up into the limelight. The publisher of the book is Harper Collins India Limited.

Summary of the book

In essentially the most impoverished along with destitute villages in the Indian subcontinent, a young boy is hungry for knowledge. However, the circumstances plus the cultural disorders prevalent causes it to become almost unattainable for him to do so. Prevailing among the limited opportunities, the son of a rickshaw-puller, find a means to escape the vice-grip associated with his family and he becomes the driver for the son of a wealthy landowner. Brilliant and quick-witted, he quickly relates to terms while using the divide concerning the rich and the poor. He realizes that he should now break the centuries-old shackles and should flee intended for his existence and vie his old life to satisfy his fate.

Detailed review

White Tiger is the story of Balram, the son of a rickshaw puller, who lives within a small Indian village. He detects the destitution of his family members, repulses and decides to break clear of it. He is searching for opportunities that can alleviate his poverty. He learns to drive and manages to obtain a driver's job with the property owner of his village. Lady Luck smiles upon him as Balram was asked to accompany the property owner's son to Delhi as a driver. In Delhi, Balram understands the ways of the city society. A keen observer and a fast learner, Balram realizes fastly that slight dishonesty should bring him sufficient money for any security in near future. He kills his master along with which he runs off to Bengaluru and years later, Balram is viewed as a good influential member of the Bengaluru power circle productively steering his career derived from one height completely to another.

About Aravidn Adiga

Born on October 23, 1974, Aravind Adiga is working as an Indian journalist and writer. In the year 20082008, his debut novel The White Tiger won the Man Booker Prize.
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