The Trump administration asserting that

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Over the past decade, the Obama and Trump administrations have prioritized different categories of persons in carrying out immigration enforcement functions. In particular, the Obama administration created immigration enforcement priorities to channel limited resources towards individuals it deemed to be high priorities, including threats to national security, threats to public safety, and recent illegal entrants. Departing from this approach, the Trump administration sought to consider all undocumented immigrants high priorities for removal, expanding the categories so broadly as to render the priorities meaningless. This study examined how the Trump administration and its detention facilities affect immigration detention.
The Trump administration asserting that all undocumented migrants were deemed priorities for apprehension and removal. However, in contrast to the Obama administration’s tiered prioritization categories, the Trump administration asserted that each of the categories were of equal weight – serious offenses shared the same priority as minor ones. By targeting the entire undocumented population rather than those who posed threats, the Trump prioritization policy faced criticism for wasting resources.

Policy Recommendations
§ Increasing cooperation between Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and state and local enforcement organizations is crucial in identifying and removing undocumented individuals and defending the nation’s security. While many jurisdictions closely work with ICE, some policies and ordinances prohibit the cooperation between ICE and local law enforcement. Furthermore, some jurisdictions willfully refuse to notify ICE regarding immigration detainers on time, with some doing so even knowing that the immigrant has a criminal record.
§ The Obama administration's interim immigration enforcement guidance represents a necessary return to more effectively directing limited law enforcement resources and prioritizing threats. Like the Obama administration, Trump should announce his final priorities for immigration enforcement, prioritizing threats to national security, border security, and public safety.
§ Initiating cooperation with Congress in issuing higher budgets for immigration enforcement and border security. Historical information demonstrates that an increased budget resulted in more apprehensions. A rejection of a budget in 2018 led to relatively lower apprehension, and this is where cooperation with Congress can help accomplish immigration objectives.
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