The stability of development and economic efficiency of functioning enterprise depends on the rational management of its assets, among which have a special place in current assets

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The stability of development and economic efficiency of functioning enterprise depends on the rational management of its assets, among which have a special place in current assets. This is due to with the fact that, first, the current assets are the most mobile and several times change their form from inventory to cash and back to throughout the fiscal year. Secondly, their scale: for the enterprise the value of current assets is more than half value of all its assets. Thirdly, their dependence on a large number of heterogeneous internal and external factors makes a significant contribution to their behavior uncertainty, which makes managing them very difficult. In the works, devoted to the management of current assets, the main emphasis is on management of the regular component of current assets and generated by them financial flows. However, in connection with the increase in intensity economic life and increased competition due to globalization world economic processes, the role of the random component in current assets of enterprises and the financial flows generated by them continuously increases.

This topic is not new, as it is studied and presented in scientific papers and in the economic literature of the domestic scientists and economists. An important attention is paid to this topic not only by scientists, economists, but also by members of the government, President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree "On Uzbekistan’s Development Strategy ", which includes action such as further modernization and diversification of the industry through upgrading to a new qualitative level, aimed at development of high-tech industries, primarily for the production of finished products with high added value on the basis of deep processing of local raw materials and promotion of production of new types of products and technologies, thereby ensuring the competitiveness of domestic products in foreign and local markets1.

The efficiency of current assets management of the organization has a great impact on the results of its financial and economic activities.

Many indicators of economic activity of the organization, its financial standing, and, consequently, its financial stability, solvency and liquidity depend on the state of current assets, the speed of their circulation

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