The Migration to Steinwenden By Eric Dysinger

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The Migration to Steinwenden

By Eric Dysinger

Wolfstein to Steinwenden reference (dist. 20.3km/12.2miles)

  1. Wolfstein

  2. Rothselberg

  3. Kottweiler-Schwanden

  4. Steinwenden


Protestant Church of Rothselberg – Estimated built in the 12th Century

The Church Tower – Added in 1433

The entrance to the church


Protestant Church in Wolfstein – Built1866-1868

This was built after combining the Reformed (Evangelist) and Lutheran churches as the two churches were too small and the Reformed church was dilapidated.

Castle ruins overlooking the town of Wolfstein
This is the actual remains of the “new” castle built in 1313-1323. The “old” castle was built in 1160-1170.

The Catholic Church of Wolfstein. Built in 1776.

The old Reformed Church (built between the towns of Rutsweiler and Wolfstein) also known as the “Two Church”. The church was built in three sections with the first section built in the 11th century. The first mention of this church was in 1250. The middle section was the first part built. The bell tower was built next in 1465. The last part was built in 1501 containing 5 sides of an octagon.

Johan (Hans) Georg Deissinger married Catharina Seyler in this church May 1672

The inner city of Wolfstein

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