The Goyang Internatsional Flower Festivalb

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Subject: DIC midterm

Group: 306

Student: Norqo'ziyeva Feruza

The Goyang Internatsional Flower Festivalb

The Goyang Internatsional Flower Festival is one of the largest flower festivals in South Korea and takes place in the city of Goyang. It attracts many visitors annually. The festival is held in a metropolitian area and serves as a model for local culture festivals, in which some foreign flower formers participate. During the festival, flower events and cultural performances are held, and visitors can buy flowers from all over the world, which helps promote the domestic flower industry. In 2015, the festival was held from 24 April to 10 May at Ilsan Lake Park. The 2015 festival qas the largest to that date, consisting of 25 national pavilions, 120 companies from 35 countries and 200 domestic companies. The exhibition occupied 150.000 square metres it was organized by the Goying International Flower Foundation.

The festival started as Goyang Korea Flower Show in 1991, and was held as an annual, domestic event until 1996. From 1997 to 2012 the Goying International Flower Festival was held every three years. Since 2013 it returned to being held annually. It has since attracted 5.7 million people and has grown into one of the most famous international flower festivals in Korea.

In 2015 offical events, such as the press day for the Goyang Intetnational Flower Festival opening ceremony, took place on 23 April. Bisiness days were form 24 April to 10 May. The day of the event, 10 May. Indoors, people from overseas governments and internal and international enterprises and associations, hold event booth. Outdoors, there are various types of gardens, including the Mosaic Culture Garden, the Korea Garden Show, the Flower Tunnel, the Healing Garden, the Children's Garden and the Flower Wall. Event and programs for attendees, some related to flowers and some related to traditional culture, include the Traditional Flower Arrangement Content,the Flower Darwing Contents, a Flower Boat Ride, and events where visitors can wear traditional clothing or make items including soap, pots or artifical flowers. Each year, the festival has produced many programs with both domestic and foreign cooperation. In 2015, the program consisted of an indoor exhibition and om outdoor garden. At programs called Exchaanges of Word Flowers, new varieties of flower are exhibited by international and local flower firms. Foreign buyers are introduced to local florists.

  1. What culture(s) is ( are) represented in it?

Here is given about an element of Korean culture – Goyang International Flower Festiva. This holiday is usually known as festival of flovers. It is celebreted in Korea but has also celebrated to other areas of Asia.

2.What cultural information is presented in it? Give examples.

Here given about Korean Cultural holiday Goyang International Flower Ferstival. The festival is the best festival in Korea.Flowers are beautiful, sure way to mark the end of the freezing, miserable temperatures that Korea in notorious for. As the country is blanketed in beautiful, colorful blossoms, spring flower festivals are a great way to get ourdoors and enjoy the nice weather. The Goyang International Flower Foundation holds a flower festival every spring featuring floral collections from around the world, exhibitions, and even s flower arrangement contest.

3.Do you think it can be used to develop learners' intercultural competence?

Yes. It surely helps learners to develop their intercultural competence by giving information about Korean people, thair way of life. In my opinion these type of holidays are vety important learning about a culture. Becouse it is very interesting and makes people happy.

4. How can it be adapted for the English language classes? Give example.

We can make up microteaching lesson for students and some examples like matching, discuss, and T/F about it.

Not only that,students can wark in groups of 2 or 3 to discuss the information about the topic with each other. And students read the text and complete the gaps.During this activities students may learn new infomations.

Task 1

Students are divided into two groups and both groups themselves create some kind of festival independently . Given 10 minuts

  1. group 2- group

Task 2

Resorch with partner. Then fill in this grid about celecrations and festivals that are celebrated by our many cultures and religions in Korea.

Name of festival or celebration

Cultural group



Date celebrated this year


Goyang Internationl Festival

Jeju Fire Festival

Seongsan Sunrise Festival

Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival



Task 3


Write the correct synonyms of the words

Observanse or rite-






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