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Proposal Summary

The ADMIT Program, Inc., proposes to provide training to students or young adult participants (in groups of 10 participants) from schools, programs and agencies affiliated with your Organization in our Alternative Directions Music Industry Training (ADMIT) program. The normal cost is $175 per student for each group of 10 students, This program is described in detail in our video showing at Involvement in this program will provide the following for participants:

  1. Classroom training and open discussion about the music industry.

  2. Participatory involvement in our professional recording studio, including learning about studio equipment, creating music or “beats”, songwriting, and recording songs for the various groups.

  3. Optional participation in the process of mixing/mastering the group’s final song.

  4. A detailed overview of various facets of the music business including marketing, promotion, A&R, songwriting, publishing, artist management, manufacturing, distribution, legal matters, sound engineering, video production and record label ownership.

  5. Inside information on the occupations in the music business with the most earning potential, such as label ownership, song writing, publishing, production, and management.

  6. Experience in creating, writing and recording a positive song (hip-hop, R&B, gospel, pop, Latin, Caribbean or any other style) focusing on your group’s purpose or on community issues.

  7. The experience of working cooperatively with other individuals to achieve a common purpose.

  8. The opportunity to learn to use music as a creative medium to express themselves positively, and to influence listeners in the same positive manner.

  9. Encouragement from the facilitator to pursue music or any other occupational or entrepreneurial endeavor through proper training, education, discipline and persistence.

  10. Copies of the professional broadcast quality CDs produced by their group.

  11. Certificates of Completion acknowledging their participation in this program.

  12. A fun filled experience where the participant receives something tangible to show for their input into the final song project as well as information for possible future career interests.

  13. A chance to generate friendly competition in writing and recording group songs between groups of the same organization.

  14. Referrals to sources of more training and information about the music business.

  15. Opportunities for internships, apprenticeships, and referrals with this and other organizations.

If you agree to take advantage of the many benefits of the ADMIT Program for schools and programs affiliated with your organization, please inform us at the numbers listed below so we can schedule the training sessions. No musical skills or knowledge is required for this program. We will recruit and assemble classes from your service area, if you prefer. When recruiting participants, we try to assign them with recognition of similar ages, schools, agencies, and backgrounds, whenever possible. Thank you and we look forward to making a difference in the lives of your young clients.

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Thomas W. Demerritte Name:

ADMIT Program Coordinator
Contact Number:

Please select preferred training/recording studio facility:

______ North Facility - 6600 N.W. 27th Avenue, Suite 101 Miami, FL 33147 (305)835-8835
______ South Facility - 9966 West Indigo Street Perrine, FL 33157 (305)235-7100

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