Task Write ten sentences on the topic: (5 points per each grammatically and logically correct sentence). Total: 50 Points

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Abdulaziz Final exam
ЮЮЮ, elektr olchashlar va elektr olchash asboblari, zebra, zebra, Оqimning аsоsiy gidrаvlik elеmеntlаri. Idеаl suyuqliklаrning hаrаkаt tеnglаmаsi, Shoniyozov Husniddin, 12. reports.Assessment report 301 ENDIROVA, 11.Transactional letter 301 ENDIROVA, 11.Transactional letter 301 ENDIROVA, nazorat-savollari, An’anaviy darslarni boshlash to‘g‘risida, Togarak ishlarini tashkil qilish, IFODALI O'QISH 2-sinf to'garagi, 2 5352911083529046652

Task 1. Write ten sentences on the topic: (5 points per each grammatically and logically correct sentence).Total: 50 Points

My friend

I am going to tell about one of my best friends whose name is Jack that from UK . Actually he is my best pen friend. Now I tell on telegram I found some of them dissimilar to my character and outlook. After of these experience. I found on telegram chanel namely international friends. As our behaviour srits each other , we can get on very well than we ever thought since that time we are in touch and next time I am planning to go to the UK to meet him.

Task 2.Write the correct answer to the following question on specialty (not more than four sentences). (grammar competence-5 points, vocabulary -5 points, topic-related answer-10 points ). Total: 20 Points

Now I tell why spread sheets are used . First of all it is so usefull and comfortable. Mov over it is portable that you can carry it on your phone also if helps to remind you what you are going to do on the special day with a signal . This means you wife not forget special days or lessons so on. Besides that, It saves materials to use . I does not require any difficulties. To recaputable , It is most liked amoung others and suits any situations.

Task 3. Write the CV about yourself with the following headings. (6 points per each correct answer: grammar competence-3 points, lexical competence-3 points) Total: 30 Points

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