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Answer the questions and do the tasks below the text. Each correct answer is worth 1 point. The total score is 5.

From my early age my parents taught me to keep motivated and develop my natural abilities. They recommended to set concrete goals, plans and do my best to achieve them. You know what I have achieved in my life up to now done thanks to my inspiration and motivation. I was always interested in a number of things: environment, space, planets, stars, the moon, hiking, oceans, computer technology, innovative medical equipment, sport; nearly everything drew my attention. My motivation burst out of me, I still have got many goals to reach, some of them appear to be too complicated, but anyway I am going to go closer to them, to fulfill them. Sometimes I am surprised looking at the young students who are sometimes so passive, unmotivated, unwilling. I want to shout to them: hey, men, life is a gift; you cannot return the past time after you waste it. Do, make, create, discover. I always keep words of Anthony Robbins in my mind: “Make it so today is not like yesterday and tomorrow will be different forever.” Each of us has inspiration, motivation inside us; we must get them out and keep them afterwards. Motivation is motive in action that demands acts; inspiration is inspiring of our spirit, feel it. What can you do to enhance your motivation, and to awaken the inner power that can push you toward accomplishing your dreams, small and big? This is a global question for everyone. Firstly, set goals. You should have one major and several minor goals; those small ones should lead you to the great one. This will keep you motivated after you accomplish each small goal of yours. Secondly, finish what you start, never quit it in the middle of the way. Thirdly, you should never procrastinate the thing you have started; it may lead you to laziness. Fourthly, convince yourself that you are able to achieve anything. And finally, the fifth step is visualizing. Visualize your dreams as fulfilled ones that will keep you motivated and happy.

1. Give a brief summary to the text in your own words. (no more than 50 words)
There are more type of humans in our live. Some of them always tries to achieve their great goals but the others never tries. To achieving purposes it is demands great motivation. In this way parents, teachers, friends encourage also very important. Moreover people should their tasks on the time because this activity also leds to great results.
2. What enhances your motivation that can push you toward accomplishing your dreams?
There are more enhance in my motivation the main one is I always encourage myself to achieving great results
3. How can you explain the statement “My motivation burst out of me”?
In this statement have great meaning because the motivation forced the human to make something. There this motivation is very powerful therefore it is “burst out”

  1. Give the best title to the text.

3. Do you agree with the words of Antony Robbins? Confirm your opinion. Yes of course, because person should never postponed their works for tomorrow if the task complicates on the time the result also would great. And the another days also always differently.
TASK 3. GRAMMAR AND VOCABULARY. This task is worth 5 points.
Write suitable questions for these answers using “to be going to” and choose the appropriate answers.
1What going to when you grow up? A
2. Are you going to go to abroad next year? B
3. Is going to a retirement party for her? C
4. Is going to that job as a gardener? E
5. Where are you going to? D

a. I'm going to be an engineer or an architect.

b. Yes, I'm going to w o r k in Sweden for six months.
c. Of course! We're going to organize the most amazing retirement party for her!
d. I’m not sure I'm going to apply. I would have to move.
e. My company? It's going to move to the suburbs.
This task is worth 5 points. Write an essay on the topic “How I build my personality”. (At least 80 words but no more than 150 words).
The personality of a person is the reflection of their good and bad habits. One should always develop good habits in himself/herself and avoid the bad ones. These habits make the personality of one person different from another. Your personality is what your character is. It comprises various trademark qualities and propensities which help me make a fair person. Certain parts of our personality are acceptable while there are other negative sides too. Notwithstanding, coming up next are the better parts of our character.
Knowing your personality characteristics and the capacity to portray them in a composed structure will help you in all parts of your life – from your first day in school until your last work. For example, one pragmatic use of such articles is to dazzle recruiting chiefs with your introductory letter and prospective employee meetings. Having the option to answer the “enlighten me concerning yourself” inquiry appropriately not just empowers you to respond to inquiries and clarify why you fit the expected set of responsibilities impeccably yet additionally assists you with exploring through your work-life and associations with your colleagues.

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