Sweetparamania: a dave Grohl web

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Sweetparamania: A Dave Grohl web.

It's a mass meeting of interviews, photos, details of Foo Fighters and other useful things for Grohl acolyte. The ultimate Dave fan site seems to know more about the great man that no one other than his wife. There is a forum for those addicted to his life and work as well.

By Lily Molina.

It all starts in May 2004, in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Leecy, who prefers to keep her surname like a enigma, Nerd # 1 (as she calls herself), rock music follower, especially of the frontman of Foo Fighters, while she was studying design, found in need of a project to make a web page, and surprised that there was no site dedicated to Dave, took the opportunity to create Sweetparamania, a name taken from the lyrics of Wind Up, the fifth song on the album The Colour and the Shape.

So this was how busy Grohl fan page, with a simple project for institute by a design student. Something she never imagined that in his own words describes: "I never thought that someone was going to visit it. I just thought it was a good project for the institute. "

Leecy is the only person working on the site, updating it as often as necessary, either for some news about a new album or a contest based on sent happy birthday letters. However, there are two people who helped her in essential matters to the website. Linda, from Seattle, WA, was commissioned to design the current style of the blog on the website and Elle, from Germany, to make all the graphics and design of the site itself.

The website is also present in various social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Tumblr. The site, whose design denotes in a not very subtle way that it was designed by a woman, has very comprehensive information about the bands that Dave has participated as Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age, several articles and interviews magazines such as Rolling Stone, Maxim Magazine, Q Magazine, as well as information about tribute bands, videos uploaded by Leecy and varied pictures carefully sorted by date and type. In addition, the site is fully funded by Leecy, who pay for the domain, hosting and everything else that involves any kind of money into the website.

One thing that is striking, are the overwhelming opportunities that has brought her the site, and that has allowed her meet amazing people, make lifelong friends, where most of those friends are from other countries, and not from his native United States.

And another notable event is meeting him personally. His achievement starts to join a rock band called "Rye Coalition" of Jersey City, New Jersey, with whom she befriends. Coincidentally, Dave Grohl produced one of their albums, entitled "Curses". Rye Coalition allowed Leecy to use pictures of them with Dave in the study for publicate them on the website. Eventually, they opened for Foo Fighters on a European tour and then a show at Atlantic City, NJ (the only Foo Fighters rock show during their acoustic tour). Leecy was a guest at the backstage with Rye Coalition, and drummer Dave Leto presented her to Grohl as the Sweetparamania's webmaster, to which he immediately responded, "are you?! I love this website! "

For future plans, the creator of Sweetparamania is not sure of something concrete. She finds that it would be a great idea that the page it will be official for the singer, but also she's in doubtful what might happen to it. She has also thought about working with him on some level that would have given her about his upcoming projects before anyone else, but it would be asking too much. Anyway, she's happy to continue with what she has, where is always welcome any suggestion to raise the Sweetparamania status, but without changing its essence, that's was liked too much for the musician.

In relation to the same, we must don't forget the band to which Dave owes everything he has achieved so far. In Chile, Nirvana fans also are noted, with tribute bands as Nevermind, one of the best known, and the website "Grunge is not dead in Chile", not only dedicated to this famous grunge band, but also other featured bands like Alice in Chains, Hole, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, among others.

Something curious happened in 1992, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during an interview aired on the "Sábado Taquilla" show, from national channel, by journalist Jorge Aedo to Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl, with no Kurt, because he was preparing for his show starting in a couple of hours, including talks on its tour, or as said members, traveling on the weekend, on the impact of his latest album, Nevermind, to date, surpassing the success of Bleach, who came to Chile in a week, plus commentary on Seattle grunge bands that have emerged in that city, Aedo asked if they would like to have gone to Chile or they did not care, what they say yes, they would like to visit Chile, Argentina as it pleased them, by giving them a good impression of South America. According to the musicians, it was possible in a near future to go to Chile.

But it wasn't achieved. Unfortunately, two years later, happened the fatal case and enigmatic death of Nirvana frontman, causing the band disintegration, do it completely rule out the coming of the group to our country, leaving their Chilean fans a great disappointment for not having ever had his favorite band playing in Chile, where tribute bands like Nevermind, trying to fill that space that it could have been worn by one of the most important and influential grunge band.

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