Summary of Hydraulic Calculations

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Summary of Hydraulic Calculations

North of Charleston

North Arlington Street has a sump at the eastern end of Chantilly Avenue. Approximately 668 cfs breaks out from the Las Vegas Wash between Sections 1145 and 1142 to this sump area. A highpoint in North Arlington at Nellie Springs Court will allow 668 cfs to continue south in Arlington with a water surface elevation of 1745.95. Note that the water surface elevation in the Wash at the Arlington sump is approximately 1747.13. Therefore the water in Arlington will travel south before it reenters the wash.

South Arlington Weir

As the flows travel south in Arlington (north of Charleston), they pick up additional breakout flows so that when they finally reach Charleston the total flow is 1098 cfs.
The Las Vegas Wash depth of flow over Charleston is great enough that it is not unreasonable to assume that the 1,098 cfs continues south across Charleston and following the Arlington Street right-of-way.
A slight high point in South Arlington acts as a weir, forcing the water to a water surface elevation of 1745.85.

Laterals along South Arlington

Side weirs along South Arlington

  • Drainage easement north of the Apartments – 200 cfs leaves the roadway to enter the wash (40-foot long weir).

  • Lateral weir at the apartments – 753 cfs leaves the roadway, and makes its way between the apartment buildings to the wash (235-foot long weir).

Apartment Weir

Approximately 753 cfs leaves the roadway, and makes its way between the apartment buildings to the wash. An attached weir flow calculation shows that the water will pond to a depth of 1738.14 before the entire flow can be discharged to the Las Vegas Wash.

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