Suggestions for music for weddings at Santa Susanna

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Suggestions for music for weddings at Santa Susanna:

(Please note that we will try our best to honor the selections that you make. However, if you have asked for a Singer, please know that due to language differences and familiarity of music, the choices you make might not be possible on the day of your wedding.)

Entrance music: Wedding march by Richard Wagner or

Trumpet voluntary by Jeremiah Clarke or

Hymn to Joy by Beethoven;

Overture from Water Music by Handel

Psalm Response: A sung psalm could replace the spoken psalm at

Santa Susanna. If no singer, then it is to be spoken.

Suggested Sung Psalms (If there is a Singer):

Psalm 103 (The Lord is Kind and Merciful)

by M. Haugen, Gather 100

Psalm 145 (I Will Praise Your Name)

by D. Haas, Gather 137

Psalm 128 (Blest are those who love you)

by M. Haugen, Gather 125

Presentation of the gifts: Jesus, Joy of man’s desiring by Johann Sebastian Bach (can be sung); Largo by Georg Friederich Handel; Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel; Ave Maria by Schubert; Air on the G String by Johann Sebastian Bach; O Mio Signore by Handel; Berceuse De Jocelyn by Godard.
Communion music: Panis Angelicus (can be sung) by Cesar Franck or

Ave Verum by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (can be sung); O Mio Signore by Handel; Adagio by A. Marcello; Adoro Te Devote by Gounod (can be sung)

Signature: Ave Maria by Franz Schubert or Ave Maria by Bach/Gounod

Air on the G String by Johann Sebastian Bach;

Adagio (Sinfonia #9) by Dvorak; Adagio in G minor by Albinoni
Recessional music: Wedding march by Felix Mendelssohn or

Trumpet, tune and air by Henry Purcell or

Hymn to joy by Ludwig van Beethoven

Overture from Water Music by Handel

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