Submitted values are: Section 1: Organization Information

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Submitted values are:

--Section 1: Organization Information--

Name of Organization: Celebrate Coventry

Mailing Address: 1670 Flat River Rd.

Name of Project Contact Person(s): Norma Smith

Phone: 401-822-1085


Type of Organization: Public (town, city, municipality, special

district, government agency)

If Other:

Description of Organization and Mission: Celebrate Coventry is a

community based organization. In 2016 the Town of Coventry will

be celebrating its 275th anniversary. We are planning events for

the anniversary and also to become annual events in the effort to

bring people to our community.

On average, how many individuals does your organization serve per

year? This is a new organization. Information is not applicable

How did you hear about the CPC? Preserve RI

--Section 2: Project Description--

Title of the Project: Strategic Plan for Tourism

Project Location (Address, City, State, and Zip): This project

will encompass the whole Town of Coventry.

General Project Description (you may attach a longer narrative if


The Town of Coventry is within the boundaries of the South County

Tourism Council. We would like to have a strategic plan on how

best to promote our historical sites and the natural resources we

have in the town. We have a very strong Parks and Recreation

program, hiking trails, river access and the bike path which was

the old train route that runs through the town.

Potential Scope of Work/Tasks for RWU CPC: The scope of work

would entail working with various departments of the town in the

areas of recreation, designating historical sites, creating a

bike tour route, cemetery tours and the annual events we will


What will be the final product output for this project? (survey,

website, design plans, drawings, etc.): We will need an overview

of the town depicting the historic sites, the recreation areas,

the points of interest along the bike path, development of how to

utilize the Pawtuxet River, the location of the historic

districts, designation of the mill villages and signage of the

points of interest. Also designating the notable people of the

town and their contribution.

Proposed Project Schedule (when the tasks/project needs to be

completed): We would like to have the project completed by the

end of 2015 so we can begin implementing during our anniversary


Please provide the names and contact information for any staff

members or volunteers who will be playing a primary role in the

proposed CPC project.:

What resources/previous work would the CPC be building upon that

you already have completed? (Please select all items that are


- Strategic Plan

- Marketing & Communication Plans

What active support would your organization be able to contribute

should your project be selected? Volunteers

--Section 3: Project Outcomes--

Please describe how this project will benefit your organization

and the advancement of your mission: This project will give us a

direction to move in to be a viable part of the South County

Tourism Council and bring visitors and business to our local

small businesses.

Please describe how this project might benefit the overall

community, including specific groups that could benefit from this

project (i.e. target populations, neighborhoods, specific

town/city/region).: This will benefit the community as it will

bring the town departments and the community groups closer

together. There is interest within the town departments, local

historical societies, the Pawtuxet River Authority, the Central

RI Chamber of Commerce and other community groups.

Please explain why you have chosen to seek assistance from the

RWU CPC with your project request, instead of undertaking the

project using fee-for-services from a paid professional: We have

chosen this program as we do not have the funds to have this work

done. It is also in our opinion that this is a win win situation

where the students can get some hands on experience and the town

can implement the findings to get this project up and running.

Please describe how this project will benefit RWU students.: Ths

project will give students hands on experience in the area of

developing the town of Coventry as a tourism site featuring his

history and assets.

--Section 4: Financial Information--

What is your organization’s annual operating budget? Please

include a copy of your most recent budget with the application in

Section 6..: We are new and don't have one at this time. There

is a balance of $2500 available at this time

What are your major sources of funding? donation, fundraising

How much funding from your annual operating budget is set aside

for this project (if any)? None

--Section 5: Private Sector Involvement--

Have you or your organization discussed the project with

practicing professionals (e.g. architect, engineer, planner,

consultants, etc.)? : No

If no, please explain why: No funding.

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