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elektrotexnika fanida transformatorlar va ularning ulanish gruhini aniqlashni orgatishda yangi oquv usullaridan foydalanish, Ehtimollar nazariyasi va matematik statistika (A.Rasulov va b.), Ehtimollar nazariyasi va matematik statistika (A.Rasulov va b.), Ehtimollar nazariyasi va matematik statistika (A.Rasulov va b.), midterm on ICTFL 2, 1 MAVZU TILSHUNOSLIK FANI TARIXI QADIMGI HIND, GREK, RIM, XITOY

Midterm assessment on ICTFL
Midterm Exam paper
Integrated Course of Teaching Foreign Languages
(Chet tili o’qitishning integrallashgan kursi)

Year 4 students

Group: 1810 Gained score_____/ 30 points (total)

Subjects (modules) included:

  • Language Testing and Assessment

Entire test tasks follow provided rules below:
1. The answers to the questions should reflect originality. No plagiarism is allowed. A student will lose points if he or she has the same or similar submitted midterm examination paper like another student accomplished.
2. If a student has not been granted permission to take the exam by reason, it is highly recommended to consult with ICTFL instructor in order to participate.
Task 1. Designing tests.
Each student is given separate texts to work on. You have to design tests based on the given text.

  1. 5 multiple choice questions.

  2. 5 matching tests.

  3. 5 true/false questions.

  4. Cloze test (only one passage or paragraph of the text)

  5. 2 Open-ended questions.

  6. 5 gap-filling sentences

You can focus on any language aspect (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation) or skill (reading, writing, listening, speaking) while designing tests.
1) 1) How often do you read book?
A) extremely often
B) often
C) sometimes
D) rarely
E) never
2) Which of the following drinks you like most?
A) water
B) tea
C) soda
D) coffee
E) fruit juice
3) How often do you consume alcohol?
A) daily
B) weekly
C) monthly
D) yearly
4) How often do you conduct surveys?
A) weekly
B) monthly
C) quarterly
D) annually
5) What is your faourite pizza topping?
A) pepperoni
B) mushrooms
C) anchovies
D) sausage
E) others
2) Matching: Match the instrument with its description by placing the letter of the definition in the space preceding the instrument name.
1. _
2. _
3. _
4. _
5. _
6. _
Feli Gbung gbung Nyeng-nyeng Koning
Kora Ghong-kpala
A. Musical bow
B. Harp-lute found in West Africa
C. Triangular frame-zither
D. Goblet-shaped drum played by master drummer
E. Rattles added to an instrument F. two headed cylindrical drum
1 The earth is the fourth planet from the sun.
2 The planet Venus has no moons.
3 Jupiter is composed mostly of iron.
4 The sun is a star of average size.
5 A lunar eclipse occurs when the sun passes
Four of the most popular forms i.e. facebook, twitter, snapchat, instagram of social media _ 1 _ great damage upon young people’s mental health. These four platforms have a negative effect because they can _ 2 _ children’s and young people’s body image worries, and worsen bullying, sleep problems, anxiety, depression and loneliness. The findings follow growing _ 3 _ among politicians, health bodies, doctors and parents about young people suffering harm as a result of cyber bullying and social media _ 4 _ feelings of self-loathing and leading them to commit suicide. However, the leader of the UK’s psychiatrists said these findings were too simplistic and they _ 5 _ blamed social media for the complex reasons why the mental health of so many young people is suffering
5)Examples of open-ended questions include:
• Tell me about your relationship with your supervisor.
• How do you see your future?
• Tell me about the children in this photograph.
• What is the purpose of government?
• Why did you choose that answer?
1. You will not get the book ………………………… you make the payment in advance.
2. We have lived in this town …………………………. twenty five years.
3. He was accused ………………………….. stealing.
4. My grandmother died ten years ………………………….
5. You won’t get well …………………………… you take the medicine.
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