SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Zavqlantir  : caus. Of zavqlan ; to give pleasure, enjoyment, etc.; to make enthusiastic.

Zavqli : pleasant, enjoyable, delightful; tasteful.

Zavqyob : ~ bo'l  s. Zavqlan .

Zax : moist, damp; damp ground; dankness.

Zaxa : bruise (on fruit). ~ bo'l /ye  to become bruised.

Zaxalan  : v.i. To be bruised (fruit).

Zaxira : obs. (Arabic) store of grain or food supplies. ~ qil  to store, to save for later.

Zaxkash : swampy, poorly drained.

Zaxla  : v.i. To become saturated with water; to become damp or dank. [zaxlan , zaxalantir , zaxlat ]

Zaxlik : abstr. Of zax; dampness, dankness.

Zaxm 1 : cut, wound, blow; injury, harm.

Zaxm 2 : syphilis.

Zaxob : groundwater which comes to the surface (??); covered with standing water.

Zayavka : (Russian) request. ~ ber  to submit a request.

Zayl : (Arabic) manner, fashion. Zamona(ning) ~i (bilan) according to the custom of the times; as a result of fate.

Zaylida : in the manner or fashion of; a la...

Zaynit coll. : (Russian) taken, occupied; busy (s. Band).

Zayom : (Russian) loan. Davlat ~i government loan. ~ Egasi loan recipient. ~dan yut  to make profit from a loan.

Zaytun : (Arabic) olive.

Zazor : (Russian) gap.

Zeb : adornment, decoration; beauty, charm. ~ ber  to beautify, to decorate, to embellish.

Zeb ziynat, zebi ziynat : adornments, jewelry, etc; beauty, loveliness, charm.

Zebigardon : a type of gold or silver neck ornament.

Zebo : lovely.

Zebolik : loveliness.

Zeboqad : s. Zeboqomat.

Zeboqomat : having a lithesome figure.

Zebra zool. : (Russian) zebra.

Zebu zool. : (Russian) zebu.

Zefir : (Russian) zephyr (fabric).

Zehn : (Arabic) intelligence, intellect. ~ sol /~i past unintelligent. ~ yugurtir  to consider, to ponder. ~ qo'y  to put one's mind to.

Zehniy : (Arabic) intellectual, mental.

Zehniyat rare : (Arabic) s. Zehn.

Zehnli : intelligent.

Zehnsiz : unintelligent, dull.

Zemlemer : (Russian) (land) surveyor.

Zemlesos : (Russian) suction dredge.

Zemlyanka : (Russian) dugout.

Zemsnaryad : (Russian) dredge/ship).

Zemstvo hist. : (Russian) county council.

Zenit : (Russian) zenith. ~ pulemyoti anti aircraft gun.

Zenitchi : anti aircraft gunner.

Zenitka coll. : (Russian) anti aircraft gun.zer zabar, zeru zabar~ qil  to make topsy turvy, to turn upside down, to demolish.

Zer : diacritical mark for short /i/ in Arabic script.

Zerik  : v.i. To become bored; to become fed up with. [zerikish , zeriktir ]

Zerikarli : boring.

Zero(ki) : arch. Because, by reason that, since.

Zich : dense, compact, tightly packed.

Zichla  : v.t. To pack tightly, to place densely together. [zichlan , zichlash ]

Zichlash  : v.i. To become closely packed, dense.

Zichlik : density, closeness, tightness.

Zid(d) : (Arabic) opposite, opposing, contradictory. Birovning ~iga ish qil  to work against s.o. ~ fikr opposite opinion, opposing view.ziddi zahar arch.antivenin.

Ziddiyat lit. : (Arabic) opposition, contrariness; contradiction, incongruity.

Ziddiyatli : conflicting; contradictory.

Zidlash  : v.i. To contradict; to counteract; to be at odds with one another.

Zidlik : contradiction, discrepancy; opposition, animosity.

Zidlovchi bog'lovchi : adversative conjunction.

Zig'ir : flax, flaxseed.

Zig'ircha : a wee bit.

Zig'irday : tiny, wee; a wee bit.

Zig'irkor : one that grows flax.

Zig'irkorlik : flax cultivation.

Zig'irpoya : flax stock, stem; flax field.

Zigzag : (Russian) zigzag.

Zih : border, seam; edge.zikr samo, zikru samolitanies accompanied by whirling in an ecstatic state (in Sufi ceremonies).

Zikr lit., rel. : (Arabic) remembrance, recollection; formulaic chanting performed by Sufis, usu. With devotees sitting in a circle and chanting praises to God. ~ qil  to remember. ~ tush  to participate in Sufi litanies. ~ qilingan/Etilgan the abovementioned.

Zikrchi : one who performs zikr.

Zikrxona : room or hall for performing ~ u yerda, halimxona bu yerda said to s.o. Who performs a service in one place, but demands payment in another.

Zil 1 : too heavy to lift; heavy, hard, difficult. (ichdan) ~ ket  to find s.t. Difficult to do; to be on edge, to be jumpy; to burn up with envy.

Zil 2 : cymbal(s).

Zil zambil : extremely weighty. ~ bo'l  to be overcome with trepidation.

Zilday : extremely heavy.

Zillat : (Arabic) s. Zilolat.

Zilol lit. : (Arabic) crystal clear, limpid, unclouded.

Zilzila : (Arabic) earthquake.

Zim g'oyib : ~ bo'l  to disappear w/o a trace.

Zim : ~ bo'l  to disappear, to vanish w/o a trace.

Zimdan coll. : (Arabic) secretly, stealthily.

Zimiston : (obs.) Winter; darkness, gloom; pitch dark.

Zimma : (Arabic) duty, obligation. ~siga ol  to take on a responsibility. ~siga tush  to be shouldered with a responisbility.

Zimnan : obs. (Arabic) secretly.

Zimziyo : pitch dark. ~ bo'l  to vanish. ~ qil  to get rid of, to dispose of.

Zina : stair(s), stairway; (coll.) Stair; step, level, degree.

Zinapocha : step.

Zinapoya : stairway, staircase.

Zinda : obs. Alive, living; bastard, punk.

Zindon : dungeon. ~ qil  or ~ga sol  to throw in a dungeon.

Zindona : abscess, boil.

Zindonbon : dungeon keeper, jailer.

Zindonchi : jailer.

Zindoni coll. : a large unpleasant sore. Puliga ~ chiqibdimi said of one who is miserly with his own money but envious of others'.

Zing'illa  : to zip around, to dash around; to whiz, to whir. [zing'illat , zing'illash ]zing'ircha coll.a tad, a (teeny) bit (s. Zig'irday).

Zinhor : by no means.zinnix coll.s. ~ kuyibdimi That's no sweat off of his back., What does he care?Zinnoqcha coll.s. Zig'irday.

Zinhor bazinhor : by no means whatsoever.

Zino lit. : adultery, fornication. Valadi ~ bastard. ~ qil  to commit adultery.

Zinogar : aldulterer, fornicator.

Zinogarlik : adultery, fornication.

Zinokor : s. Zinogar.

Zip : ~ Etib in a flash, zip!

Zipilla  v.i. Coll. : to zip (around), to dash. [zipillash ]

Ziq : (Arabic) extremely limited, restricted; uneasy, restless, fidgety, stuffy (person); stifling, oppressive. Vaqt ~ Time is short. ~ bo'lib ket  to feel confined, uneasy.

Ziqlik : abstr. Of ziq; depression, constrained feeling.

Ziqna : selfish, stingy.

Ziqnafas : (Arabic) asthma.

Ziqnalik : selfishness, stinginess, miserliness.

Zir 1 : indicates speedy, frantic, or repeated activity. ~ yugur  to run to and fro, to run higgeldy piggeldy.

Zir 2 : indicates shivering and chattering. ~ titra  to shiver violently, to shiver and shake. Yuragi ~ Etdi His heart raced. Portlash zarbidan oynalar ~ Etib ketdi The windows rattled from the shock of the explosion.

Zira bot. : cumin.

Zira piyoz : finely sliced onions seasoned with cumin. ~ qil  to make onions seasoned with cumin; to marinate meat with onions and cumin.

Zirak : earring.

Zirala  : v.t. To season with cumin.

Zirapcha : splinter (s. Tikanak).zirava dial.s. Zirapcha.

Ziravor : spice.

Zirbak : meat, onions, and carrots browned for use in pilaw.

Zirh : (Arabic) armor (s. Bron').

Zirhla  : to armor, to plate with armor.

Zirhli : armored.

Zirilla  : v.i. To shiver; to be frightened; to freeze at the mere mention of s.t., to have an aversion to. [zirillat , zirillash ]

Ziriqtir  : v.t. To cause to take off in a panic.

Zirk bot. : barberry.

Zirnix : orpiment (used as a hair remover and salve); a yellow dye used in decorating do'ppis.

Ziroat : arch. (Arabic) agriculture, farming; crops.ziroatchi arch.farmer; agronomist.ziroatchilik arch.farming, agriculture.zirofa arch.giraffe (s. Jirafa).

Zirq zirq : ~ qil  to throb with pain. Yuragi ~ qiladi to have one's heart lose a beat (in shock, dismay).zirqilla  coll.s. Zirqira .

Zirqira  : v.i. To throb with pain; (dial.) To scramble off, to run away pell mell. Yuragi ~b ketdi to have one's heart lose a beat; to have one's heart race. [zirqirat ]

Zirqiroq : throbbing, aching.zirvak coll.s. Zirbak.

Ziynat : (Arabic) adornment, ornament, dress, apparel. ~ asboblari/buyumlari articles of adornment, jewelry.

Ziynatla  : v.t. To decorate, to adorn. [ziynatlan , ziynatlantir ]

Ziynatli : adorned, decorated; beautiful, lovely.

Ziyo : (Arabic) light; glimmer, shine; enlightenment.

Ziyod : (Arabic) in excess (of), more (than).

Ziyoda : (Arabic) more (than), in excess (of), superior (to).

Ziyodalik : superiority.

Ziyodon : candle holder, candlestick.

Ziyofat : (Arabic) feast, banquet. ~ qil  to have a banquet. ~ ber  to hold a banquet (for s.o.).

Ziyoli : educated, enlightened; member of the intelligentsia. ~lar educated members of society, the intelligentsia.

Ziyon : harm, injury.

Ziyon zahmat : injury, hurt.

Ziyonchi : one that inflicts harm, curse; saboteur.

Ziyonchilik : inflicting harm, causing injury; wrecking, sabotage.

Ziyonkunanda : pest, bane.

Ziyonkunandachilik : s. Zararkunandachilik.

Ziyonli : harmful; at a loss. ~ savdo trading at a loss.

Ziyonsiz : harmless; not entailing a loss.

Ziyorat : (Arabic) (rel.) Visitation or pilgrimage to a holy site; visit to a notable's gravesite; visitation, meeting. Ham tijorat, ham ~ said of one who uses official business as an excuse to conduct private business. ~ qil  to perform a pilgrimage; to visit.

Ziyoratchi : pilgrim.

Ziyoratgoh : pilgrimage site; a place frequented often.

Ziyoratxona : building that is the focus of a pilgrimage.

Ziyrak : perceptive, sharp.

Ziyraklik : sharpness, astuteness, perceptiveness. ~ bilan astutely.

Zlotiy : (Russian) zloty.

Zmeevik : (Russian) coil, coiled tube.

Znachok : (Russian) badge, pin.

Znak coll. : (Russian) s. Znachok.

Zo'g'im : anger, spite. ~ qil  to show great dissatisfaction.

Zo'g'ota : hole in a shovel, etc. For inserting the handle; corncob (s. So'ta).

Zo'r : strength, force, might; effort; blow, impact; strong, mighty; great; super. ~ ber  to put all one's effort into; to focus on; to do adamantly or determinedly. ~ kel  to be difficult. ~ kelsa if there is no other choice, if all else fails. Zorim bor, ~im yo'q I can ask, but I can't force (them).

Zo'r bazo'r : just barely.

Zo'raki : forced, strained.

Zo'ravon : aggressor, tyrant, brute.

Zo'ravonlik : abstr. Of ~ siyosati policy of might makes right. ~ qil  to use force, to bully.zo'ravor dial.s. Zo'ravon.

Zo'ray  : v.i. To become stronger, to intensify. [zo'raytir ]

Zo'rg'a : barely.zo'rg'atdan coll.barely; by hook or by crook.

Zo'riq  : v.i. To strain o.s., to be strained. [zo'riqtir ]

Zo'rla  : v.t. To force; to gain in force, to become stronger; to rape. [zo'rlan , zo'rlash ]

Zo'rlik : abstr. Of ~ ko'rsat  to use force. ~ qil  to prove too strong.zo'rma zo'raki coll.forced, coerced, involuntary.

Zobit : obs. (Arabic) officer; conqueror, invader.

Zobitlik : abstr. Of zobit; rank of officer.

Zodagon : arch. Aristocrat.

Zodiak : (Russian) constellation or sign of the zodiac.

Zodiakal adj. : (Russian) zodiacal.

Zoe : (Arabic) pointless, useless, vain. ~ ~ qil /Et  to waste.

Zoelik : ~ tort /ko'r  to be harmed, to sustain harm (usu. Neg.).zog' zog'an zool.crows, vultures.

Zog' zool. : crow (s. (hech) ~ yo'q, ~ uchmaydi not a soul in sight; god forsaken, empty.zog'cha zool.jackdaw.

Zog'ora : corn or sorghum bread. ~ baliq carp.

Zohid : (Arabic) ascetic, Sufi.

Zohidlik : asceticism.

Zohidona : like an ascetic, monk like.

Zohir lit. : (Arabic) outside, exterior; apparent, plain, clear. ~da outwardly.

Zohiran lit. : (Arabic) externally, outwardly.

Zohiriy : obs. (Arabic) external, outward.

Zok : iron vitriol, iron sulfate.

Zol 1 : adept, skillful.

Zol 2 : (Arabic) the letter /dh/ in the Arabic alphabet.

Zoldir : marble (s. Voldir).

Zolim : (Arabic) tyrant, oppressor, despot; tyrannical, cruel.

Zolimlarcha : s. Zolimona.

Zolimlik : tyrrany, oppression; cruelty.

Zolimona : cruelly, tyrannically, despotically.

Zomin : (Arabic) responsible, to blame.

Zona : (Russian) zone.

Zonal : (Russian) zonal.

Zond : (Russian) probe. ~ sol /yubor  to send a probe.

Zont(ik) : (Russian) umbrella.

Zoolog : (Russian) zoologist.

Zoologik : (Russian) zooligical.

Zoologiya : (Russian) zoology.

Zoopark : (Russian) zoo.

Zootexnik : (Russian) livestock specialist.

Zootexnika : (Russian) (science of) livestock breeding.

Zor : weeping, wailing; entreaty, plea; strong need, desire. ~ qolgur Drop dead! Xudoning ~ini qil  to beseech, to entreat. ~ yig'la  to sob, to wail. ~ ~ yig'la  to weep bitterly. ~ qaqsha  to moan, to groan. ~ bo'l  to be in need of, to be desperate for.

Zora(iki) : if only..., had only..., would that...zora mora coll.if only...

Zori : ~ qil  to entreat, to implore.zorilla  coll.to speak piteously, imploringly.

Zoriq  : v.i. To be desperate for. [zoriqish , zoriqtir ]

Zorlan  : v.i. To beg, to beseech, to implore; (rare) to pity. [zorlanish ]

Zorlanish : imploringl, beseeching, begging.

Zorlik : abstr. Of zor; desperation, deprivation.

Zormonda : damn, blasted, good for nothing.

Zot : (Arabic) offspring; individual, person(ality); type, sort, thing. ~i oliy great person. Er(kak) ~i men, males (as a species). Qiz ~i women, females (as a species).

Zotan : (Arabic) fundamentally, essentially, in essence; actually.

Zotdor : purebred, thoroughbred.

Zotiljam : (Arabic) pneumonia.

Zotirriya : obs. (Arabic) s. Zotiljam.

Zotli : purebred, thoroughbred; highborn, of distinguished background.

Zotsiz : mongrel, crossbreed.

Zovur : drainage ditch. ~ ol /qazi  to dig a drainage ditch.

Zoyil : obs. (Arabic) ~ bo'l  to dissipate, to go away.

Zubr zool. : (Russian) bison.zubturum bot.[podorozhnik bol'shoy] ribwort, plantain (s. Bargizub).

Zud lit. : quickly.

Zudlik : quickness, promptness. ~ bilan quickly, hurriedly.

Zuhal : Saturn.

Zuhra : (Arabic) Venus.

Zuhur lit. : (Arabic) appearance. ~ Et  to appear.

Zukko : (Arabic) intelligent; pedantic, condescending.

Zukkolik : intelligence; condescension.

Zulf lit. : braids on the temples; hair or braids in general.

Zulfak : braids, ringlets, etc.

Zulfakdor : having ringlets.

Zulfin : ring for attaching a lock on a door.

Zulfiqor : (Arabic) Ali's sword.

Zulhijja : (Arabic) the twelfth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, in which the Hajj takes place.

Zullisonayn : obs. (Arabic) bilingual.

Zulm : (Arabic) oppression, cruelty. ~ ko'r /~ qil /Et  to oppress.

Zulmat lit. : (Arabic) pitch darkness.

Zulmkor : (Arabic) oppressive, tyrannical, cruel.

Zulmoniy : dark, obscure. Yoqut ~ s. Yoqut.

Zulqa'da : (Arabic) the eleventh month of the Islamic lunar calendar.zuluk zool.leech. ~ sol  to apply leeches.

Zulukday : leech like; jet black.

Zulumot : (Arabic) pitch darkness.

Zum : gulp (for air  disqualifies a player of chillak); moment, second, instant.

Zumillatar : chillak game wherein the losing side must run as far as possible while holding the breath.

Zumla  : v.i. To run as far as one can (chillak game).

Zumrad : emerald.zumrasha coll.child that will do anything and everything that is bad, rascal.

Zumurrad : s. Zumrad.

Zunnor : (Arabic) rope girdle worn by Christians and Jews under Muslim rule; cross, crucifix; badge of office worn around the neck by officials at court.

Zurriyot lit. : (Arabic) offspring.zuv zuv ono.buzzing, whirring noise.

Zuvala : a ball of dough (sufficient for making one loaf of bread or one batch of noodles). ~si bir joydan/~si pishiq made of tough stuff.

Zuvalala  : v.t. To make dough into a ball.

Zuvilla  ono. : v.i. To buzz or whirr.

Zvant coll. : (Russian) ~ qil  to telephone.

Zveno : (Russian) squad, team, group; smallest work unit of a state farm; (coll.) The leader of such a unit; squadron; link.

Zveno(voy)lik : abstr. Of zvenovoy.

Zvenovoy : (Russian) head of a zveno.

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