SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Yurak : heart; insides, stomach. ~ o'ynog'i irregular hearbeat. ~i o'ynaydi to have one's heart flutter. ~i taka puka apprehensive. ~i tor selfish, greedy. ~i tosh cold hearted. ~i qora or qora ~ wicked, evil, cold. ~i betlamadi/~i orqasiga tortib ketdi to be scared out of one's wits. ~i tutday to'kildi to grieve greatly. ~i chopmadi not to have enough courage. ~i qon bo'ldi to have one's heart fill with woe. ~ida kiri yo'q pure of heart. Chin ~dan sincerely. ~ini changalla  to clutch one's heart. ~ og'irig'i hearburn; indecisive, wishy washy, afraid. ~i yorildi/~i qinidan chiqayozdi to have one's heart leap into one's throat. ~i yo'q impatient; cowardly. ~ yutib to swallow one's fears. ~iga qil (ham) sig'maydi upset, worried. ~ini yor  to frighten out of one's wits.yurakburug' coll.dysentery.

Yurakdosh : soulmate.

Yurakli : brave, courageous.

Yuraksin  rare : v.i. To pluck up courage.

Yuraksiz : cowardly.

Yuraksizlik : cowardice.

Yurakzada : ~ bo'lib qolgan scared out of one's wits.yuramol dial.fleet, swift; fond of social events.

Yurg'usiz : outcast, pariah.

Yurgilik : ~i qolmadi to want to be alone.

Yurgiz  : v.t. Caus. Of yur ; to run, to carry out, to execute; to paint, to cover with (color or coating). Ko'z ~  to run one's eyes over. O'z so'ziga ~  to have one's way. [yurgizil ]

Yuridik : (Russian) legal, juridicial.yurimsak coll.fond of social events.

Yurish  : v.i. Coop. Of yur ; to go well, to be successful. O't ~di the flames reached a peak. Kun ~ib ketdi the weather became nice and sunny. [yurishtir ]

Yurish turish : behavior, conduct.

Yurish : v.n. Of kun ~ tomon south.

Yurishli : swift; worthy of seeing or strolling in.

Yuriskonsul"t : (Russian) legal counsel.

Yurisprudentsiya (Russian) : jurisprudence.

Yurist : (Russian) lawyer.

Yuristlik : abstr. Of yurist.

Yurit  : v.t. S. Yurgiz .

Yuritil  : v.i. Pass. Of yurit ; (after deb) to be called; to be carried out.

Yurt : homeland; (the) people. Bilim ~i technical college. O'quv ~i learning institution.

Yurtchilik : s. Yurtgarchilik.

Yurtdosh : kinsman, fellow countryman.

Yurtfurush : traitor to one's homeland.

Yurtgarchilik : customs, traditions, relationships and way of life common to a people, the way things are done by a certain people. ~ da that's just the way things are done (here).

Yurtlik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to serve as a homeland.yurum dial.course, progress, flow.

Yurumsak : s. Yurimsak.

Yuruqsiz : s. Yurg'usiz.

Yustitsiya : (Russian) justice; (s. Adliya).

Yut  1 : v.t. To swallow; to breathe in; to devour. Ichiga ~ib to endure in silence, to stop o.s. From reacting. ~aman deydi to be as if ready to swallow up, to be scary. ~ib chiq  to gulp down. Gap ~  to hold one's tongue. [yutil , yutish , yuttir , yutqaz , yutqiz , yutqizil ]

Yut  2 : v.t. To lose (a contest); to benefit, to gain. [yutil , yutish , yutqaz , yutqazil , yutqiz , yutqizil ]

Yut : famine; decimation of cattle by frozen ground in early spring or by disease.

Yuta  : s. Yutoq .

Yutdir  : v.t. S. Yuttir .

Yutin  : v.i. To swallow one's saliva, to gulp.

Yutoq  : v.i. To be parched, to be thirsty; to be starved, famished.

Yutoq : thristy, parched; voracious, ravenous.

Yutoqi : s. Yutoq.

Yutqiziq : loss.

Yutqiziqsiz : no risk, involving no loss.

Yutqizish : s. Yutqiziq.

Yutum : swallow, gulp; taste, sensation of drinking. ~i yaxshi it goes down well.

Yutuq : success, victory, achievement; prize, winnings.

Yutuqli : winning, profitable. ~ zayom lottery ticket.

Yutuqsiz : unprofitable, losing.

Yuv  : v.t. To wash; to wash away; to flood (a field) to desalinate; to drink to, to celebrate (an occasion). Kir ~  to do the laundry. Dog'ini ~  to expurgate one's guilt. (+qo'lini ~ib qo'ltiqqa ur /tiq  to be upset with. [yuvdir , yuvil , yuvin , yuvinish , yuvintir , yuvish ]

Yuvg'uchi : washer of corpses (s. G'assol, murdasho'y).

Yuvosh : gentle, mild mannered; tame (animal); softly, gently, lightly.

Yuvoshlan  : v.i. To soften, to become gentle, calm, or tame.

Yuvoshlash  : v.i. S. Yuvoshlan .

Yuvoshlik : gentleness, mild manneredness.

Yuvundi : wash water, slops; leftover food.

Yuvundixo'r : lackey, knave, sponger.

Yuvuqli : washed, clean.

Yuvuqsiz : unwashed.

Yuz 1 : face; surface; side; blade; sense of shame, compunction. Qatiqning ~i the creamy layer on the surface of yoghurt. Yer ~i the Earths' surface; the face of the Earth. ~i yorug' beaming (countenance). ~i issiq warm, friendly. ~i yo'q having no shame. ~i qora shamefaced. ~ ber  to occur, to take place. ~ ko'rar ceremony of meeting the bride the day after the wedding. ~ ko'rmas bo'lib ket  to cease to be on speaking terms. ~(ini) ko'rma  not to see (s.t. Or s.o.). ~ tut  to head off (towards). ~i chidamadi/~ o'gir  to turn away. ~(iga) ayt  to say to one's face. ~iga bor /~(i)ga sol  to say right to one's face. ~ingda ko'zing bormi demay, ... Unashamedly, w/o compunction. ~idan o'tolmaslik to be afraid to say no to. Qaysi ~ bilan How can (s.o.) Have the gall/nerve to...?, How can one be so shameless as to...? ~iga qon/~iga oyoq qo'y  to defy, to fly in the face of.

Yuz 2 : hundred.

Yuz  dial. : v.i. To swim (s. Suz ).

Yuz xotir : respectful treatment, consideration. ~ qil  to be ashamed in front of, to be deferential towards. ~ qilmay unashamedly, unabashedly, straightforwardly.

Yuz xotirchilik : deference, courtesy.

Yuza : surface; open; shallow. ~ga kel  to appear, to come about. ~ga chiq  to come out, to appear; to come to fruition; to become known. ~ga chiqar /keltir  to carry out or through, to implement.

Yuzaki : superficial(ly).

Yuzakichilik : superficiality.

Yuzala  : v.i. To do along the surface, to go along the surface.

Yuzasidan : due to, because of, for the sake of.yuzboshi hist.commander of 100 cavalry; village or neighborhood elder.

Yuzinchi : 100th.

Yuzlab : in hundreds, a hundred at a time.

Yuzlan  : v.i. To face; to head towards.

Yuzlarcha : (in) hundreds.

Yuzlash  : v.i. To face one another, to meet face to face. [yuzlashtir , yuzlashtiril ]

Yuzlik rare : face covering, veil.

Yuzma yuz : face to face.

Yuzpana : ~ qil  to cover one's face.

Yuzsiz : shameless. ~ kalish rubber overshoe with a blunt toe.

Yuzsizlik : shamelessness.

Yuzta : s. Yuz.

Yuztacha : about one hundred.

Yuztalik : a unit of 100; 100's, 100 denimation bills.yuzuk dial.ring (s. Uzuk).

Za'far : (Arabic) saffron; bright yellow.

Za'faron : (Arabic) saffron. ~ bo'l  to become saffron yellow.

Zab : fine, superb.

Zabar : diacritical mark for short "a" in Arabic script.

Zabardast : strong, powerful; great.

Zabardastlik : physical strength, tall size and strong consitution.

Zabarjad : (Arabic) chrysolite.

Zabastovka : (Russian) strike, walkout. ~ qil  to go on strike.

Zabastovkachi : striker.

Zabon : tongue, language; speech. Otash ~ fiery speaker; gifted speaker. Shirin ~ sweet tongued. ~i qisqa reticent.

Zaboy : (Russian) (mining) pit face.

Zaboychi : s. Zaboyshik.

Zaboyshik : (Russian) face worker, coal hewer.

Zabt : (Arabic) conquest, occupation, capture. ~ Et /~ bilan by force. ~i tez short tempered. ~i ko'tarmaydi to not care for. ~iga ol  to intensify, to increase in strength.

Zabtkor : conqueror; invader.

Zabun lit. : weak, frail, helpless; difficult, straitened. ~ bo'l  to be in straitened circumstances; to be frail, weak; to be defeated.

Zabur : (Arabic) the Psalms of David.

Zachyot : (Russian) oral examination. ~ daftarchasi grade book for oral examinations. ~ topshir  to take an oral test. ~ ol /qabul qil  to administer an oral test.

Zada : ~ bo'l  to become disgusted or fed up with. ~ qil  to disgust, to cause aversion.

Zadatka coll. : (Russian) deposit, advance. ~ ber  to put down a deposit.

Zafar lit. : (Arabic) victory. ~ top /quch , ~ga Erish  to achieve victory.

Zafarli : victorious.

Zafarnoma : accounts of one's victories or successes.zag'cha dial.s. Zog'cha.zag'izg'on zool.magpie.zag'oza bot.Mongolian ephedra.

Zagotovka : (Russian) materials, half finished products.

Zagotovkachi : maker of half finished products.

ZAGS : (Russian) registry office (esp. The office where civil marriage ceremonies are performed). ~dan o't  to have a civil marriage ceremony.

Zahar 3pp zahri : poison; venom; s.t. Extremely bitter; ire, rancor; sharp pain or blow. ~ bo'ldi to turn to poison. ~ qil  to turn foul, to make bitter. ~ yut  to swallow poison, to go through agony. ~i kel  to become enraged. ~ sol  to poison or embitter. ~/~ini soch  to vent one's spleen. ~ini yut  to swallow one's rage. Sovuqning ~i the sharpness of the cold. ~i qotil deadly poison; deadly bitter. Tutun ~i smoke fumes.

Zahar zaqqum : poison; exceedingly bitter. ~ bo'ldi to become bitter or inedible, to be spoiled. ~ qil  to make bitter; to spoil.

Zaharla  : v.t. To poison; to torment, to make s.o.'s life miserable. [zaharlan ]

Zaharli : poisonous.

Zaharlovchi : poisonous.

Zaharxanda : mockery, sarcasm, sardonicism. ~ ichida in anger. ~ qil  to be spiteful, to do s.t. Spitefully or mockingly.

Zaharxandalik : sarcasm, mockery. ~ bilan sarcastically, mockingly.

Zahil : pale, wan.

Zahmat : (Arabic) labors, pains; troubles, difficulties. ~ chek /~ yetkaz  to bring harm to, to belabor with troubles.

Zahmatkash : toiler, hard worker.zahoti coll.time, instant. O'sha ~ at that very moment, at that instant.

Zahr : s. Zahar.

Zahra : arch. Gall; bravery, nerve. ~si uchdi to flip one's lid, to fly off the handle.

Zaif : (Arabic) weak, feeble; lame, poor; irresolute, vacillating; (coll.) Wife. ~ xo'jalik modest farm.

Zaifa : obs. (Arabic) woman; wife.

Zaiflan  : v.i. To weaken, to lose strength. [zaiflantir ]

Zaiflash  : v.i. To become progressively weaker or feeble. [zaiflashtir ]

Zaiflik : feebleness; irresoluteness.

Zaifona : delicate, effeminate.

Zajigalka : (Russian) cigarette lighter.zak dial.s. Zax.

Zakalat coll. : (Russian) payment.

Zakan : drainage ditch.

Zakaz coll. : (Russian) order (s. ~ qil  to order.

Zakazchi : customer, s.o. Who makes an order.

Zakaznoy coll. : (Russian) special, specially ordered, special delivery.

Zakiy : (Arabic) bright, intelligent, perceptive.

Zakiylik : intelligence.zakki coll.s. Zakiy; flashy, pretentious, showy.

Zako lit. : (Arabic) intelligence, perspicacity, sharpness of mind.

Zakon coll. : (Russian) law; rule(s), customary practice. ~ so'q  to be fastidious about the letter of the law, to threaten with enforcement of the law.zakonchi coll.an expert in law; lawyer; one who is fastidious about the law, one who threatens others with sticking to the letter of the law.zakonchilik coll.abstr. Of zakonchi; arguing or being fastidious about the law.zakonlash  coll.to argue about the law.

Zakot : (Arabic) alms (prescribed by Islam, usu. 1/40th of one's income). ~ qil  to assess the zakot tax.

Zakotchi : zakot collector.

Zakovat : (Arabic) sharpness, intelligence, quickness, acuteness.

Zakovatli : sharp, intelligent.

Zakuska coll. : (Russian) hors d'oeuvres taken while drinking liquor.

Zal : (Russian) hall; living room.zaldivor coll.s. Zardevor.

Zalil : obs. (Arabic) abject, degraded.

Zalillik : s. Zalolat.

Zalolat : obs. (Arabic) meanness, neglect, humiliation; delusion.

Zalp : (Russian) volley.

Zalvar : weight, mass.

Zalvardor : s. Zalvarli.

Zalvarli : heavy, bulky, massive.

Zam lit. : (Arabic) ~ qil /ayla  to augment, to add to.

Zamazka : (Russian) putty.

Zamazkala  : to apply putty, to seal with putty.zambar dial.s. Zambil.

Zambarak : cannon.

Zambarakchi : cannoneer.

Zambil : stretcher; barrow used for transporting dirt, construction materials, etc. ~ Eshik wicket gate. ~ bel having a bowed back (horse).

Zambilchi : a zambil maker; one who hauls things in a zambil.

Zambilg'altak : wheelbarrow.

Zambilkash : one who hauls things in a zambil.

Zamburug' : mushroom.zamcha bot.a type of melon.

Zamharir : obs. Severe cold; cold spell.zamin zamon, zaminu zamon poet.earth and sky; the world.

Zamin : the Earth; land; ground(s), support.

Zamindor lit. : landed, possessing lands.

Zamir : (Arabic) gist, inner meaning; (arch.) Pronoun (s. Olmosh).

Zamla  : v.t. To add to, to augment, to inflate; to combine.zamlama obs.supplemented, increased, inflated.

Zamma : (Arabic) diacritical mark for short "u" in the Arabic script.

Zamon : (Arabic) time; period, age, epoch; the times; tense. Bir ~(lar) at one time, once upon a time. Oxir ~ the end of the world. Shu ~ this day and age. Hali ~ right away. Har ~(da) from time to time. Ayni ~da at the same time. Bir ~da at one time; at such a time. Bobomning ~ida in my father's day. Hech ~da at no time.

Zamona : (Arabic) the age, the present time; tense. ~ning ketishi the passage of time; spirit of the times. ~ning zayli bilan as fate decreed.

Zamonasoz : time server, opportunist.

Zamonasozlash  : v.i. To change according to the times, to be opportunistic.

Zamonasozlik : opportunism, time serving.

Zamonaviy : (Arabic) modern.

Zamondosh : contemporary.

Zamsh(a) : (Russian) chamois, suede.

Zamzam : (Arabic) the well of Zamzam in Mecca.

Zamzama : (Arabic) prelude; song sung in a hushed voice; sign, gesture. ~ qil  to sing a song in a hushed voice; to drop a hint, to make a sign.zanbar dial.s. Zambil.zanbil dial.s. Zambil.

Zang 1 : bell, chime, etc. ~ ur /chal  to ring (a bell).

Zang 2 : rust. ~ bosgan/~ bosgan dil a heart riddled with sorrows.

Zang 3 : old growth at the base of a grapevine.

Zang'ar inv. : damned, cursed.

Zangi : s. Zanji.

Zangila 1 : scurvy.

Zangila 2 : a type of dance where bells are tied to the hands and feet.

Zangla  : v.i. To rust, to become rusty. [zanglat ]

Zangor(i) : verdigris colored, light bluish green (the color of rusted copper or brass); light/sky blue. Yuragimni ~ bosib/~ kema cotton harvesting machine (after their most common color).

Zanjabil : (Arabic) ginger.

Zanji : arch. Negro.

Zanjir : chain; chained, locked; chains, shackles; caterpillar tread. ~day firm, tough.

Zanjirband : chained, in chains. ~ qil  to put in chains.

Zanjirla  : v.t. To chain, to secure with a chain. [zanjirlan , zanjirlat ]

Zanjirlik : chained, locked.

Zanjoriy : yoquti ~ s. Yoqut.

Zantaloq inv. : bastard, son of a bitch.zap coll.s. Zab.

Zapal : (Russian) fuse.

Zapas : (Russian) spare; reserves.

Zapis' coll. : (Russian) recording. ~ qil  to record, to make a recording.

Zaponka : (Russian) cuff link; collar button.

Zapovednik : (Russian) reserve, nature preserve; nursery.

Zapravka coll. : (Russian) refueling. ~ qil  to refuel; to refill.zapt coll.s. Zabt.

Zaqqum bot. : (Arabic) upas tree; name of a tree that grows in Hell (the fruit of which the damned will eat); extremely bitter food. ~ yut  to swallow bitter tears. ~ qil  to make bitter, to turn to poison.

Zar : gold; gold or silver thread; gilded. ~ qog'oz gold leaf. ~ do'ppi skullcap decorated with gold thread. Qora ~ black gold, oil. ~ga ko'm /boshidan ~ quy  to drown in riches.

Zarafshon lit. : gold strewing; shimmering or glimmering like gold.

Zarang 1 bot. : maple; a bowl made of maple wood.

Zarang 2 : solid, rock hard (earth).

Zaranglik : density, solidity (earth).

Zarar : (Arabic) loss; damage, harm. ~i yo'q no harm done, don't mention it. ~ ko'r /o'z ~iga to his own detriment. ~ keltir  to damage.

Zarar burd : damage, loss.

Zarar zahmat : damage, injury.

Zararkunanda : blight, pest; bane.

Zararkunandachilik : banefulness to society.

Zararkunandalik : abstr. Of zararkunanda; bane to society.

Zararlan  : v.i. To undergo a loss; to suffer damage or harm.

Zararlanish : v.n. Of zararlan ; damage.

Zararli : incurring losses; harmful.

Zararlilik : harmfulness.

Zararsiz : harmless.

Zararsizlantir  : v.t. To render harmless; to disarm, to disable. [zararsizlantiril ]

Zararsizlik : harmlessness.

Zarb : (Arabic) blow, strike, hit; pain, hurt; addition; beat, rhythm. ~ bilan forcefully, abruptly. ~ ye  to be hurt. ~ qil  to mint, to coin; to multiply. ~i tez hot tempered.

Zarba : (Arabic) blow, stroke. ~ ber  to strike, to deal a blow. ~ga uchra  or ~ ye  to be struck a blow.

Zarbali : sharp, fierce, debilitating, crippling.

Zarbdor : progressive, exemplary worker, shock worker, stakhanovite; strike (force); sharp, fierce.

Zarbdorlik : abstr. Of zarbdor.

Zarbli : s. Zarbali.

Zarbof : gold brocade.

Zarbulmasal lit. : (Arabic) parable, allegory.

Zarbxona : mint.

Zarcho'va bot. : turmeric.

Zarda : gall, bile; heartburn; ire, rancor. ~ bilan testily, irritably. ~si qayna  to get heartburn; to fill with rage, to become irate. ~ qil  to cause heartburn; to become enraged at, to flare up.

Zardabozlik : peevish or snappy behavior.

Zardalan  : v.i. To become angry, upset, irritated.

Zardali : irritable, peevish; full of ire.

Zardevor : a kind of embroidered wall hanging.

Zardo'z : embroiderer of gold brocade designs.

Zardo'zi : embroidered with gold brocade designs.

Zardo'zlik : abstr. Of zardo'z.

Zardob : whey; pus; serum; yurak ~i accumulated anguish and miseries in one's heart. ~ yut /ichi ~ga to'ldi to be filled with woe.

Zardoli dial. : apricot (s. O'rik).zarg'aldoq zool.oriole; rich yellow color. ~ shaftoli a large yellow species of peach.

Zargar : goldsmith, jeweler.

Zargarlik : jewelry making; jewelers' section of the bazaar.

Zarhal : bronze paint; gilded or bronzed.

Zarhalla  : v.t. To bronze or gild. [zarhallan ]

Zarhalli : gilded or bronzed.

Zarif : (Arabic) astute, clever; graceful, elegant.

Zarkokil : a hair ornament consisting of strings of silver coins.

Zarli : embroidered with gold thread.

Zarnigor : gilded.

Zarpechak bot. : dodder.zarquloq bot.Lepidolopsis sp.

Zarra : (Arabic) minute particle; bit, speck, smidgen.

Zarrabin : arch. Microscope (s. Mikroskop).

Zarracha : tiny particle, speck; tiny bit, the least bit, the slightest. ~ shubha yo'q There's not the slightest doubt.

Zarrin lit. : gilded.

Zarshunos : jeweller; s.o. Skilled in assessing an item's worth; authority.

Zarur : (Arabic) necessary; urgent. ~ kelibdimi/nima ~ What's the need for...?

Zarurat : (Arabic) need, want, necessity, requirement.

Zaruriy lit. : (Arabic) essential, indispensible.

Zaruriyat : (Arabic) need, want, necessity.

Zarurlik : s. Zarurat.

Zarvaraq : gold brocade; gilded.

Zarxarid lit. : gotten for money or gold.

Zaryad : (Russian) (electrical) charge.

Zaryadka : (Russian) exercise; charge, charging.

Zaryadla  : v.t. To charge. [zaryadlan ]

Zaryadsizlan  : v.i. To lose charge.

Zastava : (Russian) frontier post, frontier;/hist.) Toll post on the outskirts of a city; officer at such a post.

Zatvor : (Russian) bolt.

Zavj arch. Lrnd. : (Arabic) husband.

Zavja arch. Lrnd. : (Arabic) wife.

Zavkom : (Russian) works council.

Zavod : (Russian) factory, plant. Qurt urug'i ~i establishment for preparing silk worm eggs.

Zavodchi : factory worker.

Zavol : (Arabic) (obs.) Afternoon; disappearance, cessation; end, loss, destruction; plague, ruin. ~ payti late afternoon. ~ bo'l  to be the downfall of s.t. ~ top /~ga yuz tut  to fall into decline.

Zavolijon : spiritual crisis, ruin.

Zavolli : deplorable, lamentable, ruined.

Zavq : (Arabic) delight, pleasure; desire, enthusiasm; good taste. ~ ol /~ bilan with enthusiasm.

Zavq safo : enjoyment, pleasure.

Zavq shavq : extreme delight, rapture.

Zavqbaxsh : delightful, pleasant, invigorating.

Zavqlan  : v.i. To be delighted; to take pleasure in. [zavqlantir ]

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