SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Yong'oqzor : walnut grove.

Yoni ver : surroundings. ~iga qara  to look (all) around.

Yonilg'i : fuel.

Yoniq : burning, shining. Chiroq ~ the light is on.

Yonla  : v.t. To go beside, to go around.

Yonma yon : side by side.

Yonoq : cheek(bone). ~ chiqqan qiz girl with jutting cheekbones.

Yonuvchan : flammable, easy lighting.

Yop  1 : v.t. To close; to cover; to put a roof on; (dial.) To build. Esing borida Etagingni ~ Cover your tracks before its too late. [yopil , yopin , yopintir , yopintiril , yopish , yoptir , yoptiril ]

Yop  2 : v.t. To bake s.t. In a tandoor (by pasting it to the inner walls); to plaster, to paste up.yop dial.canal.

Yopil  : v.i. (pass. Of yop ); to become covered with clouds (sky).

Yopin  : v.t. (reflex. Of oyqora ~ to lie covered with one's chopon. [yopintir , yopintiril ]

Yopinchi(q) : cover, wrap (esp. Paranji, etc.).

Yopiq 1 : closed; covered; veiled.

Yopiq 2 : horse cloth, cover (for a horse).

Yopiqli(q) : closed, covered, etc. ~ qozon ~ a secret is a secret.

Yopiray : Oh Lord!, Oh my God!, For Heaven's sake!

Yopiril  : v.i. To throng, to mob, to come in droves. [yopirilish ]

Yopirim : s. Yo pirim.

Yopish  : v.i. (coop. Of tiling tanglayingga ~gur! To hell with thee! (lit., "May your tongue become stuck to the roof of your mouth!"). [yopishtir , yopishtiril ]

Yopishoq : s. Yopishqoq.

Yopishqoq : sticky; tenacious, pesky.

Yopishqoqlik : abstr. Of yopishqoq.

Yopishtir  : v.t. (caus. Of og'zidan olib yoqasiga ~  to spit s.t. Back in s.o.'s face, to retort feistily.

Yoppa(siga) : altogether, all at once.

Yopqich : cover, wrap.

Yoq  1 : v.t. To set afire, to light; to turn on. Yuragiga o't ~  to set. One's heart aflame with desire, excitement. [yoqil , yoqtir ]

Yoq  2 : v.i. To please, to be agreeable to. Bu menga ~adi I like this., This is to my liking. Jiniga ~maydi to dislike. Og'ziga ~madi to find disagreeable, to eat/drink with difficulty. Qadami ~madi his coming was not propitious. [yoqtir ]

Yoq : side; way, direction; face. O'ng ~ the right side. Bu ~da this way; (over) here. Narigi ~(da) over there, across the way. Bu ~qa kel Come here! Bir ~da... Bir ~da over here..., over there...; on one hand, ..., on the other hand, ... Hamma ~ everywhere.

Yoqa 1 : shore; edge.

Yoqa 2 : collar. ~ bo'g'ish  to strangle one another; to fight tooth and nail. Og'zingdan chiqib, ~ngga yopishsin! May what you say happen to you! ~sini ushla /~sini ushlat  to surprize, to amaze.

Yoqala  : v.t. (rare) to grab by the collar/neck; to go along the edge or shore of s.t. [yoqalash ]

Yoqalash  : v.i. To ring one another's necks, to fight fiercely.

Yoqalik : collar material.yoqavalangar dial.s. Yoqavayron.

Yoqavayron : with one's collar open/unbuttoned.

Yoqilg'i : fuel.

Yoqimli : pleasing, attractive, pleasant.

Yoqimlilik : abstr. Of yoqimli.

Yoqimsiz : unpleasant, unattractive.

Yoqimsizlik : abstr. Of yoqimsiz.

Yoqimtay : cute, charming.

Yoqinqira  : v.i. To please somewhat. Uning fikri menga ~madi I didn't like his idea a bit.

Yoqiq(li) : lit, burning; on.

Yoqla  : v.t. To support; to defend, to plead a case for. [yoqlan ]

Yoqlama :  sided,  way. Bir ~ one sided, unilateral. Ikki ~ bilateral. Har ~ from all sides, thorough.

Yoqli : bir ~ bo'l  to be settled, to be resolved. Bir ~ qil  to settle, to resolve.yoqti dial.bright.

Yoqtir  1 : (caus. Of yoq  2); to like, to find agreeable; to approve of.

Yoqut 1 : ruby, sapphire. ~i alvohiy rough, uncut ruby. ~i bahriy sky blue ruby. ~i zanjoriy yellowish green ruby. ~i zulmoniy dark sapphire. ~i osiy clear green ruby. ~i rayhoniy dark red ruby. ~i saqliy [rubii saklya]?? ~i sobuniy smooth sapphire. ~i qarrosiy dark green sapphire.

Yoqut 2 : Yakut.

Yoquvchi : (v.n. Of urush olovini ~lar stokers of the flames of war.

Yor : friend; lover, one's beloved. Bo'yni ~ bermaydi to be to proud to do s.t.

Yor  : v.t. To cleave, to split, to hew, to crack. Tilni ~adi to melt in one's mouth, to be extremely sweet or good tasting. Tish ~ibdi to have teeth come in. Yurakni ~  to startle, to frighten greatly. [yordir ]

Yor birodarlar : friends and brothers.

Yor do'st : friends and companions.

Yor jo'ra : friends and brothers.

Yor og'ayni : friends and chums.yor yor ethn.song sung when giving away a bride in which each line ends in "yor yor".

Yordam : help, aid. ~ ber /qil /ko'rsat  to help, to aid.

Yordamchi : helper, aide; subsidiary. ~ so'z helping word. ~ xo'jalik subsidiary farm. ~ stantsiya substation.

Yordamlash  : v.i. To help (out).yorg'i 1 dial.fine, penalty.yorg'i 2 dial.saw.

Yorg'uchoq : hand mill.

Yori(y) : obs. Help, aid.

Yori  : v.i. To brighten; to shine (dawn); to flourish, to prosper, to flower. Ko'zi ~di to (come to) know; to have a baby. Ichiga chiroq yoqsa ~maydi extremely dejected. [yorit , yoritil ]

Yoril  : v.i. (pass. Of yor ); to burst, to explode; to spill one's guts.

Yoriq : split, cracked; crack, fissure.

Yorish  : v.i. To shine; to brighten; to lighten, to open up.

Yorit  : v.t. (caus. Of yori ); to light up; to elucidate, to describe, to illustrate.

Yoritilganlik : lighting, illumination. ~ darajasi degree of illumination.

Yoritqich : celestial body, star.

Yorlaqa  : v.t. To forgive. Xudo ~di with the grace of God.

Yorlash  : to help (out).

Yorliq : (hist.) Order, decree; tag, label.

Yorma : cereal made from cracked grains, groats, gruel.

Yoron lit. : friends, companions.yorqanot dial. Zool.bat (s. Ko'rshapalak).

Yorqin : bright, vivid, clear; happy, fortunate, lucky.

Yorqinlash  : to brighten.yorti obs.half.

Yorug' : light, illumination; light, bright, full of light; clear, shining. ~ dunyo the realm of light, this world. ~ dunyo qorong'i ~ kun lucky day, happy day. ~ yulduz bright star.

Yorug'lash  : v.i. To become brighter.

Yorug'lik : light, brightness; gleam, glimpse; gay, fortunate life.

Yosa hist. (hist.) : law.

Yosh 1 : tear(s). Ko'z ~i tears. Ko'ziga ~ ol  to become tearful.

Yosh 2 : age; young; new. ~ini yashab, oshini oshagan to have lived a full life. ~i o'tgan/etti ~dan yetmish ~gacha from seven to seventy, young and old. U necha ~da or necha ~ga kirdi How old is he?

Yosh qari : young and old.

Yosh yalang(lar) : young people.

Yoshar  : v.i. To look young(er). [yoshart , yoshartir ]

Yoshdosh : coeval.

Yoshla  : v.i. To become tearful. [yoshlat ]

Yoshlan  : v.i. To water (eyes). [yoshlantir ]

Yoshlay : while young.

Yoshli 1 : s. Yashar.

Yoshli 2 : tearful.

Yoshlik : youth, childhood; youthfulness. ~ qil  to act like a child; to do s.t. In an immature fashion.yoshulli dial.oldster, elder.

Yostiq : pillow; support. Bir ~qa bosh qo'y  to be man and wife. Boshingga ~ qilasanmi? Said to parents who have not married off an eligible daughter by an acceptable age. Yostig'ini qurit  to do away with, to kill.

Yostiqcha : small pillow; ink blotter.

Yostiqdosh : spouse.

Yosuman bot. : jasmine; a plotting, scheming woman.

Yot  : v.i. To lie down; to go to bed; to be bedridden; to lie, to stand, to be located; to stop (working), to be shut down. Ish qalashib ~ibdi work is piling up. Mevalar pishib ~ibdi The fruits are all ripening., The fruits are ripening all over. ~ib qolguncha, otib qol! Don't just sit there, do something! [yotish , yotqiz , yotqizil , yotqizish ]

Yot : strange, alien; unknown, unfamiliar; outsider. Yetti ~ complete stranger. ~ tovuqday one of a kind.

Yotag'on : lying down often or fond of lying down (donkey, etc.).

Yotinqira  : to bend down, to tilt, to slant.

Yotiq : horizontal; slanted, sloped. Yotig'i bilan slowly, carefully, calmly.

Yotiqlik : horizontalness; slope.

Yotiqliq : bedridden.

Yotish  : (coop. Of yot ); to fit, to suit.

Yotlash  : to become foreign, alien, strange.

Yotlik : strangeness, alienness; disaffection, withdrawal.

Yotoq : dormitory; room, apartment; stall, pen.

Yotoqchila  : v.i. To continually lie down, to lie down all the time.

Yotoqdosh : roommate.

Yotoqi : s. Yotag'on.

Yotoqila  : s. Yotoqchila .

Yotoqla  : v.i. S. Yotoqchila .

Yotoqxona : dormitory.

Yotqiz  : v.t. (caus. Of yot ); to put to bed. [yotqizil , yotqizish ]yotqiziq geo.deposit.

Yotsin  : s. Yotsira .

Yotsira  : v.i. To alienate o.s., to keep o.s. Apart, to not mingle with others. [yotsirash ]

Yov yaroq : arms, weapons.yov yov coll.enemy attack; fighting, battle.yov lit.enemy (s. ~ chopdi the enemy attacked. ~ yurak brave, fearless, lion hearted. ~ yeydimi What're you afraid of? ~ keldimi What's the hurry?

Yovar : obs. Helper, servant; patron.

Yovg'on : food made without meat or fat; meager, thin soup.

Yovg'onsira  : v.i. To become frail or weak from poor diet.yovgarchilik coll.war time, war and fighting, conflict, unrest.

Yovla  : to attack, to assail.

Yovlash  : (coop. Of yovla ); to become enemies.

Yovon : field, steppe, open country.

Yovqarash : ill natured look, view. ~ qil  to look upon resentfully.

Yovqur : courageous, fearless, bold.yovshan bot.white wormwood.yovuq arch.close, near at hand.yovuqlash  obs.to approach, to draw near.

Yovuz : cruel, wicked, evil.

Yovuzlan  : to become cruel, evil.

Yovuzlarcha : cruelly.

Yovuzlash  : to become cruel, evil.

Yovuzlik : cruelty, villainy, wickedness. ~ qil  to commit an evil deed.yovvosh dial.s. Yuvosh.

Yovvoyi : wild, untamed, savage.

Yovvoyilash  : to become wild; to turn feral.

Yovvoyilik : wildness; brutality, savagery.

Yoxud lit. : or, or else, otherwise.

Yoy 1 : bow; rainbow; parenthesis; arc. Elektr ~i arc of electricity.

Yoy 2 : (Arabic) the Arabic letter "y".

Yoy  : v.t. To spread out; to hang up (laundry, etc.); to put out to pasture; to disseminate (information). [yoydir , yoyil , yoyiltir ]

Yoyandoz jandoz : archer.

Yoyandozlik jandozlik : archery.

Yoyil  : v.i. (pass. Of kun ~di the sun spread its rays (at dawn). [yoyiltir ]

Yoyilma :

Yoyiq(li) : spread out, unfurled; hung out (laundry, etc.); shallow. ~ gap extended sentence.Yoyiq arch.the Volga.

Yoyla  : v.i. S. Yayra .yoyloq coll.summer pasture (s. Yaylov).

Yoyma : s.t. That is or can be spread out; unfoldable, expandable. ~ qilib ortish special way of loading a horse or donkey to distribute the load evenly.

Yoymachi : one who sells wares on a cloth spread on the ground.

Yoysimon : arched, bow shaped.

Yoz  1 : v.t. To spread (out); to smooth out, to unravel; to disperse. Oyoqning chigilini ~  to walk off a cramp in the legs. [yozdir , yozdiril , yozil , yozilish , yozish ]

Yoz  2 : v.t. To write. Peshanada ~gan destined to happen. [yozdir , yozdiril , yozil , yozilish , yozish ]

Yoz  3 : v.i. To go astray, to transgress, to sin. (V) a ~  to nearly do s.t. Yiqila ~di He almost fell down. Aqldan ~  to lose one's mind.

Yoz : summer. Ko'ngli ~ bo'ldi to be filled with joy.

Yozg'ir  : to be offended, to remonstrate; to sin, to go astray. Men nima ~dim sizga How have I wronged you?Yozgi adj.summer... ~ payt summertime.

Yozil  1 : (pass. Of yoz  1); to feel relief, to relax; to relieve o.s.

Yozil  2 : pass. Of yoz  2.

Yozin qishin : summer and winter.yoziq 1 obs.sin, transgression.

Yoziq 2 : spread out, opened; wide; flat.

Yoziqli 1 : written, inscribed.

Yoziqli 2 : guilty, blameworthy.

Yoziqli(k) : spread out.yoziqsiz arch.sinless, faultless, innocent.

Yoziqsizlik : innocence.

Yozish chizish : s. Yozuv chizuv.

Yozishma : correspondence.

Yozla  : to summer, to spend a summer.yozlik adj.summer...

Yozloq : summer habitat, summer pasturing grounds. ~ maskan summer retreat (cabin, hunting lodge, etc.)Yozma adj.written... ~ kitob manuscript. ~ ravishda in writing.yozmish arch.fate; sin, transgression.

Yozuv chizuv : writing.

Yozuv : script, writing.

Yozuvchi : (v.n. Of yoz  2); writer.

Yozuvchilik : abstr. Of ~ talanti writing talent.

Yozuvli : written; inscribed.

Yozuvsiz : free of writing, unmarked.

Yuan" : (Russian) yuan.

Yubiley : (Russian) anniversary celebration. ~ o'tkaz  to hold an anniversary celebration.

Yubilyar : (Russian) person celibrating an anniversary.

Yubka : (Russian) skirt.

Yubor  : v.t. To send; (after V+ (kulib ~di he laughed out loud, he guffawed; tashlab ~di he threw it away (brusquely). Jahannamga ~  to send to Hell. [yuboril , yuborish , yubortir ]

Yuboruvchi : sender.

Yug'ril  : v.i. To derive sustenance from, to be nourished.

Yug'urma : collection.

Yugan 1 : bridle.yugan 2 bot.

Yuganla  : v.t. To bridle. [yuganlan , yuganlat ]

Yuganli : bridled.

Yuganloqli : bridled.

Yugansiz : unbridled.

Yugur  : v.i. To run; to rush, to run about; to appear in (of color, demeanor). [yugurish , yugurt , yugurtil , yugurtir , yugurtiril ]

Yugur yugur : running about, rush, bustle.

Yugurdak : runner, courier; lackey, errand boy; swift, fleet.

Yugurdaklik : asbtr. Of yugurdak.

Yugurgila  : v.i. To dash, to race. [yugurgilash ]

Yugurik : swift, fleet, quick; fluent. Aqli ~ smart. Til ~i fluency in language.

Yugurish : running, rushing; run, footrace.

Yugurtir  : v.t. Caus. Of aql ~  to think deeply, to work one's brain. [yugurtiril ]

Yuguruk : s. Yugurik.

Yuguruvchi : runner.

Yuho : mythical creature that devours any living being; glutton, hog.

Yuk : baggage, load, burden; fetus, unborn baby; disease resulting from angering revered spirits. ~i yerda qolmaydi not to have problems. ~ ort  to load.

Yukchi : carrier, porter, loader, stevedore; cargo carrier, freighter.

Yukkash : porter; freighter, cargo carrier. ~ avtomobil' cargo truck.

Yukla  : v.t. To load; to burden, to encumber. [yuklan , yuklat , yuklatil ]

Yuklama : (grammatical) particle.

Yukli : loaded; pregnant.yuksak lit.lofty, high; advanced.

Yuksaklik : loftiness; the heavens.

Yuksal  : v.i. To rise, to ascend; to progress. [yuksaltir ]

Yukun  rare : v.i. To plead with; to bow.

Yul  : v.t. To pluck, to pull out, to yank out; to scratch; to filch, to lift; to save, to put away. [yuldir , yulin , yulish ]

Yulduz : star. "Qizil ~" ordeni Order of the Red Star (a mid level military honor. "Oltin ~" Golden Star (high civilian honor for heroes of the state). ~i issiq warm, friendly, genial looking. ~ ko'rmay jon berdi to die out quickly, not to last long. ~ sanab yot  to lie awake all night. ~i(ga) to'g'ri keldi to be fitone another, to get along.

Yulduzcha : dim. Of yulduz; asterisk.

Yulduzli : starry; having a star.

Yulduzshunos : astronomer.

Yulduzsimon : star shaped.

Yulg'ich : grabber.

Yulg'ichlik : grabbing, self seeking.yulg'un bot.tamarisk.

Yulg'unzor : tamarisk thicket.

Yulish  : v.i. Coop. Of yul ; to scratch or tear at one another.

Yulqi  : v.t. To pluck or tear out; to pull at, to yank, to snatch. [yulqin ]

Yulqila  : v.t. To yank, to snatch, to tear out.

Yuluq : plucked. Dumi ~ having a plucked or clipped tail.

Yum  : v.t. To close, to shut (eye or mouth). Ko'z ochib ~guncha in the blink of an eye. Og'zingni ~ shut your mouth. Ko'z ~  to close one's eyes. [yumdir , yumil ]

Yum yum : ~ yig'la  to sob.

Yum yumaloq : quite round, round as a ball.

Yumala  : v.i. To roll, to cartwheel; to fall down or off; to loll; to pour down (tears); to set (sun). Bir ~b in a twinkling, 'abracadbra!' ~b ~b kul  to laugh one's head off. ~b ~b o'sadi to get big one way or another (despite setbacks and obstacles). [yumalan , yumalat , yumalash ]

Yumalat  : v.t. Caus. Of yumala ; to roll up.

Yumaloq yassi : s. Yumaloq yostiq.

Yumaloq yostiq : half baked, incomplete, half done. ~ qil  to do incompletely, to do in a slapdash manner.
Yumaloq : round, ball shaped; circular; ball; piece; a type of grape. ~ xat anonymous letter. Bir ~ pechen'e a piece of cookie.

Yumaloqla  : v.t. To ball up. [yumaloqlan ]

Yumaloqlik : sphericalness.

Yumda  : s. Yumdala .

Yumdala  : v.t. To attack, to dig one's nails into. [yumdalan , yumdalash ]

Yuminqira  : v.t. To close somewhat, to let droop (eyelids).

Yumma yumma : s. Yum yum.

Yumma : ~ tala  to attack viciously.

Yumor : (Russian) humor, comedy.

Yumorist : (Russian) comedian.

Yumoristik : (Russian) comical, humorous.

Yumron : s. Yumronqoziq.yumronqoziq zool.gopher.

Yumsha  : v.i. To soften; to calm down; to lessen; to change for the better. [yumshat , yumshatil ]

Yumshal  : s. Yumsha .

Yumshar  : s. Yumsha .

Yumshat  : v.t. Caus. Of yumsha ; to harrow, to loosen (soil). [yumshatil ]

Yumshatish :

Yumshoq : soft; tender, gentle, mild; lenient. Ko'ngli ~ or ~ ko'ngil tender hearted. ~ jazo light punishment.

Yumshoqlan  : s. Yumsha .

Yumshoqlik : softness, tenderness; mildness; leniency.

Yumuq : closed, shut.yumurtqa dial.egg (s. Tuxum).

Yumush : work, task, duty.

Yumushchi : worker, laborer.

Yumushkor : worker.

Yumushli : occupied, engaged.

Yumushsiz : idle, not working, out of work.yundi coll.s. Yuvundi.

Yundixo'r : s. Yuvundixo'r.yung coll.wool (s. Jun).

Yunker : (Russian) Junker; cadet.

Yunon : Greek.

Yupan  : v.i. To quiet down, to stop crying; to compose o.s., to find solace. [yupanish , yupantir ]

Yupanch : comfort, consolation, solace.

Yupanchiq : comforter; comfort, solace.

Yupanchli : comforting, consoling.

Yupat  : v.t. To quiet down, to stop from crying; to comfort, to console. [yupatish ]

Yupatgulik : comforting, consoling.

Yupatqich : s. Yupanch.

Yupiter : (Russian) floodlight.

Yupiter : (Russian) Jupiter (s. Mushtariy).

Yupqa : thin, light; fried dish made from pastry dough, meat and onions (s. ~ tomoq thin necked woman.

Yupqalan  : s. Yupqalash .

Yupqalash  : v.i. To become thin, to thin out. [yupqalashtir ]

Yupqar  rare : s. Yupqalash .

Yupun : thin, light (clothing); in rags, tatters; wretched, destitute; ruined, in ruins.

Yupunlik : thinness; raggedness; wretchedness.

Yuq  : v.i. To cling, to stick, to get onto; to be passed on, to infect; (usu. Neg.) To stick to the ribs, to be digested well, to be good for you. Suv ~mas insolent. [yuqtir , yuqtiril ]

Yuq yurun : s. Yuq.

Yuq : residue, remanant(s). ~ (ham) bo'lmaydi piddling amount.

Yuqa : s. Yupqa 1.

Yuqimli : s. Yuqumli.

Yuqimsiz : s. Yuqumsiz.

Yuqma : s. Yuqumli.

Yuqori : high; upper; upper floor; above, upwards, higher; superior, greater; part of room opposite the door (constituting the place(s) of honor while sitting). O'zini ~ qo'y  to hold o.s. Above others. ~ hosil high yield. ~ malaka high qualifications. ~ xona high rank. ~ had upper limit. ~ sifatli high quality. ~ tabaqa upper class. ~sida above. ~ga up, upwards, higher; upstairs. ~da up, above; upstairs.

Yuqorigi : upper(most).

Yuqorila  : v.i. To ascend. [yuqorilash ]

Yuqorilan  : v.i. S. Yuqorila .

Yuqorilash  : v.i. Coop. Of yuqorila ; to ascend; to rise, to increase; to rise in stature.

Yuqorilik : highness; height, elevation.

Yuqumchil : s. Yuqumli.

Yuqumli : infectious.

Yuqumsiz : not infectious.

Yuqumsizlantir  : v.t. To disinfect.

Yuquvchan : s. Yuqumli.

Yur  : v.i. To walk; to go, to move; to live, to be, to go about; to make a move (in a game); to work, to run (mechanism); to go out (w/ one's loved one); to go along with; (after V+ (ishlab ~  to be working; nima qilib ~ibsiz? What are you doing?, What are you up to? Birovning yo'liga ~  to follow s.o.'s example. Ovi ~di to be successful. ~ib ket  to start working. [yurgiz , yurgizil yurdir , yuril , yurin , yurit , yuritil , yurish ]

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