SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Xayr ma'zur : (Arabic) wishing farewell. ~ni nasiya qil  to leave without saying goodbye.

Xayr sadaqa : (Arabic) alms.

Xayr xo'sh : s. Xayr ma'zur.

Xayr xo'shlash  : v.i. S. Xayrlash .

Xayrchi : beggar; one who collects funds for charity.

Xayrixoh : well intentioned; sympathizer.

Xayrixohlik : good intentions, benevolence; support. ~ qil /ko'rsat  to support, to sympathize with.

Xayrixohona : benevolent(ly); sympathetic(ally).

Xayriya arch. Hist. : (Arabic) jamiyati ~ charity, philanthropic society.

Xayriyat : (Arabic) wonderful, amazing.

Xayriyatki : luckily, Thank God.

Xayriyatlik : good deed.

Xayrlash  : v.i. To wish one another goodbye, to say goodbye. Olam bilan ~  to bid farewell to the world (= to pass away). [xayrlashil ]

Xayrlashuv : v.n. Of xayrlash ; farewell.

Xayrli : good, worthy; happy, successful. ~ ishning kechi yo'q It's never too late to perform a good deed. ~ qadam propitious step.

Xazanak : gleanings (of any crop left over in the field). ~ qil  to gather gleanings.

Xazina : (Arabic) treasury; treasure trove; wealth.

Xazinabon : treasurer; one who processes a natural resource for public consumption.

Xazinachi : treasurer; cashier.

Xazinachilik : office of the treasury.

Xazinador : treasurer.

Xazinaxona : treasury.

Xazon : yellowed, falling leaves. ~ bo'l  to fade, to wither. ~ qil  to wither; to destroy. ~ bo'lgur! Drop dead!

Xazonchinak dial. : s. Xazanak.

Xazonmarg rare : bastard, wretch (s. Juvonmarg).

Xazonrez : ~ shamol cold autumn wind.

Xazonrezgi : s. Xazonrezgilik.

Xazonrezgilik : late fall, time of falling leaves.

Xazonrezlik : s. Xazonrezgilik.

Xe xe xe : Hee hee! (laughing sounds).

Xel"sinki :

Xeli xesh : relatives, kin.xesh aqrabo, xeshu aqrabokith and kin.

Xesh : arch. Kin, kith. ~u tabor relatives, kith and kin.

Xeshlik : relation.

Xexela  : v.i. To laugh, to chortle.

Xez : ~ qil  to lurch or lunge forward.

Xezla  v.i./v.t. : to lurch, lunge, or jump forward; to prod. [xezlan , xezlat ]xi xi ono.giggling noise.

Xi : s. Xix.

Xijil : (Arabic) timid, irresolute, uneasy. Ko'ngli ~ bo'ldi to feel uneasy or irresolute. Ko'nglini ~ qil  to make uneasy.

Xijillik : s. Xijolatlik.

Xijolat : (Arabic) unease, bashfulness, timidity. ~ bo'l /~ qil /~ga qo'y  to make uneasy, to put off. ~da qol  to be in an awkward situation.

Xijolatli : uneasy, bashful, awkward.

Xijolatlik : bashfulness, unease.

Xijolatomuz : bashfully, uneasily, awkwardly.xijolatpazlik coll.s. Xijolat.

Xil : (Arabic) kind, sort, type; fine, outstanding. Bu ~da in this way, thus. Bu ~dagi such. Har ~ all kinds; It depends. Bir ~ bo'lib ket  to feel ill at ease, to feel strange. ~ tush /kel  to fit, to match.xila coll.s. Xiyla.

Xil'at : obs. (Arabic) robe of honor (given as a present).

Xil xil : s. Xilma xil.

Xilla  : v.t. To sort; to pick, to select. [xillan , xillat ]

Xillik : bir ~ sameness, identicalness. Har ~ variety.

Xilma xil : of all kinds, assorted.

Xilma xillik : variety.

Xilof : (Arabic) opposed to, against, contrasting with. ~i shar'iy contrary to Islamic law.

Xilondon : arch. Small toiletry case hung from the belt.

Xilqat : obs. (Arabic) creation.

Xilt : arch. (Arabic) dysenteric mucilage.

Xilvat : (Arabic) secluded, isolated, private. ~ qil  to talk in private.

Xilvatgoh : isolated, secluded place.

Xilvatnishin : obs. Hermit.

Xilvatxona : private apartment or room.

Xilxona : burial vault.

Ximik : (Russian) chemist; chemical.

Ximikat : (Russian) chemical substance(s).

Ximiya : (Russian) chemistry.

Ximiyaviy : chemical.

Ximizator : (Russian) one who carries out ximizatsiya.

Ximizatsiya : (Russian) development of chemical industry and products.

Ximizatsiyalashtir  : v.t. Promotion and establishment of the use of chemicals (esp. In agriculture).

Xina bot. : (Arabic) henna. Hayitdan keyin ~ni ketingga/ko'tingga qo'y  said of s.t. That's done too late (lit., 'Once the holiday is over, put the henna up your ass' [as opposed to in one's beard]).

Xinala  : v.t. To dye with henna. [xinalan ]

Xinali : dyed with henna.

Xinin : (Russian) quinine.

Xinzir : obs. (Arabic) swine.

Xipcha : slim, slender; comely. ~dan kelgan slim waisted.

Xipchalash  : v.i. To become slender.

Xipchin : s. Xipcha.

Xipchinla  : v.t. S. Xivichla . [xipchinlan , xipchinlat ]

Xippa : completely, entirely.xir xir ono.wheezing noise.

Xira : hazy, vague, unclear, muddled; dull; dim, weak; troublesome, vexatious, disturbing. ~ bo'l  to be fuzzy or unclear; to become gloomy. ~ qilib yot /ta'bi ~ in a sour mood.

Xirad : obs. Intelligence, perception.

Xiradmand : obs. Intelligent, wise.

Xiralan  : v.i. To become dull, indistinct, weak; to grow dim; to vex. [xiralantir ]

Xiralash  : v.i. S. Xiralan . [xiralashtir , xiralashtiril ]

Xiralik : vagueness, dullness; dimness; weakness; vexatiousness.

Xiraxandon coll. : naughty, mischievous.

Xirgoyi :

Xirildoq : s. Xirilloq.

Xirilla  : v.i. To wheeze. [xirillash ]

Xirillash  : v.i. Coop. Of xirilla ; to yell at one another.

Xirilloq : wheezy, raspy.

Xirmon : threshing floor; crop to be threshed. ~ qil  to gather in one place for threshing; to pile, to gather. ~ ko'tar  to thresh; to harvest.

Xirmon xirmon : in piles and piles, tons and tons.

Xiroj hist. : (Arabic) tribute, tax (on farmers).

Xirom poet. : graceful walking; calmly, serenely. ~ ayla /Et /qil  to tread gracefully.

Xiromon : one that treads gracefully.

Xirpa : worn smooth on one side (of knucklebone playing piece); jaded, slick.

Xirpala  : v.t. To wear smooth; to rub (s.o.'s) nose in the dirt, to teach a lesson. [xirpalan ]

Xirpi : s. Xirpa.

Xirqa : arch. (Arabic) rough cloak or habit worn by dervishes.

Xirqapo'sh : arch. Clad in rags; religious mendicant, dervish; poor, beggar.

Xirqi : s. Xirqiroq.

Xirqira  ono. : v.i. To wheeze.

Xirqiroq : wheezy, raspy.

Xirs coll. : bear. ~day to'q full as a pig; high on the hog.

Xirurg : (Russian) surgeon.

Xirurgiiya : (Russian) surgery.

Xirurgik : (Russian) surgical.

Xirurglik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to work as a surgeon.

Xisht : arch. Brick (s. G'isht).

Xishtak : gusset (material sewn into crotch or underarm of garment).

Xishtin : arch. Made of brick (s. G'ishtin).

Xislat : (Arabic) quality, property; virtue.

Xit : dull (pen or pencil). ~ bo'l  to become dull; to become annoyed. ~ qil  to make dull; to annoy. Ko'ngli ~ upset, in a bad way.

Xitlan  rare : v.i. S. Xit bo'l .

Xitlik : dullness; obstinacy, stubbornness.

Xitob : (Arabic) outcry, shout, call. ~ qil /~ alomati/belgisi exclamation point.

Xitoban : (Arabic) addressing, speaking to.

Xitobnoma : appeal.xitoy g'oz zool.Chinese goose.xitoy lovia bot.soy bean.xitoy o?Rdak zool.goldeneye.Xitoy geo.China. ~ devori the Wall of China.

Xitoy : Chinese. ~ qog'oz rice paper.

Xitoycha : Chinese.

Xitoyi : Chinese (for goods).

Xitoyshunos : sinologist.

Xitoyshunoslik : sinology.Xiva xonligi hist.the khanate of Khiva.xivchinoyoqlilar zool.whip scorpions.

Xivich : green switch or wand.

Xivichla  : v.t. To switch, to beat with a switch. [xivichlan , xivichlat ]xix ono.sound made to coax a donkey.

Xixila  : v.i. To giggle. [xixilash ]

Xixla  : v.i.

Xiyla : quite (a lot).

Xiyli coll. : s. Xiyla.

Xiyobon : avenue, boulevard.

Xiyol : (Arabic) slightly, somewhat; short time, moment.

Xiyonat : (Arabic) betrayal, treachery; treason; abuse, misuse. ~ qil  to betray; to cheat on (lover, spouse); to commit treason; to abuse, to misuse.

Xiyonatchi : traitor; abuser, misuser.

Xiyonatchilik : s. Xiyonatkorlik.

Xiyonatgar : s. Xiyonatchi.

Xiyonatkor : s. Xiyonatchi.

Xiyonatkorlik : betrayal, treachery; treason; misuse, abuse.

Xiyonatkorona : treacherous(ly), devious(ly).

Xizmat : (Arabic) service, work; help, aid; duty; function. ~ haqi wages, pay. ~ingizga tayyorman I'm at your service. ~ ko'rsatgan honored (for service). ~ ko'rsat  to serve. ~da/~ingizda bo'laylik Please come and be our guest. ~ joyi place of work. ~ muddati period of service. ~ varaqasi work papers. ~ vaqti working hours, office hours. ~ga ol  to hire. ~dan bo'shat  to fire. ~dan chetlashtir  to relieve of one's duties. Bunga ancha ~im singan I have spent a lot of work on this. (nima) ~? What can I do for you? ~ga tuhmat ungratefulness. ~ qil  to serve, to work, to be of service.

Xizmatchi : worker, employee; servant, worker, laborer. ~ xotin female worker; made. Uy ~si domestic servant.

Xizmatchilik : asbtr. Of xizmatchi.

Xizmatdosh : co worker.

Xizmatkash : servant, worker; hardworking.

Xizmatkor : servant. ~ ayol maid, female servant.

Xizmatkorxona rare : servants' quarters.
Xizmatona rare : wages.

Xizmatxorlik : abstr. Of xizmatkor; service.

Xizr : (Arabic) name of a legendary figure famed for drinking from the Water of Life and attaining immortality; supposed to appear to people in need to deliver them. ~ni yo'qlasam (ham) bo'lar Ekan said of s.o. Who appears just as they are spoken of.

Xlor : (Russian) chlorine.

Xlorla  : v.t. To chlorinate. [xlorlan ]

Xlorli : chorine; chloride. ~ vodorod hydrogen chloride. ~ ohak chloride of lime.

Xlorofill : (Russian) chlorophyll.

Xmel" bot. : (Russian) hops.

Xo'b : good, fine, goodly; beautiful person; s. Xo'p.

Xo'ja : master; head of a line of people believed to represent the first local converts to Islam and descendents of one of the first four caliphs; member of the privileged upper class. ~ ko'rsinga/ko'rsin uchun outwardly, for appearance's sake.

Xo'jabeka : mistress (master's wife); female member of the xo'ja line.xo'jag'at bot.raspberry.xo'jahroyi bot.a type of grape.

Xo'jalik 1 : economy; production; farm, holding; property; household. ~ mudiri property or assets manager. Planli ~ planned economy. O'rmon ~i forestry. Uy ~i housekeeping. ~ tashkilotlari economic organizations. ~ xodimi economic planner. ~ boshqar  to manage a household. ~ mollari magazini household goods store.

Xo'jalik 2 : ownership; abstr. Of xo'ja.

Xo'jasavdogar zool. : a type of jay.

Xo'jasizlarcha : wastefully, neglectfully, improvidently.

Xo'jasizlik : wastefulness, misuse.

Xo'jayin : owner, proprieter; master, boss; husband.

Xo'jayinlik : abstr. Of xo'jayin.

Xo'mray  : v.i. To frown. [xo'mrayish ]

Xo'p 1 : fine, well, okay; quite a lot, very much. ~ bo'ladi fine, sure, as you like. ~ de  to say okay. ~ qilibsan You've done a great job., Good going. ~ bo'pti Good for him., He deserves it. ~ bo'lmasa fine, then.

Xo'p 2 : s. Xo'ptir.

Xo'pam : just fine.

Xo'ppa semiz : round, obese.

Xo'ptir : mill (turned by animal).

Xo'qacha : small pitcher (s. Ko'zacha).xo'r xo'r ono.~ ich  to slurp.

Xo'r : degraded, abject. ~ qil  to degrade.

Xo'ra : having a ravenous appetite.

Xo'rak : food, victuals, provisions; feed; s. ~ qil  to feed.

Xo'raki : edible.

Xo'rakxona coll. : mess hall, cafeteria.

Xo'ram noxo'ram dial. : willing or not, by force.

Xo'ram noxo'ramlik : ~ bilan s. Xo'ram naxo'ram.

Xo'randa : diner, customer.

Xo'rda 1 : ~ osh rice stew or porridge. Birovning ~ burdasida bo'l  to be at the beck and call of s.o. Ham ~ni urmoq, ham burdani to do whatever one pleases.

Xo'rda 2 : smooth, even. Pero ~ bo'libdi the pen writes well now.

Xo'rilla  ono. : v.i. S. Xurilla . [xo'rillat ]

Xo'rillat  : v.t. Caus. Of xo'rilla ; to slurp.

Xo'rla  : v.t. To debase, to abuse. [xo'rlan , xo'rlat , xo'rlash ]

Xo'rlik : debasement, mistreatment. ~i keldi to become dejected.

Xo'roz : rooster, cock; tough, manly, brazen. ~ gap or gapning ~i the meat of the matter. ~ qichqirmasdan before the cock crows.

Xo'rozboz : cock fighter.
Xo'rozlan  : v.i. To set on or attack (as a fighting cock).

Xo'rozqand : sugar candy in the shape of a rooster.

Xo'rsin  : v.i. To sigh. [xo'rsintir ]

Xo'rsiniq : sigh.

Xo'sh 1 : well?; well, umm.

Xo'sh 2 : Goodbye.

Xo'sh 3 : call made when herding livestock.

Xo'shlash  : v.i. To say goodbye to one another.

Xo'tik : foal of a donkey.

Xob lit. : dream; sleep.

Xobgoh lit. : bed chamber.

Xoch : arch. (Arabic) crucifix.

Xoda : log.

Xodim : (Arabic) worker, employee; masseur (in bathhouse); servant, attendant. Ilmiy ~ staff member of scientific or research institution.

Xodima : (Arabic) fem. Of xodim.xodimchi coll.s. Xodimgar.

Xodimgar : masseur.

Xodimi : ~ qil  to massage.

Xodimlik : abstr. Of xodim.xodmigar coll.s. Xodimgar.

Xoh : whether..., or...; both... And... ~ kelsin, ~ kelmasin whether he comes or not. ~ yosh, ~ qari both young and old.

Xoh noxoh : whether wanting to or not.

Xohish : desire, preference.

Xohla  : v.t. To desire; to do willingly. [xohlash ]xohladim coll.marriage registry office; marriage vows.

Xoin : (Arabic) traitor; deceiver; deceitful.

Xoinlarcha : s. Xoinona.

Xoinona : treacherously, deceitfully.

Xoja lit. : s. Xo'ja, xo'jayin.

Xok : earth; dust; ashes, remains.

Xoka : (coal) dust.

Xokandoz : fire shovel.

Xoki : ~ anjir figs ripening in summer.

Xokipok : blessed earth.

Xokipoy : dust or earth beneath one's feet.

Xokisor : humble; submissive. ~ bo'l  to be humiliated; to be spoiled or ruined. ~ qil  to humiliate; to spoil, to ruin.

Xokisorlik : humbleness; submissiveness.

Xokito'zon : s. Xokiturob.

Xokiturob lit. : ~ bo'l  to be laid low, to be ruined. ~ qil  to lay low, to ruin, to obliterate.

Xokkey : (Russian) hockey.

Xokkeychi : hockey player.

Xol : mole; birthmark; dot, mark; beauty spot. ~ qo'y  to adorn with a beauty spot.; to make a mess of. ~ bo'lib tush  to enhance the beauty of, to embellish.

Xol xol : dotted, spotted.

Xola : (Arabic) maternal aunt; form of address to older women. ~ oyi s. Xoloyi.xolamoyi coll.auntie.

Xolavachcha : cousin (through mother).

Xoldor : marked with a mole, birthmark, etc.; spotted, speckled.

Xoli : (Arabic) vacant; distant, separate; alone, separately, in private; (+~ joy secluded place. ~ uy vacant room or house; separate room or house. Foydadan ~ Emas not without benefit. ~ qil  to vacate; to seclude.

Xolilat  rare : v.t. To seclude, to sequester.

Xoliq : (Arabic) the Creator.

Xolis : (Arabic) fair, even handed, objective, impartial, unbiased; neutral; loyal; unselfish; impartial go between; abstainer. ~ guvoh unbiased witness. ~ tur  to be or remain impartial. ~ xizmat loyal service; well meant action that backfires. ~ yomon ko'r  to dislike for no reason.

Xolisanlillo(h) : (Arabic) s. Xolisona.

Xolislik : impartiality, objectivity; neutrality.

Xolisona : impartially, objectively; selflessly.

Xolodil"nik : (Russian) refrigerator.

Xolos : (Arabic) just, only. Ana ~! That's it!, That does it!, There you go!

Xoloyi : auntie.

Xolparang ro'mol : fine, dotted silk headscarf.

Xom : raw, uncooked; unripe, green; unfinished; halfbaked; inexperienced. ~ xayol halfbaked, impractical idea, vain illusion; dreamer. ~ ot horse that has never been ridden or harnessed. ~ teri untanned leather. ~ ish slipshod, poorly planned work. ~ o'yla  to think impulsively, incompletely. Sochni ~ o'r  to braid hair poorly. ~ semiz pudgy.

Xom xatala : not fully cooked; half baked, unfinished.

Xoma 1 : arch. (reed) pen.

Xoma 2 dial. : hill.

Xomak : unripe melon.

Xomaki : draft, rough, unfinished, tentative. ~ urush military maneuvers.

Xomakla  : v.i. To put forth melon buds.

Xomashyo : raw material.

Xomcho't : rough estimate or calculation.

Xomiq  rare : v.i. To get fat from being idle.

Xomkalla : idiot, dunderhead.

Xomligicha : raw, still uncooked.

Xomlik : unripeness; rawness; impracticality, half bakedness, unpreparedness.

Xommapish : game played by children in which a fire is lighted within a small dome made of mud.

Xomqolip : rough, initial, draft.

Xomsemiz : s. Xom semiz.

Xomsi  : v.i. S. Xomsira .

Xomsira  : v.i. To have doubts or second thoughts.

Xomso'z : not fully cooked.

Xomsurp : plain unprinted material.

Xomsuvoq : crude, initial layer of plaster.

Xomtalash : sacrifice of an animal and free distribution of the meat; plundering, filching.

Xomtama : fool, dreamer.

Xomtamalik : foolishness, futile hopes.

Xomtarash : rough hewing or sawing (lumber).

Xomtok : pruning (of grapevines); pruned section of a grapevine.

Xomush : silently, without speaking; sad, gloomy.

Xomushlan  : v.i. To become gloomy or sad.

Xomushlik : silence; sadness, gloom.

Xomut : (Russian) horse collar.

Xomxo'tla  : v.t. To make a rough calculation of. [xomcho'tlash ]

Xon : khan. ~ ko'tar  to choose a khan as leader. O'zi ~, ko'lankasi maydon or o'zi(ga) ~, o'zi(ga) bek king/queen of the world, imperious and pushy person.

Xona : room; house; cell, cavity, hole; zero, power of ten (of large number). Ko'z ~si eye socket.

Xonadon : family, household; house, dynasty.

Xonaki : homemade; domestic, tame, house(hold). ~ gul indoor plant. ~ mushuk household/domestic cat.

Xonakilash  : v.i. To become tame or domesticated. [xonakilashtir ]

Xonanda : singer.

Xonanishin : stay at home, homebody.

Xonaqoh : the prayer hall of a mosque; dervish hall; almshouse, poorhouse.

Xonaqohnishin : dervish who never leaves a xonaqoh; one who has forsaken the world.

Xonasallot : wretched, damned.

Xonasi : (window of) opportunity.

Xonatlas : the highest quality atlas.

Xonavayron : deprived of home and family, destitute, ruined. ~ bo'l  to be desolated or ruined; to be dispossessed of one's home and family. ~ qil  to lay waste to, to destroy; to separate from or deprive of home and family.

Xonazod : born and raised in a household. ~ qul slave born and raised in a master's house.

Xonim 1 : lady, madame; beautiful lady.

Xonim 2 : a steamed dish made of unleavened dough rolled around ground meat, onions, potatoes, etc.

Xonish : singing.

Xonlik : abstr. Of xon; khanate.xonqizi zool.ladybug.

Xontaxta : low table used for eating off of.

Xontinlik : abstr. Of ~ka ol  to take as a wife. U senga ~ qilmaydi She won't be a (proper) wife to you.

Xonumon : possessions; home, property.

Xonzoda : of royal blood.xoqon hist.great khan, emperor.

Xoqoniy : adj. Of xoqon.

Xoqonlik : abstr. Of xoqon; khanate.

Xor 1 : lowly, despicable; abject. ~ tut  to disdain. ~ qil  to degrade, to trample upon.

Xor 2 : (Russian) choir.xor xas, xoru xaslitter, debris.

Xor zor : down and out, degraded, despised.

Xor zorlik : destitution, need, dire straits.

Xoreografik : (Russian) choreographic.

Xoreografiya : (Russian) choreography.

Xorgul bot. : Austrian briar.

Xorij : (Arabic) out of, not involved, excluded; abroad, overseas.

Xorijiy : (Arabic) foreign; foreigner.

Xoriqulodda obs. (Arabic) : extraordinary.

Xorla  : v.t. To degrade, to trample upon.

Xorlik zorlik : s. Xor zorlik.

Xorlik : degradation, destitution, lowliness.

Xormeyster : (Russian) choir master.

Xos : (Arabic) unique, special, particular; private; (obs.) Near ones, close companions. ~ qil  to select.

Xosa(ki) : thoroughbred, purebred.

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