SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Ulfatchilik : banquet, social gathering, get together; friendship.

Ulfatlash  : v.i. To befriend; to get together, to sit together.

Ulg'ay  : v.i. To grow (up, bigger). [ulg'ayish , ulg'ayt , ulg'aytir , ulg'aytiril ]

Ulgi : example, model.

Ulgur  : v.i. To succeed (in); to be on time (for), to reach on time.

Ulgurish : v.n. Of ulgur ; progress (in school).

Ulgurji : wholesale; massive, enormous; complete, entire.

Uli  1 ono. : v.i. To howl (s. Uvla ). [ulish ]uli  2 dial.to become inflamed (of mucous membrane).

Uli : ~ tort  to howl (s. Uv tort ).

Ulkan : great, grand.

Ulkanlash  : v.i. To grow, to enlarge, to expand.

Uloq 1 : patched, mended, mishmash; knot.uloq 2 zool.kid, baby goat; a game played on horseback in which players struggle for possession of a headless goat or calf carcass (= Afghan buzkashi) (s. ~ chop  to play buzkashi.

Uloq  : v.i. To go off, to move far away.

Uloq quroq : patched, all in pieces.

Uloq uloq 1 : much knotted, patched.

Uloq uloq 2 : ~ qil  to pull about, to struggle over. ~ bo'l  to be thrashed or pulled about.

Uloqchi : uloq player (s. Uloq 2).

Uloqtir  : v.t. To toss, to hurl. [uloqtiril ]

Ulov 1 : v.n. Of ula .

Ulov 2 : mount, draft animal.

Ulovchi : railway coupler.ulton dial.sole leather.

Ulug' : great, grand; elder, leader.

Ulug'la  : to honor, to exalt. [ulug'lan , ulug'lash ]

Ulug'lik : greatness, eminence; grandioseness.

Ulug'sifat : stately, distinguished.

Ulug'sifatlik : stateliness.

Ulug'vor : great, grandiose; consequential, important.

Ulug'vorlik : grandioseness, grandness; weight, importance.

Ulug'zoda : son of a great or consequential person.

Ulum : (Arabic) sciences, fields of knowledge. Jomiul ~ learned in all sciences, living encyclopedia.

Ulus hist. (Mong.) : state; nation.

Ulush : share; plot, allotment.

Umaro hist. : (Arabic) military leaders/commanders.

Umbalaqash  : v.i. S. Umbaloq osh .

Umbaloq : somersault. ~ osh  to somersault.umburvoqi coll.s. Umrboqi.

Umid : (Arabic) hope. ~ bog'la /~(ini) uz  to lose hope. Joningdan ~ing bormi? Do you hope to live? Jonidan ~ini uz  to resign o.s. To dying.

Umidbaxsh : hope giving.

Umidlan  : v.i. To become hopeful. [umidlantir ]

Umidli : hopeful. ~ dunyo Hope springs eternal.

Umidsiz : hopeless.

Umidsizcha : hopelessly.

Umidsizlan  : v.i. To lose hope. [umidsizlantir ]

Umidsizlarcha : hopelessly.

Umidsizlik : hopelessness.

Umidvor : hopeful.

Umival"nik : (Russian) faucet.

Ummat : (Arabic) community, people (of a faith). Muhammad ~i Muslims.

Ummon : arch. (Arabic) ocean, sea.

Umoch : soup made of crumbled bread.

Umr : (Arabic) life. Bir ~ or ~ bo'yi a lifetime, one's whole life. ~ yo'ldoshi spouse ('lifetime partner'). ~ kechir /~ qil  to live together (as a married couple). ~ingdan baraka top God bless you.

Umrbod : one's whole life, to the end of one's life; forever.

Umrboqi : (Arabic) a type of winter melon.

Umrdosh : spouse.umrguzaronlik arch.~ qil  to live one's life.

Umrli : uzun ~ long lived. Qisqa ~ short lived.

Umrlik : lifetime; life long.

Umsun  : v.i. To have one's breasts fill with milk and feel the need to suckle.

Umum : (Arabic) all; society, people in general. ~ foydasi uchun for the benefit of all.

Umuman : (Arabic) in general; usually; (w/neg.) Not at all, never.

Umumbashariy : common to all mankind.

Umumdavlat : state wide, nation wide.

Umumdemokratik : pan democratic, common to all democracies.

Umumittifoq : all Union, national.

Umumiy : (Arabic) general, common.

Umumiylik : generality; commonness.

Umumlash(tir)ma : generalization.

Umumlash  : v.i. To become common or general; to be socialized or collectivized. [umumlashtir , umumlashtiril ]

Umummilliy : common to an entire nation or ethnic group; national, ethnic.

Umumpartiyaviy : all Party.

Umumproletar : pan proletariat.

Umumrespublika : republic wide.

Umumxalq : common to all the people; national.

Umurtqa : vertebra.

Umurtqali : vertebrate.

Umurtqasiz : invertebrate.

Un 1 : flour. Qolog'iga ~ bos  to make deaf.

Un 2 : sound, voice; plea, cry.

Un  : v.i. To sprout forth, to come forth; to mature; to be exacted (e.g. A debt). [undir , undiril ]

Una  : v.i. To agree with, to accept. [unat  unash ]unaqa coll.s. Unday.

Unaqangi : s. Unaqa.

Unar unamas : trifling, insignificant. ~ga for no good reason.

Unash  : v.i. Coop. Of ~ib qo'yilgan qiz betrothed girl.

Uncha muncha : a little (bit), somewhat; ordinary, average, plain.

Uncha : (w/neg.) (not) so (much).

Unchalik : s. Uncha; (not) that much.

Unda  : v.t. To call, to invite. [undal , undash ]

Unda bunda : here and there; from time to time.unda munda coll.s. Unda bunda.

Undalma (so'z) :

Undan bundan : from/of/about this and that.undan mundan coll.s. Undan bundan.

Unday : like that, such, so.

Undir  : v.t. Caus. Of un ; to exact; to extract; to produce; to come forth with, to come up with; to malt.
Undirish : exaction, collection; extraction; malting.undoq coll.s. Unday.

Undosh (tovush) : consonant.

Undov : invitation, call, order. ~ belgisi exclamation point. ~ gap exclamation. ~ so'z interjection.

Undovchi : person sent to the groom's family and guests to ask them to proceed to the bride's house for part of the wedding festivities.

Ungacha : until then.

Ungur : cave, grotto.

Unifikatsiya : (Russian) ~ qilish to unify.

Unifikatsiyalashtir  : v.t. To standardize.

Unikal : (Russian) unique.

Univermag : (Russian) department store.

Universal : (Russian) universal, general; multi purpose tractor. ~ magazin department store.

Universalchi : operator of a multi purpose tractor.

Universitet : (Russian) university.

Unli tovush : vowel (sound).

Unna  : v.i. To set to (making or doing s.t.). Ovqatga ~  to start making a meal. [unnal ]

Unniq  : v.i. To darken, to get burned (from sun). [unniqtir ]

Unprincipled imitation [xvostizm]?? :

Uns : obs. (Arabic) closeness, friendship.unsiz arch.consonant (s. Undosh).

Unsur : arch. (Arabic) element; reactionary element.

Until when? :

Unum : harvest, yield; productivity.

Unumdor : s. Unumli.

Unumdorlik : productivity.

Unumli : productive, high yield.

Unumsiz : unproductive.

Unumsizlik : unproductiveness.

Unut  : v.t. To forget (s. O'zini ~  to forget o.s. [unutil , unuttir ]

Unut : ~ bo'l  to be forgotten.

Unutuvchan : forgetful.

Unvon : (Arabic) title, degree.

Upa Elik : cosmetics for the hands and face : powders, rouge, etc.

Upa : powder.

Upqun rare : gust of hot or cold air.

Upuka coll. : (Russian) calf leather.

Uq  : v.t. To understand, to grasp, to get, to sense. [uqdir /uqtir , uqish , uqtirish ]

Uqa : border, hem.

Uqala  : v.t. To rub, to massage; to scrape or rub away; to clean, to shell, to remove from the husk. [uqalan , uqalat , uqalash ]

Uqtir  : v.t. To explain. [uqtiril, uqtirish]

Uqtirish : v.n. Of ~ xati letter of explanation.

Uqubat : (Arabic) pain, torment, punishment.

Uqubatli : painful, tortuous.

Uquv : understanding, intelligence; ability, talent.

Uquvli : intelligent; talented.

Uquvsiz : unintelligent; untalented.

Uquvsizlik : lack of understanding or intelligence; lack of talent.

Ur  : v.t. To hit, to strike; to stab; to rush (away, up, etc.); to rain down hard; to beat (pulse); to destroy, to damage; to stuff into, to hide; to steal, to rob; to build (wall), to wall in, to close off; to put on, to bind with, to attach, to secure; to put down (food). O'zini har yoqqa ~  to throw o.s. About. U meni doimo erga ~adi He always puts me down. Oftob yag'rindan ~ib turibdi The sun is blazing down on our backs. ~ib tushir  to knock down. Shamol yuzga ~ib turardi The wind was blowing in (our) faces. Yomg'ir ~ib turibdi Rain is beating down. U kitobimni ~ib ketibdi He stole my book. Ularning uyini o'g'ri ~ibdi A burglar broke into their house. O'ndan to'qqizni ~  to take almost everything. O'zini ko'tarib ~  o'zini ~  o'ziga ~sin jigaridan/yuragidan ~  to captivate, to make madly in love with. To'g'onni suv ~ib ketdi the water washed away/damaged the dam. U hamma pulni kiyimga ~di He spent all his money on clothes. Yuzni ~gan chol an old man of 100 years. [urdir , uril , urin , urish , urishish , urishtir , urishtiril ]

Ur kaltak : fighting, brawling; mob rule.

Ur sur : fighting, riot, disorder.

Ur yiqit : fighting, brawling; slaughter; pogrom.

Ura 1 : hurrah!, charge!

Ura 2 : quickly, swiftly, like a shot. ~ qoch  to take off like a shot.

Uran : (Russian) uranium.

Urchi  : v.i. To multiply, to reproduce. [urchit , urchitil ]

Urchuq : spindle.

Urf : (Arabic) custom, tradition, practice.

Urf odat : customs and traditions.

Urg'ochi : female (animal).

Urg'u : stress, accent. ~ belgisi accent mark.

Urg'uli : stressed, accented.

Urg'usiz : unstressed, unaccented.

Uril  : v.i. Pass. Of ur ; to knock against, to strike.

Urin  : v.i. To throw or push o.s. About; to struggle, to strive (to do), to push o.s., to try; to become worn out or dirty (clothing); to start to go bad (food). [urinish  urintir ]

Urinchoq : hardworking, diligent; inquisitive.

Urinish : v.n. Of ~ joy/er point of contact.

Urinma : tangent.

Urish  v.t./i. : coop. Of ur ; to fight; to yell at; to go to war, to (do) battle. [urishish , urishtir ]

Urish : v.n. Of oftob ~i sunstroke; heatstroke.

Urishqoq : aggressive, belligerent, hot headed.

Urishqoqlik : aggressiveness, belligerence; aggression.

Urishtir  : v.t. Caus. Of ko'z ~  to glance at one another. [urishtiril ]

Urna : (Russian) urn; ballot box; wastepaper basket.

Urolog : (Russian) urologist.

Urologik : (Russian) urological.

Urologiya : (Russian) urology.urpoq coll.s. Urvoq.

Urt  arch. : v.t. To cover. [urtil , urtin ]urtuk arch.cover, curtain.

Urug' ajdod : offspring, descendents.

Urug' aymoq : kinsmen.

Urug' : seed; sperm; (silkworm) egg; kin, kinsman; tribe, clan. Ota ~ paternal relatives. Ona ~ maternal relatives. ~ini o'ynat  to torture. ~ini qurit  to wipe off the face of the Earth, to stamp out.

Urug'chi : seed stock specialist.

Urug'chilik : production of seed stock; abstr. Of urug'chi.

Urug'don : testicle; pistil?? Ovary?? [semyavmestilishche, smenovmestilishche].

Urug'dosh : kinsman.

Urug'doshlik : kinship; ancestral, patrimonial.

Urug'la  : v.t. To go to seed, to develop seeds. [urug'lan ]

Urug'lan  : v.i. Reflex. Of urug'la ; to be fertilized (of an egg cell).

Urug'li : having or full of seeds.

Urug'lik : seed stock. ~ka ham yo'q/topilmaydi rare, hard to find.

Urug'shunos : s. Urug'chi.

Urug'xona : storage house for seed stock.

Urush : war; fight. ~ chiqdi War broke out. ~ holatidan chiq  to no longer be in a state of war.

Urvoq : flour sprinkled under dough so that it won't stick to a surface; particle, bit, speck. ~ ham bo'lmaydi not worth a thing.

Ushal  : v.i. To crumble. Umidi ~di to lose all hope or desire.

Ushat  : v.t. To break up, to divide into pieces; to make change for (e.g., large bill). Non ~  to break bread, to pass pieces of bread around. Ro'zani ~  to break one's fast. [ushatil , ushatish ]

Ushatiqli : divided, broken, spread about (bread).ushbu lit.this (very); those (very).

Ushla  : v.t. To grab, to clutch, to take hold of, to hold; to keep hold of; to catch; to withhold, to keep; to control, to rule; to take; to overcome (illness, pain). ~b qol  to overcome (sickness); to hold back, to detain. ~b ol  to catch. Intizomni qattiq ~  to strictly maintain order. Kutilmaganda chanchiq ~di She had a sudden cramp. Uni bezgak ~b qoldi He had a fit of malaria. [ushlan , ushlat , ushlattir , ushlash , ushlashtir ]

Ushlan  : v.i. Pass. Of ushla ; to be caught.

Ushoq : crumb; tiny, frail; small fry, kid(s). Odamning ~i small, frail person.

Ushr hist. : (Arabic) tenth part tax on income.

Ushshoq : (Arabic) melody and song of the second type of shashmaqom.ushuk dial.cold. ~ urdi to get a cold.

Uskuna : (Arabic) utensil, device, tool.

Uskunala  : v.t. To equip.

Uslub : (Arabic) method, way, style.

Usmoniya : arch. (Arabic) name of a traditional melody.

Usmonli turk : Ottoman Turk.

Ust bosh : clothing, attire.

Ust ustiga : s. Ustma ust.

Ust : top part of s.t.; outside, surface; clothing, attire; responsibility, (on) one?S shoulders. Ko'z(lari) ~ida tur  to have an eye on. ~i yaltiroq ichi qaltiroq not what it seems, wolf in sheep's clothing. O'z ~ida ishla  to try to improve o.s. O'lganning ~iga ko'mgan/~ida on, on top of; over, above. Yo'l ~ida on the way. Ovqat ~ida over a meal; (while) at the table. ~idan over. ~idan chiq  to appear in the middle of/during s.t. So'zining ~idan chiq  to keep one's word. Ko'ylak ~idan pal'to kiy  to put a coat on over a shirt. Dushman ~idan g'alaba qozon  to win a victory over an enemy. Ovqat ~idan chiq  to show up during a meal. Birov ~idan shikoyat qil  to complain about s.o. Uning ~i butun dressed (in a full set of clothes). ~i yupun in tatters, in rags. Xotin ~iga xotin ol  to take on a second wife. G'azab ~ida while angry, while in a fit of anger. Buning ~iga in addition, furthermore. ~iga ustak moreover, on top of it all.

Usta : master; expert, outstanding, skilled; title or nickname indicating skill in some profession.

Ustabuzarmon : botcher, bungler.

Ustachilik : manufacture or repair of s.t.

Ustakor : shop foreman; master craftsman, expert.

Ustakorlik : mastery, high proficiency; abstr. Of ~ asboblari master's tools.

Ustalik : mastery, skill; adroitness.

Ustama : supplement, bonus; extra, in addition.

Ustanovka : (Russian) unit, installation.

Ustara : razor.

Ustav : (Russian) regulations.

Ustaxona : (work)shop; repair shop; studio.

Ustki : upper, topmost; outer; superficial.

Ustma ust : one on top of another; one after another.

Ustod lit. : s. Ustoz.

Ustodona : masterly.

Ustomon : crafty, clever, artful.

Ustomonlik : artfulness.

Ustoz : master, teacher.

Ustozlik : abstr. Of ustoz.

Ustqurma : superstructure.

Ustun 1 : pillar, post, column, support. Dunyoga ~ bo'l  to live forever.

Ustun 2 : superior. ~ chiq /kel  to overcome, to be superior over.

Ustuncha : dim. Of ustun 1; style.

Ustunlik 1 : suitable for use as a column or pillar.

Ustunlik 2 : superiority.

Ustuvor : firm, solid, unbreakable. ~ tur  to stand firm.

Ustuxon : bone (s. +ga ~i yo'q a fool for, can't say no to. ~i qolgan or Eti borib ~iga yopishgan nothing left but skin and bones.ustvosh coll.s. Ust bosh.

Usul : (Arabic) way, method, means; style; coquetry; tempo. Goh xudoyu rasul, goh g'amzayu ~ Sometimes you have to enjoy the pleasures of life.

Usulchi : musician who beats the time for a piece of music.

Ut  : v.i. To singe (to remove hair). [uttir ]

Util" : (Russian) salvage.

Utopik : (Russian) Utopian.

Utopist : (Russian) Utopian.

Utopiya : (Russian) Utopia.

Utorid : (Arabic) Saturn (s. Atorud).uv ono.howling sound. ~ tort  to howl.uva lit.gully, gulch, valley.

Uvada chuvada : rags, tatters, junk.

Uvada : old, dirty cotton wadding; rags, tatters; bum, tramp.

Uvadachi : seller of second hand clothes.

Uvadalan  : v.i. To become tattered, to go to tatters.

Uval  : v.i. To crumble.

Uvala  : v.t. To crumble, to tear apart; to press out or pop the kernels off of (ear of corn, wheat). [uvalan , uvalat , uvalash ]

Uvalanuvchan : crumbly.

Uvali juvali : having many children, having a big family.

Uvallo : enthusiastically, intensely.

Uvat  : v.t. S. Uvala . [uvatil , uvatish ]

Uvat : boundary strip between fields.

Uvertyura : (Russian) overture.

Uvilla  ono. : v.i. To howl; to moan, to wail. [uvillash ]

Uvla  ono. : v.i. S. Uvilla . [uvlash ]

Uvol : (Arabic) shame, sin, fault. ~i tut  or ~iga qol  to commit a wrongdoing; to suffer the consequences of a wrongdoing.

Uvoq : crumb, bit; small, little.

Uvoqla  : v.t. S. Uvala . [uvoqlan , uvoqlat , uvoqlash ]

Uvuldiriq : fish roe, eggs.

Uvun tuda : scraps, garbage, refuse; slovenly, messy.

Uvush  : v.i. To become numb, to fall asleep (limb); to get chills. Yuragi ~di to freeze, to have one's heart skip a beat.

Uvvos : bawling, wailing. ~ sol /tort  to bawl, to wail.

Uxla  : v.i. To sleep. [uxlat , uxlash ]

Uxloq : asleep.

Uxu : coughing sound.

Uy  : v.t. To gather, to pile up. Qovoq ~  to knit one's brows. [uyil , uyilish , uyish ]

Uy joy : house and home; family. ~ qil  to settle down, to start a family.

Uy joyli : having a house and home; settled, married.

Uy ro'zg'or : household, home (duties).

Uy : house; room; household; home. ~ ichi family members. ~i buzil  to have a household broken up. ~ ishi housework. ~ vazifasi/topshirig'i homework.

Uya : nest; den, lair; hole in which several seeds are planted together; cluster of sprouting plants planted together. O'rgimchak uyasiga tush /ilin  to get caught in the spider's web.

Uyal  : v.i. To be ashamed, to be embarrassed. [uyalish , uyaltir ]

Uyala  1 : v.t. To build a nest. ~b Ek  to plant in clusters.

Uyala  2 : v.i. To have not enough strength to stand (of animals).

Uyalmay netmay : unabashedly, unashamedly.

Uyalmay suyalmay : s. Uyalmay netmay.

Uyat : shame, disgrace, shameful act. ~ga qol  to shame o.s., to be put to shame. ~ so'z bad word. Unday demang, ~! You shouldn't say that!

Uyatchang : bashful, blushing.

Uyatchanglik : bashfulness.

Uyatli : shameful, disgraceful, improper. ~ odam decent, proper person.

Uyatsiz : shameless, disgraceful; obscene. ~ kino obscene movie.

Uyatsizlik : shamelessness.

Uydir  1 : v.t. Caus. Of uy ; (dial.) To knit (one's brows). [uydiril ]

Uydir  2 : v.t. To fabricate (lies). [uydiril ]

Uydirma : fabricated, made up; fabrication.

Uydirmachi : fabricator, liar.

Uyg'on  : v.i. To awaken, to wake up; to arise. [uyg'onish ]

Uyg'onish : awakening. ~ davri the Renaissance.

Uyg'oq : awake; alert.

Uyg'ot  : v.t. To waken, to rouse. [uyg'otil , uyg'otish , uyg'ottir ]

Uyg'unlash  : v.i. To conform, to fit; to adapt. [uyg'unlashtir , uyg'unlashtiril ]

Uyg'ur : Uighur.

Uyg'urcha : in an Uighur fashion; Uighur language.

Uyg'yn : befitting, suiting.

Uyi  coll. : v.i. To soften (s. Ivi ).

Uyko'rar : ceremony where the bride to be's family meets the groom's family.

Uyla  : v.t. To marry off (a son).

Uylan  : v.i. To get married (of a man). [uylanish , uylantir , uylantiril , uylantirish ]

Uyli : having a house; settled, married.

Uyma uy : (from) house to house.

Uymalan  : v.i. To busy o.s., to tinker around; to gather, to mill around. [uymalanish ]

Uymalash  : v.i. S. Uymalan .

Uyqash : very similar, nearly identical, (almost) the same; fitting, matching, becoming.uyqi tuyqi dial.all in a heap (s. Ayqash uyqash).

Uyqu : sleep. Uning ~si ziyrak He's a light sleeper. ~si kel  to feel sleepy. Mast ~ deep sleep. O'lik ~ dead sleep. Qush ~si light sleep. ~ Eltdi to feel very sleepy; to fall asleep. ~ga ket  to fall asleep. ~si o'chdi/abdadiy ~ eternal rest (death). Letargik ~ lethargy. ~ni ur  to sleep.

Uyquchan : s. Uyquchi.

Uyquchi : sleepyhead.uyquchil dial.sleepyheaded; (rare) somnolent.

Uyquli : sleepy.

Uyqusira  : v.i. To become sleepy, to doze; to do s.t. In one's sleep. [uyqusirash ]

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