SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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To'g'na  : v.t. To fasten, to pin, to stick on. [to'g'nat ]

To'g'nog'ich : safety pin.

To'g'on : dam; barrier, obstacle.

To'g'onla  : v.t. To dam.

To'g'onoq : large wooden hook tied to the end of a rope, used for tying down loads; obstacle, barrier.

To'g'ra  : v.t. To chop, to slice, to dice. [to'g'ral , to'g'rat , to'g'ratil , to'g'rash ]

To'g'ram : slice, piece, bit, chunk.

To'g'rama : sliced, chopped. ~ palov pilau made with small chopped bits of meat.

To'g'ramcha : sliced, chopped.

To'g'ri : straight; right, true, correct; upright, honest; direct; straight away, directly. ~ qil  to make straight, to correct; to do the right thing. ~ kel  to match, to fit; to suit; to happen; to equal, to be the same as; to meet, to come across; to coincide with. ~ chiziq straight line. ~ burchak right angle. ~ saylov direct election. ~ boradigan poezd direct train. ~ siznikiga keldim I came straight to your place. ~ odam upright person. ~ sini aytganda the truth be known..., actually, ... ~sini ayting Tell (me) the truth. ~ yo'l straight road; true path. Bu kostyum menga ~ kelmaydi This suit doesn't suit me. Bu xabar haqiqatga ~ kelmaydi This news doesn't ring true. To'y bayram kuniga ~ keldi the wedding coincided with the holiday. Bugun ko'p yurishga ~ keldi Today we had to walk quite a lot. Shunday qilishga ~ keladi It will have to/should be done this way. ~ chiq  to turn out to be true. ~mda facing me. ~sida across from, facing; about, concerning; over, with respect to. Men parkning ~sida turaman I live across from the park. ~sidan (from) opposite, from the other side; from, over, about. Pul ~ bir oz qiynalib turibmiz We're having a few problems with money.

To'g'rida : facing, in front, across from; about, concerning. Bu ~ about this, concerning this, on this matter.

To'g'ridan to'g'ri : directly, right away.

To'g'rila  : v.t. To put right, to correct, to straighten; to take care of; to direct at, to train on, to face towards. [to'g'rilan , to'g'rilat , to'g'rilash ]

To'g'rilagich : rectifier.

To'g'rilik : straightness; truth; uprightness, honesty.

To'g'rilikcha : openly.

To'garak : round, circular; circle, group.

To'garakchilik : cliquishness.

To'k  : v.t. To spill; to pour out, to dump; to shed (tears, sweat, etc.); to unleash (emotion). ~ib sol  to spill out (one's guts). ~ib tashla  to spill out; to pour out. [to'kil , to'kish , to'ktir ]

To'kib sochib : messily, spilling right and left; generously, extravagantly.

To'kil  : v.i. Pass. Of to'k ; to be shed, to fall out, to drop. To'kilib/to'kilay deb tur  to be ready to fall down. Yuragi to'kilib/to'kilay deb turibdi to have one's heart ready to burst from pent up emotion.to'kin chochin coll.s. To'kin sochin.

To'kin sochin : copious, extravagant, lavish.

To'kin : plenty, abundance.

To'kinchilk : time of plenty.

To'kindi : spilled things, leavings, refuse; s.t. Spilled or left on the ground.

To'kinlik : plentiousness.

To'kis tugal : copious, abundant, extravagant.

To'kis tugallik : extravagance.

To'kis : impeccable, perfect, excellent; lavish, extravagant.

To'kislik : impeccableness, excellence; lavishness.

To'kma : gatherings held by a group of friends daily or regularly during the winter using money or materials supplied by all members of the group.

To'kmachi : one who attends a to'kma.

To'l  : v.i. To become full, to fill; to be exasperated. Paymonasi ~di It's time has come., It's day is over. Uyi ~ib qoldi said when one's house is full of people there to greet s.o. Back from a trip. Qizim o'n yoshga ~di My daughter has become ten years old. [to'ldir /to'lg'az /to'lg'iz /to'lat , to'lattir , to'ldiril , to'ldirish , to'ldirtir , to'lish ]to'l dial.lambing (season).

To'la  : v.t. To pay. [to'lan , to'lat , to'latil , to'lattir , to'lash ]

To'la to'kis : lavish, replete.

To'la : full, filled (with); complete; hefty, heavy set. ~ ish kuni full work day. Fikringizga ~ qo'shilaman I agree with you completely. Oyning ~ tutilishi total lunar eclipse.

To'lalik : abstr. Of u sizdan ~ qiladi He's heavier set than you are.

To'ldir  : v.t. Caus. Of to'l ; to fill out (form, etc.). [to'ldirtir ]

To'ldirg'ich : filler.

To'ldiruvchi : v.n. Of ~ Ergash gap object complement.

To'lg'a  : v.t. To shake, to whirl. Bo'yin ~  (rare) to back out. [to'lg'an , to'lg'at ]

To'lg'an  : v.i. To twist; to writhe, to contort; to heave, to swell; to throb (emotion). Ilonday to'lg'an  to writhe like a snake. [to'lg'antir ]

To'lg'in rare : full; heavy set.

To'lg'oq : (birthing) pains, contraction(s); pain, misery.

To'lin : full (moon).

To'liq  : v.i. To be full of emotion; (rare) to puff up, to swell. To'liq o'rta maktab to'liq sodda gap

To'liq : full, complete; completely. ~ o'rta maktab school with grades 1 10. ~ sodda gap complete simple sentence.

To'liqla  : v.t. To complete.

To'liqsiz : incomplete. ~ o'rta maktab school with grades 1 8. ~ gap incomplete sentence.

To'lish  : v.i. Coop. Of toul ; to fill out. Yuzi ~di His face has filled out.

To'lov : v.n. Of to'la ; payment; compensation.

To'lovdor : in arrears; s. Tovondor.

To'lqin : wave.

To'lqinlan  : v.i. To wave, to become wavy, to undulate, to stir; to rock (with emotion); to become stirred up. [to'lqinlantir ]

To'lqinlat  : v.t. To rock; to stir, to agitate.

To'lqinli : wavy, choppy, turbulent; stirring. Qisqa ~ nurlar shortwave radiation.

To'lqinsimon : wavy, undulating, wave like.

To'mpay  : v.i. To fall to one's knees, then lie face down; to stick out.

To'mtoq : blunt; snub nosed, rounded; stub (body part); dull; faulty, bad. ~ barmoq stub finger.

To'mtoqla  : v.t. To blunt. [to'mtoqlan ]

To'mtoqlik : abstr. Of to'mtoq; bluntness, dullness.

To'n : (Arabic) plague.

To'n  dial. : v.i. To stare fixedly.

To'n : traditional robe or coat (s. Copon); rind, peel. ~ kiydir /~ bich  to follow (the example of); to appraise. ~iga kir  to take on the guise of. ~ini teskari kiy  to be in a huff about s.t.

To'na  : v.t. To waylay, to rob, to mug. [to'nal ]

To'ng'ich : oldest, firstborn (child); first, intitial.

To'ng'illa  : v.i. To grumble; to growl, to bark (at). [to'ng'illash ]to'ng'iz zool.wild boar; swine, pig. ~ o'q large bullet used in boar hunting. ~ yili the 12th year in the 12 year animal calendar. ~ qarash glowering look.

To'ng'izlik : pig like behavior.to'ng'iztaroq bot.fuller's teasel.

To'ng  : v.i. To freeze; to congeal. [to'ngdir ]

To'ng : crude, rude, coarse; (rare) frozen. ~ bo'yin bullheaded.

To'ngak : stump (of tree).to'ngla  dial.s. To'ng .

To'nglik : rudeness.

To'niq : gloomy, cloudy.

To'nka  : v.t. To blame on, to accuse. [to'nkal , to'nkash ]

To'nka : stump (of tree); (chopping) block.

To'nkar  : v.t. To overturn. [to'nkaril , to'nkarish ]

To'nkarig'liq : overturned.to'nqatar hist.attendant in an emir's court responsible for dismounting nobility.

To'nqay  : v.i. To bend double. Davlatiga ~  to show ingratitude; to give o.s. Airs. [to'nqayish , to'nqaytir ]

To'ntar  : v.t. To overturn; to overthrow. [to'ntaril , to'ntarish ]

To'ntarig'liq : upside down, overturned.

To'ntarilish : v.n. Of to'ntaril ; overthrow.

To'ntarish : v.n. Of to'ntar ; overturn, overthrow.

To'p 1 : ball; cannon; noontime (s. To'potar).

To'p 2 : pile, bunch, group; bundle, pack.

To'p 3 : plopping or plunking sound.

To'p to'la : brim full, completely full.

To'p to'liq : s. To'p to'la.

To'p to'p 1 : piles and piles; groups and groups.to'p to'p 2 ono.s. To'p 3.

To'p to'sindan : s. To'ppa to'sindan.to'palang dial.s. To'polon.

To'parast : one fond of attending wedding parties, etc.

To'pchi : cannoneer, artillery gunner.

To'pday/dek : like a ball; dry, tasteless.to'pgul bot.blossom cluster. Murakkab ~ compound inflorescence.

To'pilla  ono. : v.i. To make a plopping or plunking sound. [to'pillat ]

To'piq : ankle. ~ o'yini game played with a sheep's ankle bone.to'pir dial.pile, mound.

To'pla  : v.t. To pick up, to gather, to collect. Askar ~  to assemble troops. [to'plan , to'planish , to'plat , to'platil , to'plash ]

To'plam : collection; pile, stack.

To'plan  to'planish  :

To'planish : v.n. Of to'pla ; rallying, assembly; concentration; collection.

To'plog'li : collected, assembled, amassed.

To'plovchi : v.n. Of to'pla ; collector, compiler.

To'polon : ruckus, commotion, hullabaloo, carrying on; trouble, unrest, upheaval. ~ qil /chiqar /ko'tar  to make a ruckus, to make a fuss; to make trouble.

To'polonchi : trouble maker; mischievous.

To'polonchilik : troublesome behavior; trouble, commotion.

To'pon : chaff; scale, dross.

To'ponday : dry, oilless.to'pori coll.simple, simple minded.to'potar arch.noontime (< formerly a cannon shot was fired at noon in Tashkent).

To'ppa to'g'ri : completely straight, straight as an arrow; very true, quite right.

To'ppa to'sindan : completely by surprise, quite unexpectedly.

To'ppay  : v.i. To stick out, to jut out. [to'ppaytir ]to'ppi coll.s. Do'ppi.

To'pponcha : pistol.

To'pposla  dial. : v.t. To beat up (s. Do'pposla ).

To'ptosh : jacks (game).

To'pxona : arsenal.

To'q 1 : full; filled, satiated; well off, comfortable, prosperous; dark (color). ~ tutadigan filling (food). To'ng'izdan ~ rich as a pig. O'ziga ~ well off. (mendan) qorningiz ~ Ekan That's what I was going to say.to'q 2 ono.popping or cracking sound.

To'qa : buckle, clasp.

To'qay : reed bed; thicket, wood; thickly grown, crowded.

To'qayiston : s. To'qayzorlik.

To'qaylik : thicket, copse.

To'qayzor : s. To'qay.

To'qayzorlik : place full of thickets.

To'qchilik : prosperity, abundance, easy life.

To'qi  : v.t. To weave, to knit; to fabricate, to make up; to compose (poetry). [to'qil , to'qit , to'qittir , to'qish ]to'qillat  ono.to make a knocking or tapping sound. [to'qillatish ]

To'qilma : s. To'qima.

To'qim : (felt) saddle cloth; covering made for a tandoor or outdoor stove. ~ ur  to throw a saddle cloth (on a horse); to make indebted. ~ tabiat undiscriminating, undiscerning, tasteless.

To'qima : woven, knitted; textile, fabric; tissue; plot; fabricated, invented.

To'qimachi : textile worker; weaver; fabricator.

To'qimachilik : textile manufacturing; fabrication.

To'qimla  : v.t. To fit with a saddle cloth.

To'qin  rare : v.i. To collide with; to affect, to stir. [to'qinish ]

To'qinish : v.n. Of ~ kel  to bump into, to meet.

To'qish  dial. : v.i. S. To'qnash .

To'qla  rare : v.t. To fill, to make full. Ko'nglini ~  to put at ease. [to'qlan , to'qlash ]

To'qli : female lamb.

To'qlik : fullness; abundance, prosperity. To'qlikning ~i or to'qlikdan chiqar ~ too well off for one's own good.

To'qmoq : mallet; knocker, hammer; blow, knock. Temir boshli ~ sledgehammer.

To'qmoqla  : v.t. To strike with a mallet or sledgehammer. [to'qmoqlan , to'qmoqlat , to'qmoqlash ]

To'qnash  : v.i. To run into, to meet; to collide with; to clash (with). [to'qnashtir ]

To'qnash : (face to face) encounter; clash, conflict. ~ kel  to meet, to run into; to clash.

To'qnashish : v.n. Of to'qnash ; clash, conflict.

To'qnashuv : v.n. Of to'qnash ; collision; clash, conflict, struggle.to'qoch dial.large bo'g'irsoq; small loaf of bread (s. Kulcha non).to'qol 1 hist.second wife (in polygamy).

To'qol 2 : hornless.

To'qqiz to'qqiz : gifts given to women at a wedding ceremony, presented on a tray and consisting of nine varieties.

To'qqiz : nine; s. ~ pul nothing, not a cent. ~ puldek tushuntirip/tugip ber  to give a simple explanation.

To'qqizinchi : ninth.

To'qqizlik : nine (in cards).

To'qqizta : nine (of countable, non unit nouns).to'qqiztepa bot.trefoil.to'qsabo hist.name of a high military rank in the Central Asian khanates.

To'qson : ninety; the ninety days of winter (December 1  March 1).

To'qsoninchi : ninetieth.

To'qsonta : ninety (of countable, non unit nouns).

To'quv : v.n. Of to'qi; weaving.

To'quvchi : weaver.

To'quvchilik : weaving, weaver's craft.

To'r 1 : net. Ko'zlab ~ tashla  to plan well ahead.

To'r 2 : place of honor (opposite the door); far end of any house or room.

To'ra : lord, nobleman; bureaucrat, mandarin.

To'rachilik : mandarinism, pedantic bureaucratic behavior.

To'ralarcha : in a lordly fashion.

To'ralik : abstr. Of to'ra; mandarinism, pedantic bureaucratic behavior.to'ramijoz zool.red duck, ruddy shelduck (s. Ang'irt).to'rg'ay zool.lark; name of a classic Ozbek melody.

To'riq : bay (horse).

To'rla  : v.t. To stitch (closed) in a crisscross pattern; to become covered with a net like pattern (of a melon rind). [to'rlat ]

To'rlama : ripe (melon; whose rind has a well developed net like pattern).

To'rqovoq : cage for a singing quail made from a gourd hung in a net.

To'rs : rude, uncouth.

To'rsay  : v.i. To frown, to pout. [to'rsayish ]

To'rsiq : water skin; pendulous breast.

To'rt : four; grade of "B" in the five point grading system.

To'rtburchak(li) : square, rectangular.

To'rtburchaklik : quadrangle, quadrilateral, rectangle.

To'rtinchi : fourth. ~lar the Bolsheviks.

To'rtko'z : euphemism for "dog"; four eyes (person that wears glasses).

To'rtlamchi : quaternary.

To'rtlik : quatrain; foursome; four (cards).

To'rtov : the four of... ~imiz the four of us.to'rtovlab dial.(to do s.t.) As a foursome; four at a time.

To'rtovlashib : (to do s.t.) As a group of four, all four together.

To'rtovlon : all four together, the four (of them).

To'rtta : four (w/ countable, non unit nouns).

To'rttadan : four at a time.

To'rttala : all four (of them).

To'rttalab : (to do s.t.) Four at a time. G'ishtni ~ tashi  to carry four bricks at a time.

To'rva : sack, bag. ~ qoqdi youngest child, last child.

To's  1 : v.t. To block, to obstruct, to impede, to hinder; to screen, to shield. Yo'lini ~  to block s.o.'s way. [to'sil , to'stir ]

To's  2 : v.t. To hold a child (while it is going to the bathroom). [to'sil , to'stir ]

To's to'polon : mass upheaval, chaos, confusion.

To's to's : ~ bo'l  to run away in all directions, willy nilly.

To's : birch bark or bast (used in saddle making); a special black dye.

To'satdan : suddenly, unexpectedly.

To'sh : breast, chest; bosom. ~ bezi mammary gland. ~ bog'i front strap securing a camel saddle.

To'sha  : v.t. To lay down, to spread out (bedding, carpet, pavement); to pave, to cover. [to'shal , to'shat , to'shatil , to'shatish ]

To'shak : mattress, bed; thick quilt used as bedding.

To'shama : flooring, pavement, bedding (anything which is laid down).

To'shdor : broad chested.

To'shli : s. To'shdor.

To'shog'lik : spread out, laid down (with). O'rin ~ the bed(ding) is laid out.

To'sin : beam, girder.

To'sindan : s. To'satdan.

To'sinlik : s. To'sinbop.

To'siq : barrier, barricade, obstruction, obstacle; blocked, barricaded.

To'siqli : barricaded, obstructed, blocked.

To'siqlik : obstruction, impediment, interference.

To'siqsiz : open, unimpeded. ~ Ergash gap concessive subordinate clause.

To'sqich : barrier, barricade; (arch.) Valve.

To'sqin : barrier, obstruction, impediment.

To'sqinchi : highwayman, robber.

To'sqinchilik : (highway) robbery, brigandage; interference, obstruction.

To'sqinlik : obstruction, impediment, obstacle.to'sqovul arch.watchman, sentry.

To'ti : parrot; pretty woman.

To'tiday/dek : parrot like; pretty.

To'tiyo : copper sulfate; tutty (used as medicine for the eyes).

To'tiyolik : dear or sacred thing.

To'xta  : v.i. To stop; to wait; to stay; to come to a decision; to pause on, to discuss (a topic); to become pregnant (cattle). [to'xtal , to'xtat , to'xtatil , to'xtash ]to'xta zool.s. Tuvaloq.

To'xtal  : v.i. Reflex. Of ~ib gapir  to stutter, to stammer.

To'xtam : decision, resolution; agreement.

To'xtat  : v.t. Caus. Of to'xta ; to reserve (for later sale); to postpone. [to'xtatil ]

To'xtovsiz : incessant, constant; urgent; w/o stopping, incessantly.

To'y  : v.i. To eat one's fill, to be full; to have enough, to reach one's limit. ~dim or qornim ~di I'm full. ~ib ~ib nafas ol  to fill one's lungs with air, to breathe long and deep. O'zi ~sa ham, ko'zi ~maydi to be greedy. ~gan qo'ziday or qo'zining bolasiday living free and easy. [to'ydir , to'ydiril , to'yin , to'yish , to'yg'iz ]

To'y hasham : wedding ceremonies, festivities.

To'y tomosha : celebrations, festivities.

To'y : feast, celebration (esp. Wedding, circumcision, etc.); other wedding ceremonies involving settlement of dowry and other exchanges of property. Qizil ~ non traditional, reformed wedding. ~ ber  to send the dowry to the groom's house; to hold a wedding. Ko'pga kelgan ~ s.t. That happens to everyone. Tepa ~iga said when children get tired and head for home after a day's playing.

To'yboshi : master of ceremonies at a wedding.

To'ychi : guest at a wedding, etc.; host of a wedding, etc.

To'ychilik : feast or celebration customs and rules.

To'ychiq : small wedding or feast.

To'ygarchilik : time full of wedding celebrations; wedding (or other celebration) rules and customs.

To'yimli : filling, nutritious.

To'yimlilik : abstr. Of to'yimli; nutritiousness.

To'yin  : v.i. To be quite full, to eat one's fill; to be saturated (with). ~ingan Eritma saturated solution.

To'yla  : v.i. To be a guest at a wedding or other celebration; to go from wedding to wedding (or other celebration). [to'ylash ]

To'yli : having or holding a wedding (or other celebration).

To'ymagur : damned, accursed, infernal.

To'yona : present given to those holding a wedding; service award given to workers in honor of s.t.

To'yxat : invitation to a wedding or other celebration; holiday greeting card.

To'yxona : house where a wedding or other celebration is taking place.

To'z  : v.i. To be scattered, to disperse; to be jumbled, to be made a mess; to be tattered, to be worn out; (rare) to wither. [to'zdir , to'zit , to'zitil , to'zish ]to'z arch.dust.

To'zg'i  : v.i. S. To'z . [to'zg'it , to'zg'itil , to'zg'ish ]

To'zg'in : scattered, dispersed, in disarray.

To'zg'oq : tousled, scattered; fluff, fuzz, pappus.

To'zi  : s. To'z .

To'zim : perseverence, endurance. ~ ber  to show perseverence.

To'zimli : persistent, persevering.

To'zimlilik : perseverence, persistence.

To'zimsiz : impatient, irresolute.

To'zimsizlik : impatience, lack of perseverence.

To'ziq : scattered, dispersed, in disarray; tattered, worn.

To'zon : dust (blown about in or by the wind). ~ bo'l  to be reduced to dust. ~ qil  to reduce to dust.

Toat : (Arabic) obedience (esp. To God).

Toat ibodat : (Arabic) piety and devotion.

Tob 1 : health; maturity, readiness, ripeness; desire, inclination; endurance, strength. ~ida ripe, at its prime. ~iga kel  to become ripe or ready, to enter its prime. ~idan o't  to pass its prime. ~ tashla  to warp. ~ ber  to withstand, to endure.

Tob 2 : moment, occasion, time.tob toqat, tobu toqatstamina, endurance.tobakay lit.until when.

Tobe 3pp ~i : (Arabic) subordinate, subject, under (command of).

Tobelik : subservience, subordination, dependence.

Tobgir : horse expert who specializes in readying a horse for race or other contest.

Tobla  1 : v.t. To heat, to warm; to temper, to harden; to toughen, to season. [toblan , toblat , toblash ]

Tobla  2 : v.t. To twist, to wind. [toblan , toblat , toblash ]

Toblash : v.n. Of tobla ; tempering.

Tobon lit. : bright, radiant.

Tobora : progressively, more and more, little by little, gradually.tobulgi bot.meadow sweet.

Tobut : (Arabic) bier. ~im ko'rsin God forbid that..., Let me die before... Taxtdan ~ga tort  to dethrone, to depose.

Tobutchi : s. Tobutsoz.

Tobutkash : one carrying a bier; neighbor.

Tobutsoz : bier maker.

Tobutxona : alcove at a mosque for storing a bier.

Tochka : (Russian) period, full stop.

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