Southern splendour tour

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Join us for a two week tour of the most scenic part of the South Island of New Zealand along including some hidden gems.

This trip is open to all guiding, ex guiding, trefoil, plus friends.

Experience kiwi hospitality at its best:
Highlights include:

  • The quaint French settlement of Akaroa

  • Mt Cook village and viewing up close our highest mountain, magnificent Mt Cook

  • Staying on a working merino sheep station in the high country

  • A day in picturesque Milford Sound

  • Glaciers, turquoise lakes, braided rivers, wildlife colonies, native forests

  • PLUS LOTS MORE …………….

Day One


25 Feb

Participants will be met at Christchurch International Airport and transferred to accommodation.

Day Two


26 Feb

Today we have a short drive to the French settlement of Akaroa. A compulsory stop at She Chocolates before we proceed to Governors Bay and the delightful harbourside town of Akaroa, the oldest town in Canterbury founded by French settlers in 1840. Visit the Giants House, a creation by Josie Martin, a sculptor, painter and media artist.

Day Three


27 Feb

With the Southern Alps on our eastern side, we drive over the Canterbury Plains to beautiful Lake Tekapo. The remarkable blue of this lake is caused by “rock flour” from glaciers. On the lakefront stands the Church of the Good Shepherd built as a memorial to the early pioneers. A statue of a sheep dog stands also as a tribute to the essential part they played in farming this region. Lunch today is as Lonely Planet puts it “One of the planet’s best locations for a café.” The summit of Mt John has amazing views of surrounding lakes and countryside that will not disappoint!

Option 1: Star Gazing Cowans Hill $115.00 (1hr 15mins)

Through powerful telescopes search the milky way for a few hidden secrets and some Southern sky objects. (Tour will only proceed if sky is clear)

Day Four


28 Feb

Today after a short drive through Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park we arrive at the village set at the base of the Mt Cook, our tallest mountain at 3724 metres. Seeing this dazzling peak is a site to behold, view from the village or take one of the many walking tracks to enjoy this unique scenery

Option 2: Helicopter flight over Mt Cook $290.00

Explore the valleys and peaks of Aoraki Mount Cook National Park. With exceptional views of Aoraki Mount Cook and the surrounding snow capped mountain range, you will be captivated throughout the flight. Includes snow landing – Duration 25 mins (Minimum numbers apply).

Day Five


1 March

Presiding over the sweeping tussock lands of the Lindis Pass, North Otago, we visit a working High Country Merino Sheep Station. Tonights accommodation is in the shearers quarters for an authentic kiwi experience.

Day Six


2 March

A trip to the South Island would not be complete without visiting Queenstown, the most scenic and adventure capital of NZ. This afternoon we arrive at our hotel.
Tonights Dinner:

Steeped in Queenstown’s pioneering history, your experience starts with a cruise across Lake Wakatipu in the 103 year old steamship, the TSS Earnslaw. Then disembark at Walter Peak High Country Farm, one of the first farms set up in the region.

Relax in the unique ambience of the Colonel’s Homestead Restaurant, the heart of the stately homestead at Walter Peak.  Here, you’ll enjoy a Gourmet BBQ dinner which the chef will prepare in front of you. After dinner, an entertaining and informative demonstration gives you a glimpse of life in this once remote farming area

Day Seven


3 March

Explore Queenstown and/or select from the following options:
Option 3: Shotover jet $185

From the moment the accelerator hits the floor, your adrenaline hits the roof. You’ll speed over 10cm deep water, along the famous Shotover River and deep into the spectacular Shotover River Canyons. It’s an amazing white water ride, as the Shotover Canyon walls tower over you, your expert driver puts his state-of-the-art Big Red Jet Boat through its paces. At 85kph he’ll skillfully whip the powerful boat past rocky outcrops, skim around crags and boulders, and speed through the dramatic and narrow canyons. Rock faces blur in your peripheral vision and the water sprays into a myriad of white water crystals with every turn.
Option 4: Skippers Canyon 4WD Safari $225 (4hrs)

The Skippers Canyon 4WD tour departs from Queenstown and heads out of town towards Coronet Peak Skifield. As we head up the mountain, take in panoramic views over the Wakatipu Basin. After entering Skippers Canyon we travel to Lighthouse Rock for a dramatic lookout over the canyon. We continue following in the footsteps of adventurers and discoverers as this historical winding road brings us to the historic Skippers Bridge- a perfect photo opportunity.

After carefully negotiating the bridge, the road continues into the old township of Skippers. Long since abandoned, several original buildings remain waiting to be explored. During a pause for refreshments in the township, immerse yourself in the history of this place as the restored schoolhouse and old homestead divulge a wealth of information through photos and artefacts from the early days of this settlement. The nearby cemetery depicts a more gloomy and dangerous life for these gold prospectors.

On the return journey we stop at Deep Creek where you can test your luck panning for gold in one of the richest gold bearing rivers in the world. 

Option 5: Segway ride 110.00

Discover the new sensation of having your personal transport. After a quick training session, you will take a spin around Queenstown Bay and beyond while enjoying this unique form of riding.

Day Eight


4 March

Today we start our exploration of Fiordland National Park. We arrive at the gateway of this park, Lake Te Anau, where we spend the next two nights. Lake Te Anau is the largest lake in the South Island and is bordered on its western shore by lush virgin native forest.

Option 6: Te Anau Glowworm Caves $100.00

Deep inside the caves, beyond the roar of the water, you will be taken by small boat into a silent hidden grotto inhabited by thousands of glowworms, unique to New Zealand. In the subterranean darkness, they produce a glittering display that is nothing short of extraordinary.

  • Duration: 2hrs 15 mins

  • Includes cruise across Lake Te Anau

Day Nine


5 March

Today we spend the whole day in beautiful Milford Sound. The day begins with a visit to the Underwater observatory. The beauty of Fiordland continues below the sea. Milford Sound contains unique and beautiful marine life, and the Underwater Observatory is the perfect way to get up close and observe it.

We board our boat to cruise the length of the fiord, learn about the history of the region and benefit from the knowledge of your specialist nature guide. Experience the spray of a waterfall as you cruise close to sheer rock faces or watch out for dolphins, seals and in season, the rare Fiordland crested penguins. Free time when we disembark to wonder and explore this unique area.

Day Ten


6 March

We travel to Lake Wanaka located in Mt Aspiring National Park, this is both a popular summer and ski resort and a good place to catch our breath before travelling to the West Coast.

Day Eleven


7 March

As we journey north on the western coastline we travel through natural rainforest and over the Haast Pass, with photo stops to enjoy this breathtaking scenery, we continue to Glacier Country staying tonight at the village of Fox Glacier

Option 7: Fox Glacier snow landing $280 (Flight duration 20mins)

Take to the skies above the Fox Glacier Township before heading towards the Fox Glacier and exploring the dynamic icefalls. A snow landing above the glacier allows you to set foot on a largely inaccessible area and breathe in the pristine alpine air as the majesty of the landscape surrounds you.

Day Twelve


8 March

As we continue up the western coastline we stop at Hokitika known for its arts and crafts then on to Punakaiki where you can walk the loop to view the famous pancake rocks and blowholes. Tonights stay is in the old mining town of Westport

Day Thirteen


9 March

Today we traverse the main divide on Lewis Pass, travelling through beech forests, we arrive at the alpine village of Hanmer Springs. A perfect place to experience thermal pools and spas.

Day Fourteen


10 March

We complete our loop of the South Island by returning to Christchurch and enjoying a farewell dinner to celebrate our time together. The tour concludes with accommodation tonight.

Option 8 North Island 5 day tour:
Saturday 10 March Day One: Fly to Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, visit Zealandia the world’s first fully-fenced urban ecosanctuary, with an extraordinary 500-year vision to restore a Wellington valley’s forest and freshwater ecosystems as closely as possible to their pre-human state. The 225 hectare ecosanctuary is a groundbreaking conservation project that has reintroduced 18 species of native wildlife back into the area, 6 of which were previously absent from mainland New Zealand for over 100 years. This afternoon visit Te Papa, the National Museum or take a cable car ride where you can enjoy panoramic views of this City
Sunday 11 March Day Two: Today travel along the Kapiti coastline and the Tongariro National Park to Lake Taupo, a popular holiday spot.
Monday 12 March Day Three: A trip to the North Island must include our culture centre “Rotorua.” Visit Te Puia, a unique geyser land and thermal wonderland with mud pools in a natural thermal valley. Also at Te Puia we can view ‘the Kiwi’
Option 9: Maori Village $140

Tonight visit an historical Maori Village for an evening of traditional culture. Enjoy a hangi (feast) along with some beautiful singing and entertainment

Tuesday 13 March Day Four: This morning we travel to Hobbiton, movie set of the Trilogy

of ‘Lord of the Rings’ and the ‘ Hobbit’ Enjoy a guided tour through this picturesque set and scenery. This afternoon we continue our journey to Auckland- ‘The City of Sails,’ and NZ’s largest City

Wednesday 14 March Day Five: Orientation of Auckland City including a waterfront drive along the Bays. We visit the skytower for stunning views of the ‘City of Sails’ This afternoon travel by ferry to the village of Devonport, visit Lake Pupuke and drive via the Harbour Bridge to return to our Hotel.
Tour concludes with Dinner and accommodation tonight

All tours include

Coach travel

Southern Splendour tour includes all breakfasts (apart from Day 14,) and 8 dinners.

North Island option includes 5 breakfasts and 3 dinners

Entry fees to all attractions as stated except Options

Experienced Tour Escorts

NZ Government Tax

Flight from Christchurch to Wellington (North Island Tour)
Not included:

Morning and afternoon teas, lunches

Fares to and from New Zealand

Travel Insurance is compulsory and at participants cost.

All prices are in NZ dollars
Guides NZ or its agents shall in no circumstances whatsoever be liable to the client or any person travelling on tour for:

  1. Any death, personal injury, sickness, accident, loss, delay, consequential loss or any misadventure howsoever caused.

  2. In this condition the expression 'howsoever caused' includes negligence on the part of the person.

** Itinerary may vary slightly depending on numbers and availability **

A minimum number of passengers is required for each tour.



Send to Guides NZ, c/- Jenny Garrett

14 George Street, Hospital Hill, Napier 4110, New Zealand

Email: Ph: 006468354493

Name Name on badge



Ph #: Mobile
Next of Kin & contact details:_____________________________________
Age: (please circle one)

18+ 40+ 50+ 60+ 65+

Any dietary requirements or allergies:

Please let us know if you require extra accommodation prior or post tour.



Deposit (payable with this form)


Balance payable by 30th November 2017


This amount can be paid by either Bankdraft made out to Guides NZ or by giving your credit card number, your name on the card and Expiry Date. 2.5% charge for credit card payments


Your Worksheet (monies payable on arrival in NZ)

Option list

Option 1: Star Gazing $115

Option 2: Helicopter flight Mt Cook $290

Option 3: Shotover jet $185

Option 4: Skippers Canyon $225

Option 5: Segway ride $110

Option 6: Te Anau Glowworms $100

Option 7: Fox Glacier snow landing $280

Option 8: North Island Tour $2550

Option 9: Maori Village 140


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