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Krishna Katha Kalakshepam

By the children and parents of

Gokul Bhajan & Vedic Studies (NC)

Script Date: Aug, 29, 2010

Script Version: 5.0
Seating Arrangement: Priti Bhatia

Microphones: Venkat Sundara Krishnan, Sunil Mishra

Bhajan group Seating:

Slide-1: Initial display
Slide-2: Introduction (B K DASA or MCA):

The children and parents from Gokul Bhajan & Vedic Studies are very happy to present this small program to you on this most auspicious day.

This year we are presenting an unusual program and hope you will enjoy this. When songs appear on the slides, we encourage the audience also to sing for the chorus. We start our program with Guru Vandana…

Slide-3: Guru Vandana:


When to start singing: At the 3rd beat bar.
Namas te guru-devaya

Sarva-siddhi pradayine

Sarva mangala rupaya

Sarvananda vidhayine

(Then PRIYA will lead):
(PRIYA - Start singing at the 3rd bar)
Guru Deva! Guru Deva! Guru Deva, Guru Deva

[Guru Carana Kamala Bhaja man

Guru Carana Kamala Bhaja man ..] (Ch: Guru Carana)

Guru-krpā vinā nāhi koi sādhana-bal,

Bhaja man bhaja anukşaņ

[Guru Carana Kamala Bhaja man,

Guru Carana Kamala Bhaja man ..] (Ch: Guru Carana)

Guru Deva! Guru Deva! Guru Deva, Guru Deva (Ch: Guru Deva)

  1. Hidden Secrets Behind the Birth of Lord Krishna


Slide-4: (intro-BK): The birth of Sri Krishna is so mysterious that no one can understand the real truth.

  • [Enter from right. 15 mins to get to center]. Ankita pays pranam before starting

Slide-5 (Ankita starts):

Hare Krishna!

Today we are celebrating the most auspicious day, the birth day of Lord Sri Krishna. There are many hidden secrets behind the Birth of Lord Krishna. Common scriptures do not give those details but are found only in rare and secret scriptures.
There were many reasons for the advent of Lord Krishna in this world. The common belief is that the Mother Earth, unable to bear the burden of sins committed by evil kings and rulers, appealed to Lord Brahma, the Creator for help. Brahma along with other devatas prayed to the Supreme Lord Narayana.

Slide-7: (song) - Lead: ASHIKHA ARUN

When to start singing: At the 3rd beat bar.
[Namo Narayana Namo Narayana

Hari Hari Om Jaya Narayana]...(2) ... (Ch: Namo)

[Sri Padmanabha Narayana

Sri Hari Nāma Namo Narayana] ... (Ch: Namo)

[Namo Narayana Namo Narayana

Hari Hari Om Jaya Narayana] ... (Ch: Namo)

[Kshirābdhi Sayana Narayana

Sri Lakshmi Ramana Namo Narayana] ... (Ch: Namo)

[ ----- Finishing – ALL Sing -----]

[Namo Narayana Namo Narayana

Hari Hari Om Jaya Narayana] (3)

Slides-8, 9:

On the Earth there were many demons. Kamsa was one of them. On the day Kamsa's sister Devaki was married to Vasudeva, an akashvani from the sky was heard saying that Devaki's 8th son would be the killer of Kamsa. The frightened Kamsa immediately pulled his sword to kill his own sister, but Vasudeva intervened and begged Kamsa to spare his wife. He promised to hand over every new born child to him.

To Devaki and Vasudeva, the Lord appeared in His four handed form and then became a two handed baby.

As asked by the Lord, Vasudeva carried the child from their prison in Mathura to the house of the cowherd chief Nandababa in Gokul. He exchanged his child Krishna with a daughter born to Nandababa and Yashoda.


But what really happened was not that simple. Common people either do not understand or not aware of these mysteries. Some of these are described in rare scriptures such as Hari-Vamsa and Tantra sastras. For example, in Hari-Vamsa, it has been described that Lord Hari simultaneously took birth in two places.

Lord Krishna was born to Yashoda and also to Devaki at the very same time. Then as a 2nd child, Yogamaya was born to Yashoda. Yashoda Nandana was the svayam - the original bhagavan, and the one born to Devaki was the Narayana or Vasudeva form of the same svayam-bhagavan.

When Devaki Nandana was brought from Mathura, Vasudeva could not see Yasoda-Nandana because Yogamaya hid Yasoda-Nandana. So, he simply exchanged his son with the Yogamaya as instructed by Lord Narayana. Devaki Nandana who was brought from Mathura merged into Yasoda Nandana.

Slide-14: (Song) - Lead: VIDYA VENKAT
When to start singing: At the 3rd beat bar.
[Gokula Nandana Jaya Krishna

Govinda Madhava Sri Krishna] ..(Ch: Gokula)

[Mohana Krishna Jaya Krishna

Murali Ganana Sri Krishna] ..(Ch: Mohana)

[Gopi Krishna Jaya Krishna

Govardana Dhara Sri Krishna] ..(Ch: Gopi)

[----- Finishing: ALL Sing ----- ]

[Gokula Nandana Jaya Krishna

Govinda Madhava Sri Krishna] (3)

  • Ankita pays quick pranam to the audience and sits at assigned spot.

  1. Krishna’s Love For Butter


Slide-15: (intro-BK): Here is a pastime of Sri Krishna showing His uncontrollable love for butter.

  • [Enter from right. 15 mins to get to center]. Divya pays pranam before starting

Slide-16 (Divya starts):
One morning, Krishna got up from his bed, and saw that mother Yasoda was busy making something special. He went to his mother and asked, ”O Mother! What are you making?”.

She said, “O Kanniah! Today is your birthday. So, you should worship a cow. Go and get a calf that you like best and bring it inside. I will go and bring the things for Go-Puja. Don’t do anything naughty. Do what I said.”

Krishna got so excited! With dancing, he went to the goshala and brought a very nice calf. Even though the calf was jumping here and there, he could manage to bring it inside the house and waited in the room for his mother. With the calf, Kanniah looked so charming! Even thousands of eyes are not enough to see his beauty!

Slide-18: (Song) Lead: PRIYA DASI
When to start singing: At the 3rd beat bar. Remember: There are markers..
Mohana Madhu Sudhana ..(Ch: Mohana) .. (2)
[Ganana Hari Keshava-Giri Dhara

Mohana Madhu Sudhana] ..(Ch: Ganana)

[** After marker beat **]
Nandana Vraja Balana ..(Ch: Nandana) .. (2)
[Madhava Gana Ranjana-Hari Hara

Nandana Vraja Balana] ..(Ch: Madhava)

[--- Finishing – ALL Sing ---]

Mohana Madhu Sudhana (3)


While waiting for his mother, something caught his attention. A beautiful butter pot was hanging above. His mouth started watering and he forgot everything about Go-Puja. He was desperate to eat that butter. But the problem was that there was no way of reaching it.

Then a great idea came! He pulled the calf and let it stand under the hanging pot and climbed onto the calf. The idea worked great. He could reach it and was about to take his first grab of butter.
But, at the same time the calf also saw something of its interest, and moved away. That left Krishna hanging on the butter pot! Realizing his situation, with fear of falling down, he shouted, “Oh, Mother! Oh, Mother.. Please help.. Please help..”.

Hearing his cry, Yasoda came running. She knew Kanniah must have done something naughty. She could not believe the wonderful scene and immediately guess what would have happened.

“What did I ask you to do?”, Yasoda asked.

But Kanniah was weeping. ”Mother! Please let me down. Please let me down.”

Yasoda, with bliss inside and anger outside said, ”I am not going to let you down. In fact as a punishment, you are going to be hanging like this for the whole day!”
We wonder when will that Krishna, be born again in Gokul!

And when will we see his blissful pastimes again?

Slide-22: (Song) Lead: SHIVANI KULKARNI

When to start singing: At the 3rd beat bar.

[Gokulathil Meendum Kannan Pirakka Māttānā

Konchi Konchi Kuzhalūthi Mayakka Māttānā] (ch: Goku)
Ampuliyai Kettu Adam Pidikka Māttānā (ch: Ambuli) …(2)

Mannai Vunda Vāyil Vinnai [Ch: Kāta Māttānā … Gokulathil ]

[Gokulathil Meendum Kannan Pirakka Māttānā

Konchi Konchi Kuzhalūthi Mayakka Māttānā] (ch: Goku)

Gopiyarai Vennaikkāha Kencha Māttānā (ch: Gopi) …(2)

Kenchi Avan Nazhi Nadanam [Ch: Āda Māttānā ... Gokulathil ]

[ ----- Finishing – ALL Sing -----]
[Gokulathil Meendum Kannan Pirakka Māttānā

Konchi Konchi Kuzhalūthi Mayakka Māttānā] (3)

  • Divya pays quick pranam to the audience and sits at the assigned spot.

  1. The Fruit Seller

Slide-23: (intro-BK): Krishna is controlled only by pure love. He even gave mother status to a fruit seller.

  • [Enter from right. 15 mins to get to center]. Meenal pays pranam before starting

Slide-24 (Meenal Starts):
Here is a story about an old lady from Mathura who was selling fruits to keep her life.

When she heard about the beauty of Sri Krishna in Gokul, she desperately wanted to get a darshan of baby Krishna


One day, after crossing Yamuna, she came to Gokul carrying her basket full of fruits. On that day, she could not sell even a single fruit.


Becoming so tired, she came in front of Nandababa’s residence and sat outside the courtyard for a darshan of Krishna. Due to her being a lower caste, she could not enter the courtyard.

That day, Krishna never came out even though she was waiting for the whole day shouting, “Fruits, fruits… Please buy some fruits…”

She returned home and came back again the next day crossing Yamuna and still Krishna would not come.


On the 3rd day she decided to die if she did not get darshan of Krishna on that day. She was constantly shouting, ” Fruits, fruits.. Please buy some fruits..” thinking that somehow Krishna will hear her and come.


Hearing her lamenting, Krishna jumped out from the lap of mother Yasoda and took some grains in His hands to pay for the fruits and came running out.

When the fruit seller saw the beauty of Krishna, she became like a statue stunned…

She wondered, “O! What a beauty, Sundaram.. O Sundara!” and even forgot to breath.

Slide-31: Song: Lead: SHIVANI KULKARNI
When to start singing: Wait for the entire tune for first segment elapse. Then start.
[ Sundara Ramana Govinda

Sridhara Madhava Parandhama

Sri Hari Jaya Hari Gopala

(Su) Gokula Mohana Manohara ] ... (Ch: Sundara)

[Sri Hari Madhava, Sridhara Hari Gopala

Sri Radha Vallabha, Govinda! Jaya Hari ] ... (Ch: Sri Hari)

[ Sundara Ramana Govinda

Sridhara Madhava Parandhama

Sri Hari Jaya Hari Gopala

(Su) Gokula Mohana Manohara ] ... (Ch: Sundara)

[---- Finishing – ALL Sing ----]

Gokula Mohana Manohara (3)


Krishna now reached the fruit seller and said, “Please give me fruits.”

The old lady now came back to her sense and asked, “Lala! What do you have to pay for?”

Krishna said, “I have these grains. Here it is.. Give me fruits!”

“Oh no, you only have few grains left in your hands.. All the grains fell through your fingers when you were walking..”

But Krishna demanded, “I want fruits. Give me fruits!”

She mentally gave herself fully to Krishna. But she had one unquenchable desire in her heart..

She said, “O lala, if you sit on my lap once and call me ‘Mother’, then I will give you all the fruits you want..”

Krishna thought for a moment… Then looking all the sides checking to make sure no one was seeing, He quickly sat on her lap, called her “Mother” once and with the same speed jumped up right after and demanded, “Now give me fruits!”.

The fruit seller felt indescribable ecstacy and tears came out uncontrollably from her eyes. She gave Krishna as much fruit as He could carry in His two little hands..

In her heart, she felt extreme bliss because Krishna called her ‘Mother”. Thinking it again and again, she could not control her tears. Like a mad person, she was talking to herself sitting like a statue outside the courtyard.

When the passing by people saw her sitting and weeping in the dark, they woke her up. But in ecstacy, she started singing and dancing… Everyone laughed at her thinking she was mad.


But she did not care. With her heart stolen by Krishna, she placed her basket on her head and slowly started to walk back to her hut in Mathura.

But when she was about to cross Yamuna, she noticed that her basket was extremely heavy. She wondered, ”What has happened? Why is this so heavy that I cannot carry it anymore?”

Wondering what might have happened, she slowly brought the basket down. To her surprise, it was filled fully with very costly diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and many costly jewels.


She wondered, “Oh Krishna! You gave this to me? No! These jewels have no value to me! I got the most valuable jewel from You! Compared to that, these have no value at all..“

“You called me ‘Mother’! What else do I need.. I do not want anything else.. I do not want anything else..”

She lifted the whole basket of jewels and threw them into Yamuna..

With eyes full of tears she danced calling, “Govinda.. Damodara!...”
(All Sing.. Starting right after the same from Meenal..

Sing with the background singing)

Govinda Damodara Madhaveti ..

Govinda Damodara Madhaveti..

Hey Krsna! Hey Yadava! Hey Sakheti!

Govinda Damodara Madhaveti..

  • Meenal pays quick pranam to the audience and sits in the assigned location.

  1. Greatness Of Gopis

Slide-38: (intro-BK): No one can describe the greatness of Vraja gopis. This story is just one of them.

  • [Enter from right. 15 mins to get to center]. Adithya pays pranam before starting

One of the main reasons of Lord Krishna’s appearance is to have loving relations with His dear devotees. His dear most devotees are the gopies of Vrindavan. With His flute, Krishna walked on the banks of Yamuna thrilling everyone, mainly all the vraja gopies.
Slide-40: (Song) Lead: PRIYA DASI

When to start singing: At the 3rd beat bar.

[Vanamali Vasudeva

Jagan Mohana Radha Ramana] ..(Ch: Vanamali)


[Sasi Vadana Sarajija Nayana

Madan Mohana Radha Ramana] ..(Ch: Sasi Vadana)
[Vanamali Vasudeva

Jagan Mohana Radha Ramana] ..(Ch: Vanamali)


[Sasi Vadana Sarajija Nayana

Madan Mohana Radha Ramana] ..(Ch: Sasi Vadana)
Vanamali Vasudeva (2) .. (Ch: Vanamali)
[…. Finishing. ALL sing with clapping …]
Radha Ramana (6)
Whenever Lord Krishna played His flute, the vraja Gopies forgot everything. Their only life and soul was Krishna.

When Krishna was in Dwaraka, He was always thinking about the gopies in Vrindavan.

All the dwaraka queens complained to Krishna why the gopies were dearer than them. Krishna then wanted to show the greatness of the Vraja Gopies.

One day, Krishna pretended to have a severe head ache. Narada and all the queens got worried wondering what to do. No medicine helped and as a last resort they asked Krishna Himself what could be done.

Krishna told Narada to collect some foot dust from His dear-most devotee. He said that the only cure for His head ache was to apply their foot dust on His forehead.

Narada thought that it would be very easy to solve the problem, and immediately asked the queens to give their foot dust, because they were very dear to Krishna. But, to his surprise, they all refused saying if they did, they would go to hell.
Narada then asked Uddhava who also refused. Then he went to the Pandavas and even to all the three worlds and everyone refused.
With great sadness and pain, Krishna asked if Narada had tried with the gopies at least. So far no one had even thought of asking the gopies as they were poor, uneducated and uncivilized people.
As there was no choice, as a last resort, Narada went to Vrindavan and told the situation to the gopies. Hearing the news, all the gopies came out bitterly weeping and begged Narada as what they could do.

Narada explained that no one wanted to give their foot dust as they all feared to go to eternal hell.

All the gopies without any hesitation immediately said, “We will give it”

Narada could not believe. He asked, “Are you not afraid that you may go to eternal hell as per the sastras?.”

The gopies replied, ”No! We do not care about any sastra. We do not care if we go to eternal hell for this.”

With tears they told Narada, “O great saint! Our only desire is that wherever our Krishna is, He should be happy and we will give Him our lives for that...”

All the gopies then walked on the banks of Yamuna… bitterly weeping for their beloved Krishna…!
(Adithya pays quick pranam to the audience and sits in the assigned location)
(BK Dasa): The banks of Yamuna were fully flooded with Gopies. They were weeping and walking to make foot-dust for their beloved Krishna. Their weepings and singings were echoing everywhere in Vrindavan. Govinda! Govinda! . . Radhe Govinda!
Slide-48: (Lead) B K Dasa

When to start singing: At the 3rd beat bar.
Govinda Govinda Radhe Govinda (ch: Govinda)

Govinda Govinda Hare Govinda (ch: Govinda)

Govinda Govinda Krishna Govinda (ch: Govinda)
Nandana Balana Nanda Balana (ch: Nanadana)

Nartana Sundara Madhu Sudhana (ch: Nartana)

Madhava Keshava Krishna Govinda (ch: Madhava)

Govinda Govinda Radhe Govinda (ch: Govinda)

Govinda Govinda Hare Govinda (ch: Govinda)

Govinda Govinda Krishna Govinda (ch: Govinda)

[------ Finishing – All Sing-----]
Govinda Govinda Krishna Govinda.. (5)
Slide-49: (Last Slide) – Thank You!

[ All the children and chorus-parents on the stage get up and bow to the audience. ]
B K Dasa:
Hare Krishna!

The children and parents from Gokul Bhajan and Vedic Studies thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity. We are also happy that our children could produce another CD for this year. You heard just few samples in this program. Only very few copies are available at the information desk. Our web site is: or Thank You! Krishna Janmashtami Ki Jay!

[All the children bow down again and leave the place in the order instructed by the volunteering parent and stage manager. ]
_____________________________ END ____________________________________________
================= Following is for the MCA (introduction) ===========================

Bhagavan Sri Krishna reveals Himself only to the most fortunate pure devotees. Even His birth cannot be understood by ordinary people. However, His pastimes, especially the Vrindavan leelas are the sweetest nectar. Especially the ones with His gopas and gopies are the topmost. By stealing butter, he stole everyone’s heart. He even gave mother position to a fruit seller. His pastimes with vraja gopies are the pinnacles…

Please come and hear some of those pastimes from our young children of Gokul Bhajan & Vedic Studies in this small special Katha Kalakshepam program, and sing with them on this most auspicious day!


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