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P.O. BOX 10070 – BROOKSVILLE, FL 34603-0070 FAX 352 796-0493 PHONE 352 754-6830

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August 23, 2013 – 8:45 pm
Current Weather and Road Closures Status
Hernando County experienced moderate rainfall this evening.  Residents are reminded that forecasters are calling for additional rainfall through Saturday night.  Continue to monitor your local news weather reports for the latest updates.
Hernando County Emergency Management Director Cecilia Patella reports that no one is seeking shelter at this time. Therefore, the American Red Cross Shelter is closing at 9 PM tonight.  The shelter location is the First United Methodist Church located at 109 S Broad Street in Brooksville. An emergency contact number will be posted at the shelter in the event that a resident is in need.
Road closures as of 8 PM, 8/23/13:
Location              Status

Clinton & Providence       Closed

Culbreath and Race Horse Ln        Closed

Culbreath north of Hayman          Closed

Culbreath south of Powell             Closed

Endsley & 2397 Saturn     Closed

Endsley & Saturn               Closed

Ft Dade 18379    Closed

Lakeside MHP     Cleared

Norton & Morningside on Ft Dade     Closed

Rackley - Dirt road portion            Closed

Rackley Rd - 2337             Closed

Rackley Rd - 3112 close to Endsley   Closed

Rackley to Saturn (2740) Closed

Young Rd             Closed
Reminder: DO NOT drive through standing water.  DO NOT move barricades to drive through an area that has already been closed off, even if it appears that the water has already receded.  All roads will be evaluated periodically and will re-open when it is safe to do so.
Emergency Management will continue to monitor the current weather situation and provide updates as needed. For the latest information, visit

Brenda Frazier
Community Relations Coordinator
Hernando County Government
20 N. Main Street, Room 263
Brooksville, FL  34601
(352) 540-6780 office
(352) 442-1673 (cell)

(352) 540-4325 Fax
Watch HCGB - Hernando County's Local Government Channel - on-line at: and click on the livestreaming icon

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