Setting the course for further growth: copa-data expands its executive board

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Princeton Junction, NJ, February 2, 2017

Setting the course for further growth:

COPA-DATA expands its executive board

The international automation company, COPA-DATA, expands its executive board. With immediate effect, Thomas Punzenberger, Stefan Reuther and Phillip Werr are jointly responsible for company business.

Since founding the company in 1987, Thomas Punzenberger has been solely responsible for the management of COPA-DATA. The company is headquartered in Austria, but now has subsidiaries across the world, including offices in Europe, Asia and a North American office in New Jersey. In order to keep the growth of this family-owned business on a solid and future-proof foundation, executive board responsibilities will now be divided across a team of three.

“Our turnover has doubled to over 30 million Euro in the last five years and the employee numbers show a similarly positive development. The future also holds signs of growth for COPA-DATA. In order to respond to our stable growth, it’s time to navigate the necessary course,” explains Punzenberger. “My decision to divide management responsibilities across several heads is also a clear commitment to COPA-DATA's continued independence.”

As Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Thomas Punzenberger will now be focusing his energies to Product and Innovation. When it comes to Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT, the entrepreneur sees particular growth potential for the software systems developed by COPA-DATA.

As Chief Sales Officer (CSO), Stefan Reuther takes over Sales and Business Development at COPA-DATA. Reuther has been with the company since July 2002. He began his professional career as a Technical Consultant at the headquarters in Salzburg and then took on several positions within the firm – from International Key Account Manager to Head of Business Intelligence at the COPA-DATA subsidiary in Germany. As a new member of the executive board, Reuther is based at the Salzburg headquarters once again.

As Chief Marketing and Operations Officer (CMO/COO), Phillip Werr is responsible for Marketing and Organization in the company. Werr began his career at COPA-DATA in December 2010, initially as Product Marketer. He was Head of Marketing in the company from December 2012 until December 2016.

COPA-DATA’s North American subsidiary, COPA-DATA USA, is led by Managing Director, Rainer Michelis. Michelis joined the corporation in 2009. Along with the COPA-DATA USA team, Michelis is responsible for managing COPA-DATA’s operations in the United States, with a focus on delivering process solutions the energy and pharmaceutical industries.

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Well-positioned for the future – the new COPA-DATA executive board (from left to right): Phillip Werr, (CMO/COO), Thomas Punzenberger (CEO) and Stefan Reuther (CSO).


COPA-DATA is the technological leader for ergonomic and highly dynamic process solutions. The company, founded in 1987, develops the software zenon for HMI/SCADA, Dynamic Production Reporting and integrated PLC systems at its headquarters in Austria. zenon is sold through its own offices in Europe, North America and Asia, as well as partners and distributors throughout the world. Customers benefit from local contact persons and local support thanks to a decentralized corporate structure. As an independent company, COPA-DATA can act quickly and flexibly, continues to set new standards in functionality and ease of use and leads the market trends. Over 100,000 installed systems in more than 90 countries provide companies in the Food & Beverage, Energy & Infrastructure, Automotive and Pharmaceutical sectors with new scope for efficient automation.

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