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The SEFI Leonardo da Vinci medal is the highest distinction the Society can bestow.

It is awarded to living persons who have made outstanding contributions of international significance to Engineering Education.
The Medal is normally awarded in connection to the SEFI Annual Conference.

Not more than one medal will be awarded each year.

Any individual member of SEFI and any representative of an institutional, associate, industrial and related member may nominate candidates for the medal.
The nomination should be accompanied by the curriculum vitae of the proposed candidate and a statement giving reasons why he or she should receive the medal. Nominations should be received by SEFI not later than March 1 each year.
The SEFI Administrative Council 1 will take the decision. A Medal Committee2 appointed by the Administrative Council will prepare its decision. The Medal Committee may propose a recipient not beforehand nominated by a member.
The medallists since the creation of the distinction in 1983 are:

Jacques Delors (F)

Heinz Zemanek (AT)

Sir Monty Finniston (UK)

John Klus (USA)

Antonio Ruberti (IT)

James Dooge (IRL)

Hubert Curien (F)

Sir Robert Telford (UK)

Sven Olving (SW)

Ladislav Cerych (F/CZ)

Jean Gandois (F)

Fritz Paschke (AT)

Olgierd Zienkiewicz (PL)

Teuvo Korhonen (FI)

Niklaus Wirth (CH)

Pierre Lafitte (F)

Niels I Meyer (DK)

Santiago Calatrava (ES)

Joaquim Sarmento (PT)

Giuliano Augusti (IT)

Gulsun Saglamer (TUR)

Ingemar Ingemarsson (SW)

Paul Soros (HUN)

Ole Vinther (DK)

Jean Michel (F)

H.R.H.Prince Friso van Oranje-Nassau (NL)

Konrad Osterwalder (SH)

Brussels, August 2011

1 Members of the Administrative Council, Bureau and Headquarters are not eligible during the period of their SEFI mandate.

2 2007 Medal Committee: J. Steinbach, G. Patko, E. De Graaff, F. Maffioli, F. Côme (approved by the AC on the recommendation of the Bureau held in Brussels on 20 September 2006)

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