Save for life

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  • Save for life

  • Give him only one year so that the party doesn't disintegrate, because at the moment Zanu pf is eyeing that the MDC disintegrates. After 1 year the party will stabilise (if he is a real democrat he will go then).

  • He should stay

  • Tsvangirai shld lead MDC Until 2018.

  • Time 4 renewal n or not dpends who z de core o voice of de party(not money but who wl succd de party remain stand'g)

  • Let hin finish what he started CHANGE

  • He has over- stayed MDC-T leader. Its time another leader replaced him!

  • I think he must stand for one more term

  • Dont change leadership until we see Cannan but if he dies you can. He is the only LION to ZANU. Gejo harichinjwi muromo kuswika umwe wapera!

  • Tsvangirai is the leader of MDC. Remove him when he has had the chance to lead Zimbabwefor two terms and not now. Let him lead until he rules. Those who want to lead the MDC should be ashamed of themselves. They should refused to be misled by those who te

  • Should stay

  • He must stay

  • Tsvangirayi must leave the top post and any other within the party. He is free to remain an ordinary member or join another party of his choice.

  • Tsvangirai is the only man who can stand against the ruling party he should stay.

  • Dont change before crossing ut reach out to the youth

  • Should stay

  • MDC should carry on

  • The resounding victory of zanu pf isn't abt poor leadership in MDC bt monopoly over state resources so Tsvangirai must b given another chance

  • He won in all the elections and am the same voter who vote for him. Its Zanu who wish him gone

  • Tsvangirai has to stay till he remove zanu & rule for atleast one term

  • Tsvangirai should stay as the leader of MDC-T and the other leadership should not change. MDC-T is Tsvangirai of which without him support will be lost.

  • We want a replacement

  • Morgan Tsvangirai shud remain as President until victory.

  • Not yet hey for the opposition to change leadership Tsvangirai must pull until the part reach the new beginning

  • He is a complete failure,i don't thing he can renew.

  • He should stay and finish his mission playin field z uneven n successor meets same fate

  • I think he should stay until the next congress but he should stop acting like a Zanu-pf front

  • Tsvangirai have no leadership qualities

  • Renewal of leadership is beter

  • Better to change leader.

  • I think Tsvangirai must continue since he is resistant enough to Zanu heavy blows

  • I give Morgan Tvangirai another chance as the leader of the MDC.

  • tsvangirai should stay until the struggle is over the mandela way,once replaced its game over.

  • YES

  • No

  • Yes Morgan Tsvangirai should stay as a leader since we are on strugle and is not yet completed. Tsvangirai is more

  • he needs to stay

  • To avoid a succession problem bedevilling ZANU, l think its time for MDC-T to look for a successor. the party should stick to its constitution.

  • Tsvangirai should be renewed

  • No leadership renewal, they should deal with the rigging machine

  • Moses spent 40yrs in the wilderness until his death. Joshua took over and crossed jordan into Canaan , his leader expired. So Morgan should not leave.

  • Tsvangirai must stay and he must have an intelligent department

  • He has been let down by us cowardly Zimbabweans. The question should be, 'Do we deserve him'. He is the strongest and most credible we have, he should stay.

  • He must stay

  • He should stay

  • no

  • He should stay & remain focused. That man has a lot to offer if given the chance

  • Must stay

  • He is failing

  • I feel its too early for our president mr Tsangirai to be changed we must give him another chance.

  • He is not the leader of the original mdc but mdc t he must stay mdc t is tsvangirai

  • Tsvangirai should remain as party reader 4 the next 10 years

  • It is not leadership problem Tsvangirai must continue as MDC chief

  • Tendai Biti now,Tsvangirai to rest

  • To stay

  • We need a new leader for the party and for a new Zimbabwe

  • No leave Tsvangirai there

  • Tsvangirai to stay.

  • Let him finish his duty having a new leader will complicate issues giving chance to the enermy

  • I think he should pass the button whether he has done good or bad thats democracy

  • It's time for Mr Tsvangirai to step down. We value the service he has done for this country and for the sake of progress and continuity and relevance of the MDC we now need new leadership.

  • Stay

  • Yes tsvangirai should stay as mdct because when moses delivered israel god said pharaoh iam sure that the king of egypt will not let you go no not even by a mighty hand

  • Tsvangirai should stay becoz he has got people at heart than others who just want to chop money.

  • Tsvangirai dsrvs to rule. lets give him time. Save is courages

  • I think that tsvangirai must remain the leader of mdc-t.

  • Morgan must stay until victory, we cant afford to confuse de povo

  • It is tym for opposition leadershp renewal.

  • Tsvangirai must stay as MDC-T leader like that.

  • It is time for opposition leadership renewal.

  • Yes,It's now time for a new opposition leader like Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.

  • Tsvangirai should quit and pave the way for Nelson Chamisa, he will be unabated.

  • Time 4 over-whole renewals.

  • I think he must stay, till 2016.That's the time pple will then think of new leadership.

  • Let him stay, if he stepdown the part will be nomore.

  • Elections are being stolen everytime so who ever succeed him will actualy face the same fate. So we have to soldier on until won the freedom we are fighting for

  • Biti for that post and Tsvangirai must stepdown

  • Tsvangirai is a strong man who matches the zanu pf hooligans he must stay there must be overhaul of advisers and the executive

  • It is renewal time

  • It's time for leadership renewal. Tsvangirai has boobed on many a time.

  • Well this is very trick now. Of coz it is democratic but not possible if th MDC wants & ever dreams of ruling this country. Why? Mugabe is old now. Zanu pf has no clear candidate to contest & win against Tsvangirai. It will b fatal fo MDC to change that w

  • The team is good as it is Presìdent Tsvangirai is able

  • Tsvangirai must stay,as MDC.T leader.

  • He should stay and the oposition must go to the people mostly rural now not to relax.

  • Tsvangirai to stay, bt blow restructuring necessary up to brach level.

  • Tsvangirai should retire. It's time.

  • Tsvangirai should lead MDC-T until the final victory is won

  • It time 4 leadership renewal, but he shall remain our hero.

  • He should be replaced

  • Shud giv way to others

  • We need leadership renewal. We appreciate the courageous battle he fought. But leadership change might help us break through

  • They should change leadership immediately if they want progress. I think its long overdue for the current leadership. It has failed us and they should resign nw

  • He must remain in power. This will curb internal struggle for power which in my view, will disturb the struggle for change.

  • Yes he shld stay

  • Tsvangirai should stay. No renewal of MDC-T leadership.

  • Tsvangirai should stay but khupe, lovemore moyo, biti, chamisa, mangoma and theresa makone should reliquish their posts now.

  • He shud step down and be an advisor of the party and show that there is leadership renewal.

  • Zimbabweans knows much of Tsvangirai than any other person. If Mdc want's to be in power they should leave Tsvangirai at the helm. Leadeship renewal must be done after 2018. Tsvangirai must fish the race he started.

  • MDC should push for leadership renewal. Hats off to Tsvangirai, but he must stand down.

  • Hi, i think Morgan shld cal it a quit nw, he wil be respected by history, you never know he might come back after 10yrs, he must nt be personal abt these political issues.

  • Its to CHINJA let som1 else try

  • He shoul paveway for other members for the survival of the party which have got so many learned people.

  • Tsvangirai should pass on the stick to someone else and he stands as an advisor of the party

  • Tsvangirai must step down and pave way for biti

  • He has to pass on the leadership and he will go down in history as the man who dared to oppose the ruling party, he should enjoy the fruits of his labour as the mdc's advisor. If he goes beyond this he risks being a dictator.

  • Tsvangirai should stay to bring stability in the party.

  • Tsvangirai must stay he is a strong opponent

  • Let him continue with the struggle

  • Tsvg GO

  • Tsvangirai to stay

  • Zimbabweans still love tswangirai, he must go after independece, like mandela did. But Mugabe is the only person to go, he still our celebration,

  • Tsvangirai should stay in power. Thank you.

  • Renewal! He has clearly failed to serve the national in a functional so he should exit

  • In struggle we do not change leaders

  • Renewal

  • Its high time he passes on the button stick. We dont to mould ditactors

  • he should go.

  • Need change of leadership

  • Renewal. The nature of the struggle has changed and the party needs a leader with a vision and gifting to suit the current circumstances.

  • Morgan Tsvangirai should remain in leadership

  • Opinion better MDC-T not to change leadership. Time is not yet. Morgan Tsvangirai can gain more people on ground.

  • He shld stay more

  • Let him stay he hasn't ruled the country

  • MDC without Tsvangirai is dead. My view is that lets give him the last chance. We need him now more than before to remove Zanu PF from power

  • Morgan should STAY. This is the man that gave Zimbabweans hope after years of Zanupf misrule. We all know including Zanupf that MDC lost the election through Massive Open Rigging. Shame on SADC for endorsing it as "free, fair & creditable". Shame on them.

  • He must stay untiil victory we will take Zim.

  • He must stay as a leader of MDC

  • No we must not change leadership until the strug gle is over.

  • Should stay as the leader for them to win the struggle. Leadership renewal is not advisable

  • He should stay maybe for the next 5 - 10 yrs to avoid the party disintegrating.

  • Time for leadership renewal n avoid historical mistakes

  • leadership renewal plse. chamisa is beter

  • He shld stay

  • He must step down

  • Tsvangirai must stay

  • To me Tsvangirai should stay

  • He should remain there.

  • Should share leadership

  • He should leave a new person should lead

  • Change is always the way foward bcoz his weakness areas have been counterd by his rivals.

  • He have to stay until he become the Presedent of Zimbabwe

  • Tsvangirai should remain as MDC T leader as the electorate know Tsvangirai as MDC. To remove him now will cost us dearly. We still need him.

  • To my own thinking, he should be given one more chance but must improve his leadership qualities and work together with veterans of the party.

  • He should step down

  • Tsvangirai should stay

  • It's now high time for the MDC T President to show his leadership transparency by stepping down for the betterment of his party. He also hsould know that for the past 14 years Zimbabwe was under his presidency is a hero perse.

  • tsvangirai should stay, no renewal.

  • Tsvangirai must go! It's time for him to give others a chance to lead MDC to victory. He is a failure. Nxaa.

  • As we are in a struggle the only trusted leader who can confront ZANU head on is Tsvangirai as the leader of MDC T. Lets give him tym to finish what he started..

  • No renewal must stay

  • He MUST stay there.

  • Morgan Richard Tsvangirai is the brand of the party. Without him there is no MDC-T! Tsvangirai must stay, we need him as the party President. More over, it is not his fault that we were "rigged." Zimbabweans should stop thinking of replacing him. Viva Tsv

  • Tsvangirai must go he has failed the task. The test of his democratic credentials is now

  • He must go it is overdue already.

  • He should stay.

  • If Tsvangirai leave as leader, MDC will become history and therefore should remain as leader of the Party

  • Still okay with Tsvangirai

  • Should stay. Zimbabwes politics needs people with brave heart like him.

  • MDC are puppets with or without Tsvangirai they will never win elections in Zimbabwe

  • Tsvangirai is the only leader for now who has the capacity to unite al true democratic Zimbabweans against dictatorship and corruption

  • Tsvangirai is not to blame, the eletroral and judicial system is poor and biased towards opposition. Even if he steps down and choose another leader zanu pf will never allow that .

  • His time is up now, he has done his part

  • Morgan Tsvangirai must stay the election was stolen pamberi na Save

  • He can only continue through the mandate of the people, and only if their party's constitution allows, after all there is life after him

  • Tsvangirai is the real face of the struggle against tyranny. He MUST stay as long as freedom is not attained.

  • Tsvangirai is the face of the struggle against tyrant he MUST stay as long as freedom is not attained.

  • Mdc-T leadership should change,new ideas are needed.

  • I feel he should resign and pave way for leadership renewal. He has fought enough battles and its time for him to rest and give others a chance to revive the party.

  • Opposition party leadership renewal. Otherwise that party is fast going defunct. We do not want another Zanu . a replica of it.

  • It's high time MDC-T should renew its leadership, he fought hard for 14 years and now someone else should be given a chance.

  • Morgan shd pave way for a new leader otherwise we cld be rearing another dictator. Rembr hw we made a dictator out of Mugabe. We always thought there was one like him.

  • Tsvangirai must stay until we get our strugle

  • Renewal of leadership...enter TB!

  • Shoudy stay finish job started.

  • Leadership cannot be changed on the course of a revolution, but maybe after. Tsvangirai is a man of the people. Once that is removed it will be history come next general election. Tsvangirai sacrificed a lot for the people so many people respect him for t

  • We havnt archeved our goals why remove him. One thing at a time.

  • If possible he must step down and let new players come on board.

  • Let him stay much needed

  • Mugabe stayed for fourty yrs Tsvangirai is still a darling no Morgan no future

  • Must GO

  • He must go

  • He must stay until he wins and at list rule one tearm and step down, becoz no one is strong than him.

  • Tsvangirai remain as leader

  • Noone can be like him, so i suggest he should remain the opposition leader.

  • He should step down and give way to new blood with new ideas

  • Its time up for renewal

  • No he is a good leader he cant go now before we recover our stolen vote .

  • No one is qaulyfied than tsvangirai; everone know what happened during election

  • He should stay until he cannot fight nomore.we luv the guy God wil make it happen one day.

  • He must stay put for some time.

  • He should remain a leader but he nead a big adiviser . In a war we dont nead a contution remember we are in war

  • yes, Tsvangirai has tried & failed so 2 ve a strong opposition we really need a new leader

  • Changing the leadership or not changing it the issue is what do you offer to the people. Is it statement, sweets, butter, tangable issues, projects, development, eg road net work, people need physical issues as long the situation stands like this they sha

  • Whether He goes or remains all doomed.

  • Tsvangirai must resign

  • Its time 2 change Morgan Tsvangirai as a leader of the party

  • Yes i think its high time he must give room for others

  • Leadership renewal but learn to work with yo old horses and make folow up if too much absent thats where u lost it

  • For democracy to prevail, when one has served their term, let them gracefully let go of posts

  • Guys tsvangirai ìs good what did you expect him to do the decission is in his hands to leave or not

  • He should stay

  • Tsvangirai should stay, he won but victory was stolen!


  • Democracy is giving others a chance. He should stepdown and be adviser

  • Time for renewal and adherance to the party constitution and democratic forces. 2 terms only

  • I think there is no need for leadership renewal on Mr Tsvangirai as MDC leader. He can still lead the part to a resounding victory in the next 2 years.

  • Its time for leadership renewal. No one is irreplaceable. He must step down.

  • Should stay

  • There is no point changing Tsvangirai but he should be told that he is too soft and too Christian to Zanu pf if he cant change then people can change him before 2018

  • Tsvangirai may no longer be the MDC T president, but he should have a post in the MDC T party due to the role he played in the 14 year period. He is too brave.

  • There has always bn that need coz the guy lacks depth in light of the ADVERSITY @ hand, but for his bravery - he deserves an honourable exit

  • Tsvangirai should go. He fought a good and brave fight, but MDC needs change

  • Tsvangirai did nothing wrong he should stay as a leader.

  • Time for change!

  • Tsvangirai should soldier on. He has seen it all at the hands of Mugabe regime. He should taste the new Zimbabwe as President of opposition

  • Tsvangirai till office

  • He should stay but stay away from scandals.

  • Tsvangirai should hand over to someone.

  • Renew

  • Good to have him because he have people at heart. Remember why in 2008 why he did not went for runnoff with Mugabe. Remember the recent election results were stolen.

  • For what he has stood for for the larger part of his stay at the helm of the party it would be better for him to call it a day.

  • Tsvangirai must stay as the MDC T leader or else the party wl colalpse

  • He shd continue to be supported. Its a tough situation he must deal with without causing bloodshed.

  • Let him be leader of the party but they choose a presidential candidate for 2018.

  • When in sruggle u dnt change leaders, only after complitng the mission yes,

  • let him stay, no one except him who can challenge zanu pf. he is able to mobilise people, only time can tell.

  • Tsvangirai should stay

  • MDC-T is the name party holder once changed next person has no brave like him, experince

  • Time for leadership renewal

  • The struggle is not yet over or won so the blessings is in the brainchild, Tsvangirai has to take us thru b4 leadership renewal.

  • Tsvangirai is a strong leader at list we have our trust in him we can't have someone new not now

  • Overstaying in power creates dictators Tsvangirai has had his chance. The MDC was there before his leadership.We are a Movement for Democratic Change anyone can be changed.

  • Tsvangirai must stay as leader if he leaves then I will not support the opposition.he is the true leader none can match him

  • Tsvangirai should go.

  • He has overstayed and no longer effective. Its time he goes

  • Should now retire and give a chance to new leadership, who can bring zimbabwean opposition, the general populas don't need the likes of tshangirai's politics of sabotage, it doesn't work in country like zim.

  • Of course he shuld be replaced

  • Its time to change leadership or else the party is dead

  • To tell u the truth, Tsvangirai should stay as a leader. One day he will rule Zimbabwe and he is the only one who has the qualities in the MDC to challenge Mugabe. So without Tsvangirai there is no MDC or opposition in Zimbawe.

  • Positively yes Tsvangirai must leave office for new blood and new energy way ahead of 2018. It is not fair in democracy for him to keep on considering 14 yrs is way beyond two 5yr terms and has failed to match huge strides from his treaky Gnu partners. Md

  • Tsvangirai must stay for another chance

  • He should remain as leader his leadership is exelent

  • Tsvangirai have failed

  • Dont change the leader Tsvangirai akashinga (is courageous)

  • He should stay as a leader

  • Tsvangirai should stay his victory was stolen

  • Tsvangira must stay for the good of e party. We are all fighting an endless war.Giving anyone mandate is tantamout to Mutambara/Ncube kind of politics.

  • It is not time for opposition but it's time to give more support to Tsvangirai

  • Its time for tsvangirai to resign and pave way for people like . Strive. Masiiwa to lead the part.

  • We are stil comfortable with him (tsvangirai) he should remain as our president.

  • He should stay

  • Tsvangirai must stay but leadership like Chamisa, Makone, Mashakada, Mwonzora and Tsvangirai's advisers MUST be reshafled or their service terminated.

  • The 14 yrs period doesnt matter Tsvangirai must stay but other positions needs restructuring

  • Because he hasnt done anything 4 the pple of Zim to know he can lead he have 2 remain a president of MDC-T till the fulfilment of his vows. Thats wat l think.

  • It’s a hard decision to make

  • Its high time he should just step down& pave way for a new candidate. Its all about giving each other an opportunity to try luck.

  • Tsvangirai should stay

  • Stay

  • Hes he should stay as a leader of M.D.C T

  • Kubatana! As long as the MDC-T is stil an Opposition party to ZANU-PF, there must n't be an change of leadership,e .g.President, VP, sec' general, etc. Nomater how many years. Once they chamge leadership that's the end of their NAME.

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