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  • Yes

  • Tsvangirai should hang on for a while

  • I think Mr Tsvangirai should step down, then Biti replace, we need new Zim for real.

  • Tsvangirai is MDC jst like Mugabe is ZPF. He should remain until MDC wins elections

  • Tsvangirai should remain incharge remember he is the pioneer of change revolution,jus like mugabe who is pioneer of chimurenga. Tsvangirai tuk us out of povert

  • As a democratic party, power should change hands. We need a new leader before next elections

  • He must stay

  • He must stay and is the most powerfull opposition leader we want, even life presdent of MDC we like him like that.

  • No need to change Tsvangirai on his post.becoz Tsvangirai is exallent and is not yet lead zimbabwe including zanu p.f

  • Leadership change in a strugle is only necessary if an overwhelming majority agrees because there is a risk of disunity which kill or weaken the spirit of the strugle due to hopelessness. There is no need in a unique situation like ours, I declare this is

  • Tsvangirai to continue and he must complete the change as it is just around the corner. No to leadership renewal.

  • Tsvangirayi is brand he has to stay as of now if he goes the MDC is doomed

  • Tsvangirai shld stay. U can't change the commander in the middle of a battle.

  • Without Tsvangi rai as its leader, the MDC will be divided.

  • Let him finish what he started

  • Tsvangira to cal Welshman Ncube to lead the party

  • He should just go peacefully

  • The people around him are the once who should go

  • This is not the right time to change MDC leadership He is the best leader so far

  • Tsvangirai must stay as MDC leader.

  • Considering that MDC-T has a galaxy of supporters around this country Tsvangirai should just soldier on because change of leadership or stepping down amounts to leaving this galaxy without a MOSES

  • Leadership change will be a good move

  • What an idea! It's good as far as party constitution is concerned, but if the guy removed from party leadership that's the end of his party coz he is a crowd puller, Even if we look back at his popularity at ZCTU.

  • He can proceed

  • No need 4 leadershp renewal, let him stay.

  • No need for leadership renewal, let him stay.

  • He must renew his contract

  • It's high time for Tsvangirai to step down.

  • Tsvangirai to stay

  • Tsvangirai should stay on. Mdc will never be Mdc without Tsvangirai.

  • Morgan Tsvangirai To Remain As Leader Mdc T Save Ndizvo

  • I think Tsvangirai must stay a leader because the majority people they want Tsvangirai to be a presindent

  • Tsvangirai should stay.

  • Tsvangirai should stay.

  • Should stay

  • Save should lead until we reach Canaan

  • Tsvangirai should stay, becz we still need him to lead this country. I need to discuss more on this issue.

  • MDC-T should renew a new leader.

  • Not to renew. But stay only.

  • Without tsvangira there is no mdc becoz even yu go to rural areas they know him noone in mdc can lead the part unless him

  • Yes, Tsvangirai should have 1 last chance.

  • He must stay

  • Yes off cause TSVANGIRAI alone cant do what we suppose do its our responsible to bycort poll results as majority. Other nations but not zimbos very naglegence. WAKE UP U WAKE UP?.

  • Tsvangirai should stay as president of mdc until such time a natural successor is groomed,

  • I think Tsvangirai shld stay the name Tsvangirai is the party

  • Tsvangirai has not failed Zimbabwe, nor the MDC it is ZANU PF that has the diabolical mechanism of rigging & SADC that fears Mugabe. Tsvangirai should stay. Zimbabweans now need extra-legal means of removing the 89 year old dictator from Zvimba.

  • Leadership renewal. Tsvangirayi must resign. He has failed. Its time for him to go. His successor have got an uphill task of gaining popularity like him.

  • He should stay and stand up for his party as what he did from the beginning he is man of the nation.

  • Mr Tsvangirai must stay

  • Tsvangirai is the only person who can compete against Mugabe. Just that the elections were stolen. Tsvangirai shoul remain the leader of the MDC-T

  • He must stay as a leader till 2018

  • Tsvangirai is our leader,,,,,he is strong and we Love him. We need him until victory is ours...

  • Tsvangirai is super. No one can stand better as opposition in Zimbabwe especially against the current autocratic government. Tsvangirai must continue to lead.

  • Renewal

  • No he must stay we all know he is being disadvantaged by zanu-pf and if we look at whn GNU was formed he was running Zim n things changed fo better

  • Tsvangirai should stay

  • Tsvangirai to remain leader

  • He should not loose hope must remain in hs positn tl the yr 2o!8

  • Should stay

  • There no option as the treasurer Mr Roy Bennet said he must resign.

  • I think he shd give other members a chance 2 lead

  • Changing leadership doesn't mean having security reforms, having non-partisan judiciary, independent ZEC. Tsvangirai is fighting tyrancy and has been persecuted so many times in trying to liberate. The war is not over and he should carry on. We should not

  • no, if we a in struggle, there is no need to change strong, brave leadership.

  • I feel he is the face of the Party and should continue at the helm.

  • Let him remain MDC-T President until he drives pple into a new Zim , should save his term and save us from poverty.Let us support him until we win the battle, united.It's my opinion.Can it be in every body's mind. God interven. Israel was given to Moses

  • Tsvangirai should leave. However whether Tsvangirai or whoever, I personally think it will take long, if ever, from the opposition to lead Zimbabwe.

  • He should stay

  • It is my belief that the MDC has a constitution. MDC as a 'democratic' party, Tsvangirayi a 'democratic' leader should not be reminded that constitutional provisions shld b respected n obeyed.

  • Morgan Tsvangirai must stay until he rules the country its useless to renew the leadership let us fight for democracy guys

  • No renewal of leadership please!

  • Should stay

  • Tsvangirai should give others a chance - He must rest.

  • Tsvangirai should stay until he rules this country.

  • Shd be democratic give young ones a chance

  • He should stay as Leader.

  • Let him stay until 2018, if it fails there, then we replace him. He is still a man of the people.

  • Tsvangirai and the entire leadership should retire or re-shuffle some of the leadership and Tsvangirai goes up to advisory team then they hand over thepower

  • Tsvangirai shld stepdown only after leading us to Canaan the promised land. He may leave th at post after the next electio n in 2018.we stil hv hope and trust in him.

  • Tsvangirai must stay at the helm of mdc.t.until we reposses our zimbabwe

  • Tsvangirai should remain MDC-T leader until opposition party gets into power. Now we know NIKUV just because of him

  • Stay

  • Tsvangirai is MDC, WITHOUT HIM THE PARTY WIL sink in the oblivion.

  • I want to say when 14 years MDC-T brings stability in this country. It brings opportunity to build some houses, cars & ppl have residents stand, and many things happen which casused by MDC-T leader & finance minister Tendai Biti. We appreciate his job don

  • Its time for leadership renewal

  • I think Morgan should now step aside & let others take the batton ahead.

  • There is need to renew the MDC T's presidence since his twoc[five years] expired long ago.

  • Let us give him onother chance

  • Let us leave him stay. His departure will uplift inhouse splits, his popularity assures us of a nice goal hence he is a striker. RESHUFFLE LATTER

  • There is no renewalable of new the president he shoul;d stay in power.

  • Renewal is very important but we need to look one by one on positions key event is the leadership renewal

  • Me I think Tsvangirai should stay coz without diz man we cnt do anything.

  • Morgan to stay until mdc come to power.

  • Retire

  • He shoud stay as a leader.

  • Changing MDC leadership now is like leading the party to its total demise, pple must work together to achieve desired goals.

  • He should stay to lead his party. Is it his crime that elections were stolen?

  • Tsvangirai must gv th reigns to others nw, we salute him for what he has done.

  • Tsvangirayi shud stay on he has not failed he is in fact a great achiever who has been repeatedly robbed of deserved victory

  • Yes Tsvangirai can stay

  • The opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai is going nowhere until he finishes the job.

  • Lets give him last chance.

  • Shld stay

  • Should stay thanks

  • Z.A.N.U. PF had stolen Elections, there is no need to blame Tsvangiraig instead we should bleme people like who is eager for the position before his time.I can say "WAIT BITI THE TIME IS NOT YET RIPE."

  • It is up to his disciples to decide whether they still want his leadership or find another womaniser.

  • He should remain the leader. The renewal of leadership may bring a lot of disorder within the party. In addition to that Tsvangirai appears to be the heaviest man within the party who has faced a lot of problems that he has overcome.

  • Let him have another election in 2018.Change of leadership will not yield results.

  • SAVE to stand

  • He must remain the president of the party

  • Tsvangirai to stay, legal desk & advisors 2 go. National exacative is too factional

  • Its time 4 MDC-T 2 revamp its LEADFRSHIP.

  • Change of leadership is needed in the opposition

  • Tsvangirai should stay as MDC leader.

  • Tsvangirai had failed to score so its good to give chance to others

  • It is the time to strengthen the party thru structure formation not removing Tsvangirai. Tsvangirai should leave his post after finish his job of removing Mugabe and his party frm power

  • Thank u, leaders shud not be changed without proper ideas, i shud say the party constitution shud be followed, but in this scenario Tsvangirai stil is the only one who is the crowd power, so let him continue if possible.

  • Yes it is time to share he can not stand alone Tsvangirai

  • Should stay reasons are publicity, braveness, consultative that though improvement needed. Renewal means death and burial of the whole project ,penetration of political vulntures

  • Tsvangiqai should stepdown and give others chance

  • Tsvangirai to stay with national team.

  • Tsvangirai is a charismatic progressive leader who deserves full support from all progressive Zimbabweans.

  • Leadership renewal will be blow to MDC T.Tsvangirai is the only person who can stand on MUGABE's way.

  • It will cost the oposition if he steps down considering é 2005 split

  • No Tswangirayi must stay. He has shown a reseliance leadership and he is the first oposition leader to put ZPF on the run.

  • It should stay for now.

  • He should continue till final victory changing leadership will definately cost the party

  • He must stay as the leader

  • Gentlmen and ladies Tsvangirai shud remain as Zimbabweans. Forget about the consitution. He's a well known president. We are in prison leave him to finsh his task given by Zimbabweans. Leave Tsvangirai as president of MDC-T.

  • Tsvangirai shud stay on his position as an M.D.C.T president.He's a well known to urban and rurals.Let hm finish his task to release zimbabweans from live prison.

  • Tsvangirai should continue his battle up to his wining in next 5 yrs despite the stealing of his wining votes which was robbed by zanu pf

  • He should stay. He has some courage to defy all odds and zanu pf malcious rule

  • As our leader of MDC-T Tsvangirai should stay no matter the years its our choice its not a mistake

  • Yes. Its time for opposition leadership renewal.

  • There is no need for any leadership renewal in mdc before we reach in canaan democratic zimbabwe president tsvangirai should lead us

  • He is the pillar of the party.

  • NO TSVANGIRAI should not go. Mugabe won Free & fair elections in 1980 under UN monitoring which he now dont invite WHY?

  • He must stay

  • I think the post needs some1 otha than morgan, bt some1 who gets aggresive towards geting thngs done,

  • Tsvangirayi must stay as the leader of MDC.T

  • It's better for him to leave and give chance to others

  • Tsvangirai should stay coz he is able

  • Tsvangirai should stay. He brought a wave of change to Zim politics & he is not done yet. Look at Mandela, he fought to the end.

  • Let him stay even 4 4Oyears

  • Time to handover the baton and inject fresh ideas. It seems old tacticks have failed

  • Stay.on.

  • He must stay

  • They should all go and select new leadership.

  • Must be changed because he failed to fullfill the needs of pop

  • Tsvangirai should stay, removing him will kil the party

  • Tsvangirai should stay.

  • Its time he goes

  • Tsvangirai should stay until the revolution is over.ko avo havabvi wani?

  • He must stay.

  • He should stay

  • Fresh blood needs to come in. Too much has happened and not happened. Things wrong both sides people have lost faith and hope .

  • At the moment there is no one courageous enough to challenge president Mugabe. Tsvangirai should remain until we find a more suitable replacement.

  • The war 4 democracy is not yet over Tsvangirai must finish it he must go aftar

  • Yes, i think he should stay, without tsvangirai mdc is nothing thats why defectors from mdc-t do not prosper.

  • Tsvangirai should step down for better leaders with powers of reasoning and leadership qualities such Gutu or Biti

  • Leadership change within change (MDC-T) as much as MDC-T wants leadership change of national government (Zimbabwe)

  • I think Mr Tswangirai should remain as president of MDC

  • He shld stay. He is the corner stone of our party we still need him

  • Tsvangirai as principled and brave as he is still deserves another term but must deal with the chuff around him to show that he is serious.

  • No Tsvangirai let us give him another chance coz there is still a lot to be done.

  • Popularity determines. He has already established a good relationship He will only rule if he has joined the jesuit order. People shd study revelation to know.

  • Tsvangirai should follow mdc constitution if he is a principled leader rather than change it. God bless him.

  • Tsvangirai should live come year 20l8.becouce in zanu pf there no candidate will stand with him.and those who still our votes will gone by age.and zec leader should be change

  • Tsvangiraiis the face of MDC, a new Zimbabwe. We need him

  • Plz regayi vaTsvangirai vapedzebasa nekuti ndivovakashinga.

  • Its time for tsvangson to call it quits, hw much more time does he require to make any change to what he has done hitherto

  • Renewal

  • Leaders should come and go, so we need new leadership

  • For he hasnt actually failed, he is a tried & tested leader. I dont thnk there z any1 as brave as him in th MDC @ the moment.Let him stay

  • Morgan Tsvangirai should be given more time as MDC-T leader. We have confidence in his leadership but there are some who must be replaced.

  • Its to early for leadership change maybe after the 2018 election

  • The old fool shoukd have left ages ago

  • Tsvangirai should stay until the battle is over..

  • Stay

  • Morgan Tsvangirai is the face of the struggle for change and in any case if he is no longer on that position it would be difficult to effect change in zim..maybe in many years to come ..but for now Tsvangirai should least until Change is achieved

  • I stil want Tsvangirai until put us in the garden of everything. Only Tsvangirai to hold that possition until we achieve victory. Than we look someone after.

  • Renewal is the way to go for mdc-t

  • Well after 13 yrs of being e leader Tsvangirai shld step down and pave way for pple like Biti Chamisa and others .Thats my sugestions

  • He must step down that man please.

  • He should stay and for good

  • Tsvangirai must stay as a leader of mdc

  • This is not time 4 changing leadership but time 4 corrections how were ridged.

  • I don't think leadership renewal will work at this time. It would work only after Tsvangirai lead as a president of the country. Only Morgan Tsvangirai has grassroots support.

  • Let him there. He is a true worrior. By just demote him means the demise of that long standing party. No any opposition will be strong like m.d c.

  • Tsvangirai should stay coz he is the only person resistant to the abusive language of the Zimbabwean leader

  • I think he should pass on the baton. There are some people who , I think, love to hate him such that they will never allow him to demonstrate his governing capabilities. For the sake of the survival of the party he should now take up an advisory role.

  • Tsvangirai to stay coz if he steps down th party will hav many divisions. Tsvangirai is th key player wthin th MDC T. People likes tsvangirai not th party. Yes he has some weakness but ...

  • Tsvangirai should step down he has failed. Be democratic and vote 4 a new leader to strengthen the party. If he doesnt he wil split the party.

  • He shld pas the baton

  • Aluta continua with Tsvangirai

  • Tsvangirai shd step down and Mudzuri E should take over

  • Because he l;ost in the elections? He must stay as our leader until he come to power coz SAVE Ka ONE

  • Its better to leave him

  • Mukoma Tsvangirai should step down and get another post. We need Chamisa as the new president

  • It is high time Tsvangirai steps down to pave way for new opposotion leadership

  • Its time for renewal

  • Tsvangirai should stay. He is the only one with capacit to get this country moving. We fully suport him.


  • He is so popular he should resign after single rule. Abva kure.

  • Tsvangirai must be given his last chance.

  • Time for renewal maybe something tangible may erupt thank you

  • he must stay

  • He must resign

  • Tsvangirai should stay and finish the mission and vision God given him amen

  • I think Tsvangirai should stay, as MDC leader.

  • Tsvangirai must stay. There is no other suitable candidate. His removal is the end of the MDC.

  • I think its time for opposition.

  • I think Morgan should continue at the helm of the party till final victory. As it is Morgan has achieved more as an opposition leader than anyone despite vindictiveness of his opponents.

  • Leave Tsvangirai alone as president Mugabe have 33 yrs as party leader u hve not question

  • Tsvangirai should respect his party's constitution that is if the party continues as MDC-T. But in the event that a new party is formed he can still assume leadership if democratically elected. Remember Tsvangirai is a now a politician by profession. He c

  • He should form a panel of advisors and also try 2 source 4 more funds.

  • Tendai Biti or Solomon Madzore should take

  • Yes

  • Tsvangirai should stay

  • New leaders bring in new things he should give leadership to someone else

  • If it is true that the vote was stolen changing leadership does not change anything they need to sharpen on their intelligence otherwise change of leadership will not change

  • Tsvangirai must stay, but we must remove robert mugabe.

  • Tsvangirai should remain.

  • Let him finish the job he started tsvangirai must rule this contry

  • Leadership renewal

  • Tsvangirai should stay. Not yet for leadership change.

  • MDC T Morgan Tsvangirai must stay

  • He shuld stay

  • Tsvangirai should stay as leader

  • We still have hope that through his leadership the people of Zim may be freed from slavery. So, he has to stay till his mission is accomplished.

  • There is great probability that by 2017 there shall emerge a strong political party, so there is no need to change leadership but to put order in your house.

  • Tsvangirai must step down and give Biti or Chamisa a chance.

  • Let Tsvangirai stay as the leader of MDC.

  • Leadership renewal shld hold blame game is not e solution. Shld chart e way 4 2018 as an entity.

  • TSVANGIRAI must stay.

  • Renewal wold b better

  • I think there must never be a Congress in any liberation movement in order to achieve the GOAL. In MDC Congresses we helped ZPF intrude amongst us in wards, provinces & even in the national executive, we no longer have serious politicians across the board

  • I think Tsvangirai should continue as leader of MDC-T.

  • The MDC-T must leave the leadership like that till they make it.

  • Tsvangirai is an Anointed one 2 lead Zimbabweans 2 their VICTORY. It's a matter of time. That may sptualy koz disorder 2 other parties 4 HIM 2 take over.

  • What leadership renewal? He is the man of the moment unless people want to destroy our very strong Party. True MDC sup[porters will wait on tsvangirai

  • It"s a must,Tsvangirai should hand over the power to someone capable. We are sick and tired of his confussed leadership. He should take heed to Roy B's challenge.

  • I think if we both agree that the just ended elections were rigged I do not see any reason why he should leave since it is alleged that Mugabe rigged that does not compromise Tsvangirai's credibility as a leader. ZPF controls the election system. That alo

  • Should have to stay, until things done. Victory will come one day

  • He should stay until he achieves his goal.

  • T must step down to sho democrac

  • He should stay. Its no time to make any changes since that is what Zanu PF desires. M.D. C. Should remain intact God has a purpose for it. You dont kill your dogs before the hunting is over.

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