Samsung’s Strategy for Nanotechnology and Research Collaboration in Russia

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Samsung’s Strategy for Nanotechnology and
Research Collaboration in Russia

A. V. Nikolaev

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Representative Office in Russia, Research Center,
1, Str. 2, B. Gnezdnikovsky Per., Moscow, 103009, Russia,

Aiming at leading electronics company in the world Samsung has selected nanotechnology as a research direction providing Samsung’s continuing leadership in semiconductor areas as well as opening new business opportunities. Samsung’s primary research interest in nanotechnology is concentrated in the areas of:

- Single electron transistor memory;

- Nano-particles and nano-wires;

- Super lattice structural materials;

- Carbon nano tube technology.

Business directions the mentioned technologies will be applied to are the following:

- Nano-electronics micro wearable computer;

- Nano-Sensors, actuators, and Storage;

- Nano-Bionics - Micro health monitoring device;

- Nano-Materials - Smart materials.
Samsung’s R&D strategy implies globalization of research activity. With this regard Samsung establishes cooperation with universities and research institutions in USA, Japan, China, Russia as well as other countries. In Russia Samsung’s R&D interests are presented by Samsung Research Center (SRC). The Center has a status of the Representative Office and deals with the coordination and monitoring of the scientific and technological cooperation between the research departments of Samsung group and Russian research canters and developers. Among the partners of SRC are the institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Universities, State Research Centers, branch institutions, private R&D companies and developers.


Alexei Nikolaev, SAIT Moscow Office

fax 7 (095) 797 2505,

phone 7 (095) 797 2457


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