Riverdale Immigrant Women’s Centre

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Riverdale Immigrant Women’s Centre

1326 Gerrard Street East. Toronto. ON M4L 1Z1. Tel: 416.465.6021. Fax: 416.465.3224

Application for Membership
I hereby apply for admission as a voting member of the Riverdale Immigrant Womens Centre. I am aware of the Centre’s work and objectives and agree to abide by its constitution, by-laws, philosophy and mission statement.
Name: ____________________ Male  Female  Referred by: ________________________
Address: ____________________________________ Postal Code: _______________________
Phone: (Home) _______________________________ (Work) ___________________________
My Interest in RIWC Arises From: _________________________________________________


New Member: $10.00  Renewal: $10.00  Organization: $25.00 
Sliding Scale: $1.00 (Minimum) Donation: ________________ (Please Specify Amount)
Paid By: Cheque  Cash 

_______________________________________ ________________________________

Signature of Applicant Date

I am interested in volunteering my services in the following areas: (Please check all that apply)
Fundraising 

Administration 

Program Development 

Public Relations 

Community Outreach 

Finance 

I am interested in providing workshops in the following areas:

Legal Issues 

Health Issues 

Adult Literacy/ESL 

Income Tax Credits 

Promoting RWIC Programs and Services 

Business/CED initiatives 

Policy Issues 

Settlement Issues 

Violence Against Women Program 

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