Richard J. Cicero Jr. 17426 Nutcracker Rd

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Richard J. Cicero Jr.

17426 Nutcracker Rd.

Weeki Wachee, Fl. 34614
Mobile: 434-294-5883


SAIC (June 2011 – September 2011)

Hours per week: 40

Duties: Develop and produce curriculum for the IDD Kennel Supervisor's Course and provide instruction to the US Marine Corps on the IDD program as a Subject matter expert based on my experience training and employing canine teams in the United States and Afghanistan. This short term assignment was for the purpose of development of curriculum and I left the position upon its completion.

American Canine Detection (June 2010 – December 2010)

Lake Mary, Fl.
Hours per week: Variable

Duties: Canine handler for IED detection in Afghanistan, in support of combat operations. On 04 August I sustained injuries to my right leg and arm from an IED blast which resulted in their amputations. I have since been recovering, but remain active in the military and canine communities. This assignment included the drafting, completion and presentation of new curriculum and power point presentations to the U.S. Marine Corps. Further information can be provided upon request.

K2 Solutions (August 2009 – June 2010)

Southern Pines, NC.

Hours per week: 40

Duties: Explosives Detection Canine Trainer for the US Marine Corp MIDD program, while CONUS assisted with the training of over 15 canines, assisted with the re-writing of the training curriculum, and other aspects of the training program. I also assist and support the training of dual purpose canines for other elements within the canine division of the company.

From 01 Dec. 2009 to 08 Apr. 2010 worked OCONUS as the MIDD FSR in Afghanistan for over 80 teams. I conducted problem solving, odor in-printing, unit instruction, advisement and administrative needs for the command elements. I further assisted in the development of an Operational SOP for Deployed MIDD Teams, to facilitate new units entering the theater.
NEK Advanced Security Group (January 2008 – August 2009) - Instructor

Gulfport, Mississippi United States

Hours per week: 40

Duties: Contract Instructor for the U.S. Navy NECC ECS School in Gulfport, Ms. Primary instructor for Navy personnel in basic combat skills, including: Combat Pistol and Rifle skills, Judgment-based Engagement Training, Basic Military Communications, Combat Mindset, Land Navigation, IED Instructor Trainer and Counter IED. Current U.S. Navy certified “9502” instructor. This assignment included the drafting, completion and presentation of new curriculum and power point presentations to the Department of the Navy. Further information can be provided upon request.

Virginia State Police (June 2003 – June 2007) - Trooper

Richmond, Virginia United States
Hours per week: 40

Duties: Trooper- Road Trooper, Canine Handler, Canine Instructor. Patrolled assigned area, investigated all levels of criminal and motor vehicle incidents, handled a patrol canine, became an academy staff instructor in the Canine Unit (for patrol and detector canines). I was recruited by the Virginia State Police from my previous agency. I trained extensively with the Virginia State Police Canine Unit while handling an Explosives Detection Canine for the Hamden Police Department. In less than two years with the Virginia State Police, I was assigned to the Training Academy as a Canine Instructor. While assigned as an instructor, I was responsible for the management of both in-service and basic canine training for Patrol / Utility, Explosives Detection, Narcotics Detection and Accelerant Detection Canines. While instructing at a North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA) National Workshop, I sustained a severe knee injury, this injury prevented me from returning to full duty requirements of the Virginia State Police. I have continued to remain active in canine training, and I am an accredited NAPWDA Trainer in the disciplines of Utility and Explosives Detection. I have personally trained several "green" handlers and canines in the discipline of Patrol / Utility, and have assisted in the training of multiple green Narcotics and Explosives detection teams.

Rhode Island Army National Guard (December 1995 – December 1998) -

96B2S / 31C2P

Camp Fogarty , Rhode Island United States
Duties: Assigned to the 173rd LRSD Abn. as a Commo Sgt. Conducted and supervised communications and operation intel. for the detachment, of LRS teams for AM/FM/ and SATCOM. Earned secondary MOS of 31C. ETS. Honorable Discharge.
Hamden Police Department (April 1995 – June 2003)

Police Officer

Hamden, Connecticut United States
Hours per week: 40

Duties: Police Officer: Patrolman, patrolled assigned area, investigated all levels of criminal and motor vehicle incidents. In addition to my patrol duties, I became an instructor in several venues (for In-service and Basic Students) and Canine Handler. The canine I handled was a dual purpose Patrol and Explosives Detection Canine. The canine was trained for Patrol work within the Hamden Police Department and the Explosives Detection Training was conducted by the Virginia State Police Canine Unit. The canine I handled was certified and maintained under NAPWDA certification. As an Instructor, I am an FBI Certified Instructor in the following areas- Advanced Firearms(to include submachine-gun), Defensive Tactics, Police Baton (Monadnock Straight and Side Handle and ASP Straight,) Distraction Devices, Pepper Spray, SWAT, and Use of Force. I was a Tactical Team member, as both an operator and a Canine Handler. I left to further my career with the Virginia State Police.

Rochelle Farms (March 1994 – April 1995) - Horse Trainer

Suffield, Connecticut United States
Hours per week: 60

Duties: Professional Horse trainer on a family farm; cared for, raised and showed Hackney Ponies (valued at up to $50,000 each) at a national level, to assist family

during a time of family illness. Left to become a police officer.

U.S. Army (November 1990 – March 1994) - Intelligence Analyst 96B2S

Stuttgart / Fort Bragg, Armed Forces Overseas United States
Duties: Intelligence Analyst (with Top Secret / SCI Clearance) - Completed Airborne School on 05-17-1991; assigned to the 7th SOSC Airborne from May 1991 to May 1993; completed ILRPS Patrol Course 12-06-1991, Deployed on multiple operations with A, B, and C Companies of 1/10 SF Bn, including JSOTF Operations; Awarded "S"- Special Operations SQI on 01-20-1993; completed PLDC-NCO Academy on 02-05-1993; Promoted to Sergeant on 03-10-1993.
I was assigned to and deployed on multiple operations such as Operation Provide Comfort and Operation Provide Promise. During these and other operations I was an integral member of the planning and operational teams. In order to enhance my assets within the unit, I learned to perform SAT COM and SIG INT responsibilities. As a member of these operations, I coordinated and worked with SEAL Teams, SOCEUR, JSOC, SOCOM, Other Special Forces Units, Air Force SOW / SOG Units, Foreign Units, and National Assets.
I was also assigned as a TIST (Theater Intelligence Support Team) member, to prepare and coordinate future operations, as well as short notice reaction to emergency situations within the Theater for Special Forces response (during which a habit of following open source indicators was developed and remains a part of my daily life). During such preparation, I provided detailed coordination through SOCEUR at all levels, to develop prepared packets on these target areas and new target areas. Often this information was provided by briefings or written form to the assets listed. During Operations such as Provide Promise, I worked directly to coordinate intelligence between the JSOTF-2 and other assets working in the AOR. Other details of my responsibilities are of a sensitive nature and can be further explained (on a need to know basis).

While attached to highly specific missions, such as "C" company operations, I utilized specific required assets to obtain and present the key details necessary to successfully complete these sensitive missions.

Assigned to 3rd Bde 82nd Abn Div. S-2 from May 1993 to March 1994; during assignment, maintained training an operational intelligence requirements for the Brigade and lower elements, conducted liaison with higher and other operational units, and created and conducted a joint training mission with elements of 3rd SFG. Honorable Discharge March 4, 1994 (Due to family Hardship)


Virginia State Police Academy (06/26/2003 - 02/13/2004)

Richmond, Virginia

Description: Basic Training Academy conducted by the Virginia State Police for employment

as a Trooper, Honor Graduate.

Connecticut POST Academy (04/28/1995 - 08/14/1995)

Meriden, Connecticut

Description: State Directed Police Academy for employment at the Hamden Police Department,

Honor Graduate

High School

Suffield High School (09/01/1984 - 06/22/1988)

Suffield, Connecticut

Description: Public High School Honors Program, to include advanced placement Calculus.


Training - U.S. Army Basic Training (01/1991)

Completed Army Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.
Training - U.S. Army Intelligence Analyst Course (04/1991)

Completed 96B Training at Fort Huachuca, Az.

Awarded Certificate of Achievement for performance throughout training
Training - U.S. Army Airborne School (05/1991)

Completed Basic Airborne School at Fort Benning, Ga.

Enlisted Honor Graduate
Training - German Airborne School (04/1992)

Awarded German Airborne Wings

Training - U.S. Army NCO Academy (02/1993)

Completed PLDC at 7th Army NCO Academy, Ge.

Awarded Certificate of Achievement for performance throughout training
Training – Maneuver Center of Excellence (04/2009)

Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Awareness Train the Trainer

Accreditation - North American Police Work Dog Association "Trainer" in Utility and Explosives Detection Dogs.
Current Security Clearance – Secret (DOD)
Awards - Joint Service Achievement Medal, Army Service Ribbon, National Defense Medal, Overseas Service Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal, NCO Professional Development Ribbon, Southwest Asia Service Medal, multiple other Certificates of Achievement, Army Achievement Medals, and Army Commendation Medals.

NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun Instructor.

Award - Several other awards and certifications were obtained during my Police Career and can be provided on request.

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