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Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds

TITLE:                               Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds
QUALIFICATIONS:             Holds or is eligible for a New Jersey Certified Educational Facilities Manager certificate
IS SUPERVISED BY:          School Business Administrator
SUPERVISES:                   Custodial, maintenance and grounds personnel
FUNCTION:                        Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all school facilities

Manage all custodial, maintenance and grounds personnel.

Meet with the Maintenance Supervisor as needed to review work orders, the work schedule, staff allocation and performance, needed parts and supplies, emergency situations and any other issues related to the maintenance of the buildings.

Meet with the Grounds Crew Leader as needed to review work orders, the work schedule, staff allocation and performance, needed parts and supplies, emergency situations and any other issues related to the maintenance of the school grounds.

Meet with the Head Custodians as needed to review cleaning procedures and topics, the work schedule, staff allocation and performance, needed building repairs, upcoming projects and any other issues related to the cleaning and operation of the buildings.

Meet regularly with the Superintendent of Schools as part of the central office administrative team

Interview for open positions and recommend for hire

Conduct annual performance review of staff and other evaluations as needed.  Make employment recommendations.

Confer with principals and other administrators as to the present and future needs of their buildings

Provide support to the architect of record and other professionals in the development of plans and specifications for construction and renovation projects.

Administer the district’s telephone, intercom and clock systems.  Maintain the cable infrastructure. 

Ensure that all district mechanical systems are code compliant and in good working order including but not limited to fire and security systems, video surveillance systems and hvac systems                           

 Administer the computerized hvac control system for energy management

Manage the repair and operation of district vehicles

Develop and manage the department budget

Generate bid specifications for the purchase of maintenance and custodial supplies, equipment and contracted services.  Evaluate bids and recommend vendors. 

Generate purchase orders, monitor deliveries and approve payments to vendors

Maintain compliance documentation including but not limited to Ahera, Right to Know, Chemical Hygiene, Integrated Pest Management, Recycling, Indoor Air Quality, PEOSHA, QSAC and  boiler plant operation

Maintain construction record documents, design plans and specifications, as-built drawings, operation and maintenance manuals and similar historical documentation

Administer a web-based computerized maintenance management system for submission and tracking of work orders and  preventive maintenance and the monitoring of the custodial supply inventory including supply requests and distribution

Manage the use of schools facilities by outside organizations, including scheduling, assignment of staff, and generation of invoices through a web-based computerized management system

Establish cleaning assignments for custodial staff

Train custodians in proper cleaning techniques and monitor effectiveness and efficiency of cleaning activities.  Maintain awareness of new products and services to improve the educational environment

Arrange for part time, substitute and seasonal staff as needed

Provide maintenance services to the local municipality and generate invoicing

Administer the terms of the collective bargaining agreement as it applies to the buildings and grounds staff.  Meet with union leadership as needed

Conduct annual building and grounds inspections.  Maintain documentation for state inspection

Provide input to the School Board’s Business Operations Committee

Sit on the Township’s Office of Emergency Management Committee as the school district’s delegate

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:           Twelve months 

Download 13,61 Kb.

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