Rage against the machine

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World History NAME

“Men and Machines”

  1. What were some of the new inventions that came about because of the Enlightenment? In general, how did they impact society?

  1. Countries that had _________________________ were at a great advantage in inventing machines and factories.

  1. How did machines produce “a tremendous upheaval in people’s lives”? What type of person do you think machines most affected?

  1. On the bottom of pg. 243 the development of a laboring class is described. Put the situation in which a low-paid laborer is created in your own words.

  1. Why were machines “better workers” than people?

  1. Considering machines were taking jobs and the ability to feed their family from so many people, how did some “rage against the machine,” or propose new ideas about society?

  1. What ideas did Karl Marx begin to promote as it came to how workers should behave? Why?

  1. According to Marx, what two classes of people were created by machines? How did the two interact?

  1. How did machines eventually lead to the downfall of the European nobility that was re-created by Metternich at the Congress of Vienna?

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