Quinn Huisman Fiction Film Minor Application

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Quinn Huisman

Fiction Film Minor Application

Favorite Movie Moment
When I was in high school, my favorite movie was Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor (2001). I have seen this film over 30 times. Though there was a lot of romance in the movie, I was more interested in the fighting action scenes with the planes. The moment I liked the most in the movie was when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and the two main characters try to get in a Plane themselves and turn the tables on the Japanese. The entire scene just got me so in to the film. It was action and dramatic and emotional and just kept on going for 20 minutes straight and the music worked so well with the scene making it way more intense and exciting.
I really liked Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett as actors, Pearl Harbor was the first movie that I saw with them and I thought they were so good in it that I compare they’re acting in other movies to this one. Michael Bay is currently known as the director who loves explosions in his movies, but this movie came out before he was labeled as the explosion guy. The special effects aren’t over the top, they are just right to make this film seem realistic. The cinematography was so different to anything I had seen before in film. It added to the drama of the film. The camera angles it was shot in are so important in conveying the mood of the scene.
The moment overall is just a big insight on what it was probably like to be there that day in history. The sound effects, the audio, the emotion and the points of view of both militaries just make you feel like you are there while you’re in the moment. Nothing outside the film matters at that point, all the attention goes to this scene. That to me is a very important quality and achievement in Film because then you know you bring entertainment to your viewers.

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