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Group III General Meeting Minutes
Date: 11/11/2010
Called to Order Time: 10:30 am

Called to Order By: Karla Fennell

Attendance (29): Gayle Berry, Ron Boczarski, Mary Cabral, Vicki Clark, Susan Cutler, Janet Demers-Emburey, Paul DeShane, Vanessa DeShane, Karla Fennell, Katje Foster, Tara Fountain, Karen Fuhr, Carol Gladding, Stacey Hawkins, Erin Howlett, Peggy Jarvis, Mary Jones, Jennifer LaPointe, Danielle McAuliffe, Amy McGaheran, Elayna Mellas, Anne Moomey, Susan Scott, Robyn Seifert, Amy Thompson, Pat Thompson, Peg Walrich, Susan Wood, Jill Yanus, Don Shanty, Marilyn Ardito, Susan Powers
Guest Speaker: Susan Powers, Associate Director for Sustainability

  • Is trying to get a sense of sustainability on campus and what she needs to focus on in her new role

  • Had the group brainstorm and collected list of what we currently do and what we could do better

  • Currently Clarkson only recycling 19% of solid waste and we have the ability to do as much as 40%

  • Sent signup sheet around the room to get volunteers from each area to be the contact person about sustainability within our departments.

  • Handed out sheet to explain what can and cannot be recycled (attached to this email)

Guest Speaker: Marilyn Ardito, Executive Director of Human Resources

  • Talked about foreseeable changes in benefits (spoke to support staff on Tuesday)

  • Goal of HR is to make life easier for everyone on campus

  • Clarkson currently uses a broker to work with different vendors, switched brokers recently to represent 700 people on campus

  • Broke benefits into three bins (hope to be able to offer variations of plans based on family compositions)

  1. Short and long term disability and life insurance

    1. Currently short term disability provides $179/week (looking at offering 60% of salary with the ability to buy up if desired)

    2. Exempt employees don’t carry over sick banks, need to better manage time used

    3. Accumulation and use of sick time will most likely change

    4. Employee Assistance Program  right now it is hard to access quick medical information, hope to institute this type of program to offer access to counselors (marriage, credit, child psychologists, etc.). Right now there are not many locally so may require phone consultations, 3 free “visits”

    5. Health Advocates  looking at instituting health advocates who are experts in our plans to help navigate medical, EBS, prescriptions, elder care, etc.

    6. Life Insurance  currently a max of $70,000, want ability to expand

    7. Medical Travel Assistance  want to provide access to assistance with medical issues outside local area for entire family

  2. Medical and dental

    1. Have not received much attention yet

    2. They want to create more choices for plans versus the current single or family options

    3. Flex Spending  looking at the ability to carry over certain portion of unused balance

    4. Dental  looking at the ability to carry over unused dental benefits as well, but orthodontia care is unlikely

    5. Will be more coverage for preventative care

  3. Retirement 403b

    1. No changes to retirement, stick with current mandatory personal contribution of 4.8% and Clarkson contribution of 9.6%

  • July’s letter about salary changes effective December

    • Letter was sent by HR (instead of by dept. head) that broke down performance increases and cost of living increases in terms of monetary, versus percentage. Will go into effect week of December 13th and due to 27 pay periods

    • There will be a uniform performance appraisal process put in place that takes into account goals and demeanor… will be new training in January

Community Outreach:

  • School Supply Drive:

    • Received thank you note on October 4th from Potsdam School District thanking us for our donations of school supplies. Due to time crunch, did not read it aloud:

      • “Thank you so much for your generous donation of school supplies to Potsdam Central School. We have them in the Guidance Office and are sharing them with the Learning Center as well as students with need. We appreciate your kindness! Kathy Robinson, Guidance Counselor

  • Food collection & Deciding of Destination:

    • Collected food and asked for recommendations of places to donate food

    • Mary Jones suggested the Norwood Neighborhood Center (covering the Norwood, Norfolk and Raymondville areas)

    • Paul DeShane moved and Peg Walrich seconded to donate food to Norwood Neighborhood Center. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Given By: Pat Thompson

  • General Fund Balance: $1148.78 (with $675 of food donations from departments)

  • Scholarship Fund Balance: $1380.46

Committee Updates:

  • Compensation Committee, given by Vicki Clark

    • Committee was asked by HR to do a research project to determine local salary levels and benchmarking rates

    • Completed research and HR hopes to have report in mid 2011

  • Final Exam Treat Committee, given by Jill Yanus

    • Currently have $750 in donations from departments, not enough to do both semesters

    • Will do Fall semester, Monday through Wednesday outside SC360, Camp 177, and Alumni Gym

    • Non perishable donations can be dropped off by Friday, December 3rd at the Career Center, fresh items can be dropped off at station supervisor closest to your office (Science Center = Jill Yanus, Camp = Eileen Winters (not confirmed), Gym = issue desk (not confirmed)

  • Randy Brockway Memorial Scholarship, given by Mary Jones

    • Wreath sale information and order forms will be coming out soon

    • Will again be $15.50 for wreath with 3 pinecones, berries and ribbon

    • Ron Boczarski will be collecting orders and money in 159 old Snell downtown or at box 5585.

    • Order forms available at

  • Fundraising Committee, given by Ron Boczarski

    • Presented options of fundraising ideas that the group had brainstormed along with a breakdown of costs, effort, storage, expected pricing and profits (spreadsheet attached)

Website Updates, given by Ron Boczarski

  • Added links to wreath order forms

  • Added comment/suggestion method which can be anonymous, but requires active directory login to verify that you are an employee. This information will not be transmitted, it protects us from bugs, spam and other internet junk. All messages will automatically be sent to all council members.

Secretary Position

  • Brooke Kelly had her baby, a boy named Colten Kelly, on November 1st. We are looking for someone to step in as interim secretary until she returns from maternity leave.

  • Anyone willing to volunteer can contact us through the comment section on the website and the appointment will be voted on by the group.

New Business:


Motion to Adjourn at: 11:51 am

Motion to Adjourn by: Jill Yanus
Seconded by: Jen LaPointe

Council members:

Chair – Karla Fennell Vice Chair – Ron Boczarski

Secretary – Brooke Kelly (maternity) Treasurer – Pat Thompson

Parliamentarian – Paul DeShane

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