Press Release Cemat 2016 (31 May to 3 June): Hot Topics

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May 17, 2016

Press Release

CeMAT 2016 (31 May to 3 June):

Hot Topics

New products at CeMAT 2016 in Hannover

– Issue 1 –
Super cool: Storage down to -80 degrees Celsius – suitable for blood products

With the Lean-Lift, Hänel is not just presenting an extremely space-saving high-tech storage system at CeMAT 2016. To be able to store highly sensitive electronics industry and medical technology parts, the storage containers are electrified to allow air conditioning that cools to as low as -80 degrees Celsius. This enables storage of blood units, for example. Coolers can be stored in the storage containers and supplied with power during storage.

Lean-Lifts are also designed for ergonomic work, under the motto: don’t bring people to the goods, bring the goods to the people. This means the removal area to which the Lean-Lift brings the requested item in just a few seconds is at an ergonomic height.


Kocherwaldstrasse 25

74177 Bad Friedrichshall, Germany

Tel.: +49 7136 277 147

Fax: +49 7136 27733

Contact at CeMAT 2016:

Andreas Krause

Hall 13, Stand C19

Chaos in the warehouse? The “pallet hamster”cleans up!

It weighs 260 kilograms, measures 82 centimeters, and keeps the warehouse organized: The Palettenhamster stacks up to 15 standard Euro-pallets cleanly on top of one another. Homafa is presenting its extremely robust pallet stacker at CeMAT 2016.

Manual lift trucks or fork lifts are used to place and remove the pallets. Operation of the Palettenhamster is extremely simple. The pallet stack can be lifted or lowered with a lever, and a knob is used to direct the placement or removal of the pallets. Individual pallets as well as pallet stacks can be placed or removed.



Ernst-Thälmann-Strasse 39

06179 Teutschenthal, Germany

Tel.: +49 345 688878 10

Fax: +49 345-688878 19
Contact at CeMAT 2016:

Tim Gruse
Hall 13, Stand B55


Transparent and a real beauty: Glass lifting gate embellishes facades

Industrial gates don't have to be ugly. Usually boring roll-up, sliding or garage-style gates disfigure industrial buildings. But it doesn't have to be that way. At CeMAT 2016, Butzbach from Bavaria is presenting the SPACELITE HT40 Vision lifting gate, with an upscale glass facade that is pleasing to the eye. The glass facade can be up to 3.5 meters wide, or as much as 5 meters wide with vertical aluminum sashes. The gates do not need to be attached to the ceiling and can even be installed in existing glass facades. The opening mechanism requires very little space. To save space, the gate elements line up behind the lintel when open. The transparent glass gate has other advantages compared with plastic panels: There are no scratches or plaster marks, no film or misting between panes, and no optical deformities in the glass sections.

The manufacturer reports low maintenance and servicing costs, because conventional wear parts such as torsion springs, hinges, coiled cables, and shock absorbers are not needed.

Industrial gates
Robert-Bosch-Strasse 4

89257 Illertissen, Germany

Tel.: +49 7303 951 0

Fax: +49 7303 9514 70
Contact at CeMAT 2016:

Markus Hofstetter
Hall 13, Stand E05

How the forklift is doing right now: Measuring computer checks floor profile

When forklifts have to work in very narrow passageways, it's particularly important for the ground to be smooth so that VNA (very narrow aisle) trucks can work precisely without concussions from uneven ground. Belgian firm Alphaplan is presenting the FloorProfiler, a device for measuring floor conditions, at CeMAT 2016. This self-driving and self-steering measurement robot documents precisely where improvements are needed using laser technology. FloorProfiler is the only fully certified measurement robot in the world. It meets among others the latest and most progressive “Floors for use with VNA trucks” guidelines from the German Engineering Federation (VDMA).

For example, the measurements immediately indicate whether the tolerance values are met for the specific forklift width and height as well as lifting height.

Industriepark 8
2235 Hulshout, Belgium
Tel.: +32 16 680 680
Fax: +32 16 680 681
Contact at CeMAT 2016:

Hans Voet
Outdoor area, southeast corner and Hall 25, Stand F07
Simply pack up wherever you choose!

Fold, wrap, compress – the new freestyle packaging solution from Easypack lets you flexibly pack your goods anywhere. The company is demonstrating this highly versatile new system, manufactured in Great Britain, at CeMAT 2016. It automatically dispenses up to 100 percent recycled lightweight paper, and can be transported to any location on a height-adjustable frame with casters. The paper is 100 percent biodegradable and 100 percent recyclable.

The freestyle dispenses single-ply 70 gram brown paper that is 375 millimeters wide. It is easy to shape and can be used for a variety of applications. Anti-jam protection ensures reliable tear-off so that nothing is left hanging.
There's plenty of paper when things have to go quickly: The innovative device dispenses up to 55 meters of paper per minute. This saves time and ensures optimal protection of goods during transport.
The new packaging solution is small and compact, and can be used freestanding as well as mounted on a wall or packing counter. It weighs 24 kilograms without wall mounting. Input power is 60 watts.


Overweg 12

59494 Soest, Germany
Tel.: +49 2921 59034 41
Contact at CeMAT 2016:

Britta Plesser and Baret Davidian
Hall 13, Stand D67 and
Innovative Logistics Solutions special event,
Hall 27, near West 2 entrance


Smart tracker helps with order picking: 30 percent better work performance

“Simply Smart” is the motto adopted by STILL, a leading supplier of forklifts, trucks and towing vehicles as well as the latest intralogistics systems, at CeMAT 2016 in Hannover. Also very smart is the first forklift truck that recognizes its users and independently guides them through the warehouse for order picking. The order picker no longer has to climb up and down repeatedly in order to move the vehicle. The STILL iGo neo CX 20 perfects collaboration between human and machine, improving work performance in order picking by up to 30 percent, according to the manufacturer. That means that two hours can be saved for additional tasks, during a typical eight-hour shift.

With its 360-degree movement sensors and 84,000 scans per second, this innovative forklift truck recognizes not only its work partner, but its surroundings. The iGo neo CX 20 can distinguish other people from its operator so it never follows someone else. It even recognizes empty shelves, and automatically adapts its speed to that of its human partner. It identifies backups and slow-moving vehicles, and responds intelligently. The minimum 50-centimeter distance from the shelf can be individually adjusted. It drives around barriers, and automatically stops if the warehouse passageway is completely blocked.
Naturally, the iGo neo CX 20 can also be operated manually. An LED signal indicates the mode currently being used.

Berzeliusstrasse 10

22113 Hamburg, Germany

Tel.: +49 40 73 39 1111
Fax: +49 40/73 39 20 01

Contact at CeMAT 2016:

Jacqueline Wiecker and Jürgen Wrusch
Outdoor area Pavilion P35

E-mail: and

Swivel shackle revolutionizes lifting technology with load capacity of 125 metric tons

Swivel shackles are particularly well-suited to lifting heavy loads with a single attachment point. Since acquiring its first patent in 1989, Luxembourg company Codipro has continued to develop and refine its products. At CeMAT 2016, the manufacturer is exhibiting the new Giga DSS, which can lift up to 125 metric tons – the equivalent of around a hundred compact cars. According to the manufacturer, this is the highest load capacity on the market.

Now, for the first time, loads of this size can be lifted and turned with a single attachment point. The shackle's special design, for example, allows a traveling crane hook to be directly attached to it. With its double articulation, the shackle always remains perfectly aligned with the lifting gear. The shackle can turn in any direction, even when loaded. The Luxembourg-based company has also made sure that the design is easy to use with minimal manual effort. As the shackles alone each weigh 268 kilograms, they come with an assembly kit to make installation easier.



9559 Wiltz, Luxembourg

Tel.: +352 2681541

Fax: +352 810517

Contact at CeMAT 2016:

Michael Franzen

Tel.: +32 495534935

Hall 27, Stand K62/1


Shuttle service for materials and goods: Safe delivery even without a driver

Driverless transport systems are ideal when large volumes of compartmentalized or sensitive goods such as food products need to be moved. Autonomous robots handle even complex material flows, without filling up warehouse or working spaces with fixed conveyor systems. Warehouse logistics expert Knapp is presenting the next-generation driverless transport system Open Shuttle at CeMAT 2016.

Open Shuttles can be used for in-house transport as well as to supply workspaces. Unlike conventional driverless transport vehicles, Open Shuttles move without optical or physical guidance. They respond dynamically to barriers and independently plan their route and detours. Their navigation technology is based on natural contour recognition and ensures prompt reactions to obstacles such as people, other shuttles, or pallets, so they can readily be used in busy areas. Along with the Open Shuttles, which transport various types of loading equipment such as trays, containers and boxes, Knapp also offers a version for pallet transport, which moves more slowly due to its larger size. The self-driving robots can be integrated without building modifications or delays in operations.

Knapp Deutschland

Seligenstädter Grund 1

63150 Heusenstamm, Germany

Tel.: +49 6104 406880

Fax: +49 6104 4068899

Contact at CeMAT 2016:

Margit Wögerer

Tel.: +43 5 04952 2501

Hall 27, Stand F36


Your contact for further information:

Andrea Staude

Tel.: +49 511 89 -31015


Further press releases as well as photos are available for download at:

Deutsche Messe AG


30521 Hannover


Tel. +49 511 89-0

Fax +49 511 89-36694

No. 050/2016 – 101-as


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