Press notice niq no. 01 /EE/F. P. D. F-121/2008-09

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NIQ No. 01 /EE/F.P.D. F-121/2008-09
The Executive Engineer, Flyover Project Division, F-121 Ramesh Park, Delhi on behalf of President of India invites sealed Lump Sum quotations from Govt. Organizations, Semi Govt. Organizations and Public Sector Unit for the work of Construction of 3 – Level Grade Separator at Crossing of NH – 24 and Road No. 56” at Ghazipur on NH – 24, Delhi. SH: Third Party Quality Assurance upto 3:00 P.M. on 28.04.2008. The quotations shall be opened on the same day at 3:30 P.M. The Terms of References can be had from this office on all working days upto 25.04.2008 between 11:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. except Sunday and Public Holiday.
Estimated Cost (Civil Portion) - Rs. 124.86 Crores

Project Period - 24 Months.

Details Available on
Tender ID No.


  1. The Work shall be carried out as per C.P.W.D. specifications 1996 Vol. – I to Vol. – VI with update Corrections Slips and MORTHS specification 2001(Fourth Revision) for roads and bridge, IS codes, IRC codes and specification, manufacture’s specification.

  2. The rates shall be net including of all taxes and nothing extra shall be paid.

  3. The project period mentioned above for construction agency is as stipulated in the agreement and tentative. But the offer of TPIA should be valid upto the actual completion of the project and nothing extra shall be paid to TPIA on this account.

(Er. S.C. Chauhan)

Executive Engineer

Flyover Project Divn.-F-121(GOD)

Ramesh Park, Pushta Road, Delhi

 (011) – 22056483 (Off).
Third Party inspection/quality assurance for the work:-

Construction of 3 – Level Grade Separator at Crossing of NH – 24 and Road No. 56” at Ghazipur on NH – 24, Delhi.”



1.1 ESTIMATED COST : Rs. 124.86 Crores


The details of Construction of 3 – Level Grade Separator at Crossing of NH – 24 and Road No. 56” at Ghazipur on NH – 24, Delhi” are as under:-

The project comprises of construction of following components

  1. Eight lanes flyover on NH-24 (length = 770 m)

  2. Underpass (4 lane + 2 No cycle track) on road No. 56 and Kondli road (length = 630 m)

  3. Eight Nos slip road on all the sides of crossing.

  4. For right turning movements rotary at surface level.

  5. Three No foot over bridge.

  6. Two Nos bridge over Ghazipur drain.

It is a three level grade separator i.e. underpass, rotary at ground level and flyover on NH-24. The following type of construction are to be done for grade separator.

  1. Pile foundation with bored cast in situ piles of dia 800 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm with RCC pile caps and RCC piers/ abutments.

  2. Prestressed RCC box structure and balance cantilever system prestressed RCC construction for superstructure of flyover.

  3. Rigid pavement in underpass and flexible payment on other roads.

  4. Diaphragm wall & RCC retaining wall for underpass with tension piles at the centre of underpass.

  5. R.E. wall in slopping portion of flyover, footpath, crash barriers, railing & drainage etc.

  6. 2 No RCC bridge with pile foundation over Ghazipur drain on U/S & D/S of existing 4 lane bridge.

  7. Pumping arrangement for disposal of rain water from underpass.

  8. Construction of slip roads with GSB, WMM , BM , DBM and DBC including preparation of embankment with earth and flyash.

  9. Complete drainage net work for underpass, flyover & roads at grade.

  10. Expansion joint- Single strip seal, modular strip seal expansion joint, longitudinal expansion joint.

  11. Electrometric bearing, free pot bearing, longitudinal guide bearing.

The construction activities will have to be taken up in the following phases:-


Diaphragm wall along slip road to be constructed alongwith retaining wall on drain side bridge widening on drain shall be done alongwith the construction of slip road.


Traffic to be diverted on the slip roads. Substructure / superstructure to be constructed partial diaphragm wall along with top slab to be constructed at rotary.


Remaining part of diaphragm wall and top slab to be constructed. Remaining part of substructure / superstructure of main flyover to be constructed . Underpass flyover and rotary construction to be completed.

Third party quality assurance is to be provided for the above work to check and ensure the adequate quality control of input construction material & proper quality checks at various stages during construction as per specifications and standards etc. approved by the department.

Third party Inspection/Quality Assurance for the above work by deploying teams of persons having required qualification and experience for such activities as per direction of the Engineer-in-charge.

    1. General Agreement Drawings of Project

1.7 Major items and their approximate quantities (tentative) for both the projects are as


Sl. No.




Pile foundation


800 mm dia

5383 metre


1200 mm dia

4385 metre


1500 mm dia

4030 metre


RCC of various grade such as M: 15, M:20, M:35, M:40, M:45, M:50, M:60

77000 cum


Reinforcement Steel Fe-500

14558 MT


High tensel steel strained

330 MT


Handle over crash barrier

5750 metre

MS piple railing

86400 kg



800 mm thick

9400 sqm


600 mm thick

1800 sqm


Structural steel

200 MT


Excavation work

54540 cum


Earth filling

97628 cum


Flyash filling

54238 cum


Granular subbase

26592 cum


Wet Mix Macadam

12984 cum


Bituminous Macadam

5193 cum


Dense Bituminous Macadam

6492 cum


Dense Bituminous Concrete

2962 cum



9135 sqm


The Technical Specifications applicable to the project provide for Quality Assurance and Quality Control of the work executed by use of a Quality Management System (QMS). The basic concept of this process is that the contractor performs inspection & testing as per specifications to ensure a quality product and the Third Party Inspection Agency (TPIA) performs testing and Inspection as per the Guidelines on Quality System for Road. Bridges (IRC SP-47-1998) to ensure that the Contractor’s Quality Control test results are in order. The system requires that both the contractor and the TPIA have technical personnel who are competent in testing and inspection of all technical works. The general idea is that the contractor has to perform the necessary tests and inspection to ensure the likelihood that all works in his scope meet the specifications instead of “after the fact” testing to see if all works meet the specifications. This approach enables the contractor much more control over his operations. He is responsible for his product from the beginning to the end from the design to the construction of all his works till the final acceptance of all the works. The TPIA monitors his process of testing to make sure that what he is doing is adequate and accurate. Ensuring production of a quality work of durability and uniform performance by a Construction is the most important aspect of the quality supervision assignment of a TPIA.


Quality is defined as “The totality of characteristics of an entity that bears on its ability to satisfy the stated and implied need”. Quality Control is defined as the procedure adopted and controls exercised to ensure that the materials proposed to be used in production, process adopted for production and workmanships of production conform to the prescribed standards and laid acceptance criteria. The quality control is exercised by construction agency that ensures that the defined objective IS achieved through tests, checks and inspections by suitable qualified personnel. Further more, the objective evidences of all tests, checks and inspections carried out from time to time are documented in prescribed formats for reference and record.

Quality Assurance of a job is defined as a process which exercises various checks at different stages of a work right from its inception till its acceptance, to put it in service to ensure that the work has been properly designed and constructed as per approved designs, drawings and specifications.
Confirmatory Testing is defined as the sampling and testing which is carried out independent of quality control sampling and testing to confirm that the contractor’s results which have been reported are correct and representative, with statistical parameters of the material being produced/processed.
Acceptance is defined as those operations, inspections, sampling and accepting the tests that are conducted to determine whether the product or service will be accepted for use and payment. Acceptance is determined using a statically based acceptance plan in construction with assurance that the contractor has fulfilled the quality control obligations. Acceptance is the responsibility of the client.


  1. Tender specifications and IS Codes.

  2. Quality Assurance and Quality Control procedures, formats to be developed by the construction agency.

  3. Guidelines on Quality System for Road, Bridges (IRC SP-47-1998).

Quality Control is an essential part of any construction Process for ensuring quality. All materials to be used, all methods adopted and all works performed are strictly to be in accordance with the requirements of the specifications. Quality Control besides leading to construction of improved quality and conformity and ensuring better utilization of materials.
The quality of product is controlled in following three stages:-

  1. Material selection stage

  2. Processing stage

  3. Finished stage


Preparation of Quality Assurance/Inspection Plan as per Tender Specifications. This will include

  1. Testing Plan of raw construction materials.

  2. Testing & Inspection Plan of Construction activities.

  3. Testing & Inspection Formats.

Assisting PWD in developing its QA/QC programme.

Review of Manufacturer’s Certificates/Test results from outside approved laboratory for all bought out items.
TPIA will conduct the quality control test on input materials and construction activity as per Guidelines on Quality System for Road, Bridges (IRC SP-47-1998) on the fact that contractor shall carry all the testing as per prescribed frequency for the mandatory test recommended in the contract specification/MORTH guideline. TPIA shall conduct independently 10% of the prescribed frequency for the mandatory test recommended as per contract specifications/MORTH guideline from their own laboratory. If the required testing facilities are not available with the TPIA agency, than the testing shall be done from outside laboratory approved by the Engineer-in-Charge and the cost of such tests shall be borne by TPIA Agency. Random sampling of materials for testing to be done by TPIA.
TPIA will review all the reports & record for the regular field-testing carried out by construction agency as per the requirement of standard codes.
TPIA will review Manufacturer’s Certificates. Test results from outside approved laboratory for the bought out items (Contractor’s scope of materials).
TPIA will also randomly check the workmanship & methods adopted for completing the activities of work by construction agency and any shortcoming will be informed by the TPIA for rectification.
Preparation & submission of monthly QA/QC report for the tests and inspections carried out by TPIA.
7.0 Brief Methodology of TPIA Services
TPIA agency shall depute regularly/ permanently at least two officers of the rank of Executive Engineer/ Manager as head of the team required to be posted at site as per the requirement at site. Office accommodation shall be provided by PWD at site. Other facilities to make office functional shall be done by the TPIA agencies themselves.
All third party inspection shall be carried out at site as per the agreed Guidelines on Quality System for Road, Bridges (IRC SP-47-1998), which shall be prepared on the basis of tender specifications.
Regular visits at work site location shall be done for stage inspection of materials, field-testing at contractors laboratory, sample collection for outside testing, site inspection and check.
Out side visit for inspection of materials to be procured by the main contractor shall also conducted by the representative of TPIA and the cost of such inspection shall be borne by them.
For testing of construction materials at field laboratory & outside laboratory, the sampling of materials shall be done jointly by TPIA & Contractor/PWD. Sampling of the materials shall be done with the facilities available with contractor.
Samples for outside laboratory testing shall be sealed by TPIA and forwarding letter shall be given to the contractor who will carry the sample and submit it to the laboratory.
Site inspection of all construction activities of structures shall be done as per QAP.
After review of test report and analysis of inspection, observations will be made and communicated to the contractor/PWD and to take necessary action for rectification/modification (if required).
TPIA shall generate monthly report and inspections carried out by TPIA and submit it to the department.
Department will nominate a Coordinating officer for interaction with TPIA and the main contractors etc.


The offer of TPIA shall be valid till the project is physically completed at site in all respect.


Payments to the TPIA will be released as per the following schedule. However for part work done during any stage, payments will be permitted on pro-rata basis. Decision of Engineer-in-charge will be final and binding in this regard as under:-

  1. Advance payment up to 10% of quoted amount shall be given on receiving the written request from the TPIA.

  1. The monthly running account bill shall be paid on prorata basis with respect to the financial progress of the work subject to a minimum payment of Rs.3.00 lacs in every month adjustable in subsequent running account bills.

  1. Final payment shall be made on recording of completion certificate of the project by the Competent Authority.

  1. The TPIA agency is also required to do quality control of all the extra/ sub items executed at site and nothing extra shall be paid on this account.

  1. This is a lumpsum offer for the project as a whole and nothing extra an any account including increase in quantum of work, if any shall be paid.

  1. If their are any dispute on any point, the decision of Chief Engineer, Flyover Project Zone F-I will be final and binding on the TPIA agency.

1. Recovery of advance payment made as per Sl.No.-1, shall be made by deduction from the TPIA bills commencing after first 10% of the gross value of the work is executed and paid, on prorata percentage basis to the gross value of the work billed beyond 10% in such a way that the entire advance is recovered by the time 80% of the gross value of the contract is executed and paid.

Third Party inspection/quality assurance services for ……………………

Agency for Third Party inspection/quality assurance
The agreement is made this ……………………….day of …………………………….Two thousand Eight between the President of India, on the hand hereinafter knows as the President, which shall include his duly authorized representative and officers of the Public Works Department, Govt. of Delhi………………………………….………….…………..and on the other hand, hereinafter know as ……………………………………………………………….(the TPIA agency) carrying the business of Third Party inspection/quality assurance from the premises located at the site of “C/o 3 level grade separator at crossing of NH-24 and road No. 56 at Ghazipur on NH-24, Delhi and having …………………………………………………………………… which includes its authorized representative, and legal heirs, for the work pertaining to the Third Party inspection/quality assurance of following work :-
Construction of 3 – Level Grade Separator at Crossing of NH – 24 and Road No. 56” at Ghazipur on NH – 24, Delhi The work is to be executed as per terms of reference enclosed.


Description of Item




Third Party Inspection/Quality Assurance as per Guidelines on Quality System for Road, Bridges (IRC SP-47-1998) as per terms of reference and as per direction of the Engineer-in-charge for the work
Construction of 3 – Level Grade Separator at Crossing of NH – 24 and Road No. 56” at Ghazipur on NH – 24, Delhi

1 Job

Lump Sum


    1. The Work shall be carried out as per C.P.W.D. specifications 1996 Vol. – I to Vol. – VI with update Corrections Slips, MORTH specification-2001 (Fourth Revision), all the relevant, IS codes, BIS codes, IRC publication, manufacturer’s specifications.

    2. The rates shall be net including of all taxes and nothing extra shall be paid.

    3. The project period mentioned above for main construction agency is as stipulated in the agreement and tentative. But the offer of TPIA should be valid upto the actual completion of the project and nothing extra shall be paid to TPIA on this account.

Executive Engineer

Flyover Project Divn.-F-121(GOD)

Ramesh Park, Pushta Road, Delhi
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