Plan: Why do we travel?

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  1. Why do we travel?

  2. Means of travelling.

    1. By car;

    2. By train

    3. By air

  3. Importance of travelling over the world

  4. Indoor and outdoor travelling.

As is generally known, travelling became one of the popular activities over the world. People are spending their time by travelling local places in Uzbekistan. Because it is very interesting to see new places, towns and countries. We usually teavel to museums, zooparks, modern and ancient buildings, mountains, islands, foreign countries and so on. And the reason of travelling such kind of places makes people happy.

There are different types of means to travel. For example, travelling by car, bus, train, plane and ship. Every type of transports have their own convenience. I like travelling by air because I have never fly by plane yet. Now Iʼm going to give brief information about convenience of transports.

We can watch different places, building, fields and different vievs by travelling by car. And this is fun for me. I always enjoy when I travel somewhere by car.

Many people like to travel by train. It is interesting because you can see many sights. Fast train is the best one to reach to a place. Bacause we dont stop any station.

As I said to travel by air is the best for me. It is more comfortable, more convenient and quicker than any other means.

Travelling to other countries helps people to comunicate with foreigners. You can learn new cultures, traditions and languages. And they are very useful for everyone. I am going to travel England in the future. Because I want to study there. Thatʼs why, I am learning English.

Travelling may be indoor and outdoor. Indoor travelling are museums, towers modern buildings, aquaparks, ice parks and so on. When it comes to the outdoor ones, they are mountains, islands, zooparks, villages, historical places and so on.
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