Pat agenda September 20, 2016

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PAT Agenda

September 20, 2016

Lena Whitmore Elementary

Moscow, Idaho


Call to Order



Approval of Minutes



Introductions (pass around sign up)


Erin Bacon – Safe Routes to School Coordinator came to talk about their 3 events to promote walking and biking to school.

Scott Sumner volunteered to head these events at Lena, with Kendra and Lacey as contacts and support.

October 5th Walk to School Day

Polar Bear Walk is first Wed. in February

First Wednesday in May is bike to school day.

First of the Year Re-Cap


Computer Lab Tour (Kendra)

$5500 donated to the lab – it covered a little over half the costs. We purchased 30 Chromeboxes, keyboards, mice, teacher cpu, projector, mount, doc camera. It looks amazing!

Pool night was a big success! First day of school goodies in the lounge were appreciated.


Kendra & Cindy

Each position is going to create an outline/define responsibilities to be passed on through the years.

Cindy Schneider was unanimously elected at President.

Paul Nuhn was unanimously elected as Vice President with the intent to become President next year.

Meghan Raney was unanimously elected as the new secretary.

Jen Zimmer was unanimously elected Treasurer. Rebecca was mentioned as a possible candidate to shadow Jen.

Fundraising Wrap Up

Paula &


$9411.06 was collected. 40% will come back to the school.

$2296 was generated through online purchases.

$185 was donated as cash.

Box Tops - 10/12/16 – 10/21/16


Scott Sumner will be the in charge of Box Top pick up. He will pick them up on Friday, Wednesday, and Friday during collection weeks.

Matinee Movie Funds


*Motion to designate to Lena Intern. Day

$85 from last year will be deposited.

Funds will be used for International Day.

Committee Reports





*Approved 2016-2017 Budget
$10,500 was budgeted last year.

$8,500 was spent

Kendra shared enrollment numbers, reviewed the new literacy fund positions and need for a 45 min./day aide for PE/Music.

Upcoming Events

Mother/Son Breakfast 10/25

Family Bingo Night 11/11


Cindy will arrange the photo booth.

Ladene will run the photo booth at 7:15 a.m.

Bingo night will be from 6-7:30

We will sell pizza again.

Old/New Business
Brainstorm for new family activities

Lena merchandise

PAT Report Card – first of October

Tchr dinner @ conferences 10/31


Lena Gear ordering information will go out in Wednesday folders. Due date will be October 7th.

PAT Report Card will be sent out to families in October.

A Sign-Up Genius will be made for providing lunch the first day of Parent Teacher conferences.

Schedule next meeting dates


Oct 18th

Nov. 29th

Dec Jan combined for a Jan. 10th meeting

Feb. 21st

March off for Sock Hop Meetings
May 19th Sock Hop

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