Norwich Energy Committee member bio-sketches

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Norwich Energy Committee member bio-sketches
Linda C. Gray, Chair

Linda has been a Vermonter since 1986, after moving to Norwich from the Washington, D.C. area. She has been active with town affairs, serving on the Norwich and Dresden school boards from 1998 to 2008, and since then on the town energy committee, which she chairs. She was appointed an Alternate Commissioner with the District 3 Environmental Commission in 2012. Her paid work, centered on administration and event organizing, includes as a staff person for a U.S. congressman, as conference organizer and administrator for the American Wind Energy Association, and as volunteer coordinator at the Montshire Museum.

Norman Levy, Vice Chair

Norman has been a Vermonter since 1992, when he joined the faculty of Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and Geisel Medical School as an Associate Professor and Clinician in the Department of Pathology. He retired in 2013 and joined the Norwich Energy Committee in 2014. Norman has a particular interest in extending the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable power to low and middle income residents of Norwich and adjacent Vermont and New Hampshire communities.

Suzanne Leiter, Member

Suzanne Leiter has lived in Vermont since 1982. She recently moved to Norwich and joined the Norwich Energy Committee after 30 years in Woodstock. In Woodstock she was active with the Sustainable Woodstock Energy Committee, Woodstock Ski Runners,  and with the South Woodstock Historical Society (as a member of the Green Mountain Perkins Academy Board). Suzanne has worked for the Vermont Land Trust for over 20 years doing mapping and field work and more recently as a manager of the lands that VLT owns.

Norwich Energy Committee images

Linda Gray at the CITGO Pole in front of Dan and Whits Country Store, enumerating the homeowners who committed to weatherization during the 2013 Home Energy Challenge

Suzanne Leiter (left) celebrating the installation of an EV charging station in the Dan and Whits parking lot in December, 2016

Norm Levy, working on this NEGEF grant, April 13th, 2017

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